KBShimmer Endless Summer continues

KBShimmer knows nail polish! They continue to create collections that surpass the expected. There is no repetition with KBShimmer – everything they do is new and unique.

The Endless Summer collection contains 8 stunners. Last week Lisa shared the 4 that she has and today I have 4 more that you are going to want.

KBShimmer Endless Summer Collection (photo by KBShimmer)

All of these polishes have large flakes that lay flat and bring a unique dimension to your nails. Many brands that use large flakies will often look beautiful but not necessarily wear well, that can’t be said for KBShimmer. These flakies give an outstanding look and don’t necessarily need a top coat to make them lay well.

A LOVE-HEAT RELATIONSHIP will make your nails stop people in their tracks. It’s described as a dog days of summer polish and it will certainly cheer those days up. “A pale champagne, almost rose gold jelly base is accented by color shifting flakes that show off shades of orange, gold, green, and at extreme angles, aqua.”

KBShimmer A Love-Heat Relationship
KBShimmer A Love-Heat Relationship

For my longer nails I need three coats of this but two still looked beautiful. These are called Jelly with Flakes and aren’t considered to be glitter polishes.

For another very summery shade look at Living My Zest Life. Living My Zest Life is a lemon-yellow jelly loaded with color-shifting flakes that boldly shift from orange to gold to lime, with hints of Kelly green and aqua.

KBShimmer Living My Zest Life
KBShimmer Living My Zest Life

The name Living My Zest Life is ideal. Can’t you just imagine lemons and limes floating in your summer drink? Surprisingly this was perfect in 2 coats. It’s a very full bodied zesty polish.

Moving on to water which is what you think of when thinking of summer – PRETTY SHORE – lives up to its name. It is definitely pretty and reminds one of beaches on a summer day. “Aqua blue in hue, this jelly is loaded with color-shifting flakes that show off shades of orange, gold and green. Micro holo flakes sparkle in bright light like the sun reflecting off the water.”

KBShimmer Pretty Shore
KBShimmer Pretty Shore

I can’t help but be impressed with the amount flakes in this that enhance this aqua to a world of gems.

KBShimmer Pretty Shore Flakie Nail Polish

I’ve saved my favorite for last. I wore HANGING WITH MY GRILL FRIENDS for a week and would have continued for another week if I hadn’t made an appointment. It’s the least summery so you can be sure I’ll be wearing this again in the fall.

KBShimmer Hanging With My Grill Friends
KBShimmer Hanging With My Grill Friends

Hanging With My Grill Friends is a charcoal jelly packed full of color-shifting flakie goodness. From ember orange to searing hot golds and veggie greens, these flakes show off a rainbow of hues.” This changed colors on me all the time. I loved when I would see the green bold and beautiful on a sunny day and I really loved when it was more of a charcoal with magnificent flakes popping through. Next time I wear it I’ll add a matte top coat because I’m sure that the flakes are going to sear that way.

Hanging With My Grill Friends

This is a collection that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you choose the gorgeous red, blue or greens that Lisa shared or the yellow, green, aqua and charcoal I am sharing, I promise you’ll be in love.

As always KBShimmer is cruelty-free, vegan and uses one of the best brushes in the indie community. – Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 29th Jul 20

    These are all gorgeous, and I love your nail swatches, as always!

  2. Jennifer Mathews | 29th Jul 20

    I love those shimmers – I’ve never tried this brand!

  3. Tony Platz | 29th Jul 20

    I bought some for my daughter she likes it .

  4. Courtney | 29th Jul 20

    I adore this collection!

  5. Polished Hippy | 29th Jul 20

    This is one of my favorite KBShimmer collections so far!

  6. Jen Walker | 29th Jul 20

    I’m not generally super crazy about flakies, but there is just something about these ones that are really winning me over!

  7. Kathryne | 30th Jul 20

    I like all their polished I bought during the lockdown

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