KB Shimmer Fall Collection: Part 2

The best part about fall isn’t the bonfires, the beautiful trees, the hayrides or even the hot cider. I think the best part is a whole new wardrobe…layers and outerwear and boots, as well as a new color palette. The new fall collection from KBShimmer has a great variety of fall-appropriate shades, 6 of which Marcia reviewed HERE yesterday. Today I have another six shades that will help you get your fall on in style.

As I’m sure you already know, KBShimmer nail polishes are “3-Free” and do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Dibutyl Phthalate.  Marcia and I marvel all the time at how fabulous KBShimmer nail polishes wear…it seems like they last forever.
KBShimmer Such a Vlad-Ass
KBShimmer Such a Vlad-Ass

My six polishes include two dreamy cream shades. The first is Such a Vlad-Ass, a deep blue-toned red. For Halloween you can think of it as blood red! The finish is beautifully glossy – in fact it reminds me of patent leather.

KBShimmer Breaking Blues
KBShimmer Breaking Blues

My other cream shade is Breaking Blues, which is a blue-based purple. One coat is all that’s needed and it has a wonderful glossy finish. Oh my goodness this is just plain GORGEOUS.

Those are my more serious shades…my next two are perfect for October and Halloween.

KBShimmer Open Toed Shoes
KBShimmer Open Toed Shoes

Open Toad Shoes is indeed a froggy shade. It’s a khaki green with multi-colored sparkles, plus navy, burgundy, and Chartreuse glitter, along with a touch of holo. What a great combo of grunge and bling!

KBShimmer Be Scareful
KBShimmer Be Scareful

Be Scareful is a crelly polish with a cream base and orange and black glitter. This was the most difficult to apply, as the cream base can look splotchy. The fun glitter also takes some fishing and manipulation. However, the big surprise is that this nail polish glows green in the dark!

KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous
KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous

I saved my two favorites for last. The first is I Feel Gourd-geous. This is a coppery champagne holographic. The holo is a stunning greenish-gold and it has texture when dry.

KBShimmer Carpe Denim
KBShimmer Carpe Denim

My most favorite of all is Carpe Denim. It is a deep blue/black jelly with silvery holographic sparkles that end up looking like a starry night. Photos don’t even begin to do justice to this shade…I couldn’t get a photo that even came close to how gorgeous this is in person.

Foil Method for removing glitter polish - KBShimmer
Foil Method for removing glitter polish – KBShimmer

In case you shy away from glitter nail polish because it is so difficult to remove from nails, be sure to check out KBShimmer’s tutorial for the Foil Method for removing glitter nail polish. In a nutshell, you soak a cotton ball or a cotton pad with nail polish remover, put it on you nail and wrap you finger with tinfoil. After five or so minutes, remove the wrapping and the glitter polish will come off quickly and easily.

This fall collection is available September 15th at KBShimmer’s website. Prices will range from $7.50 to $10.75 according to the finish of the polish.  This is a fabulous collection that you don’t want to miss!  – Lisa

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Here are the polish formula descriptions from the KBShimmer website:

Crème/Cream:   An opaque polish with a glossy finish.  Usually opaque in 1-2 coats and that completely covers the nail line.

Duochrome:  A polish that shifts between two colors depending on the angle and lighting.

Glitter Top Coat:   A type of polish finish that has glitter suspended in a clear base, best worn over a cream color.

Holo/Holographic:   A type of glitter that reflects and refracts light, giving off a rainbow shine when viewed in the light.

Jelly: A colored polish that has a transparent finish that may show the nail line. Jelly polishes are not the same as gel polish.

Linear Holographic:   A version of holographic glitter finish that is so micro fine, when applied the glitters line up to form the rainbow effect in a line, strongest in sunlight or direct light.

Texture: A glitter polish that dries to a rough, bumpy finish.


  1. Nataile Brown | 3rd Sep 15

    Yes. Carpe Denim needs to be mine. lol LOVE this deep blue with glitter. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. [email protected]ebeauty | 3rd Sep 15

    I love Such a Vlad-Ass. I’m a sucker for gorgeous reds! KB Shimmer is the best

  3. Lola Seicento | 3rd Sep 15

    These are just gorgeous! Breaking Blues is periwinkle perfection!

  4. Destany | 3rd Sep 15

    Great shades!

  5. Shipra | 3rd Sep 15

    These all look SO GORGEOUS on you! <3

  6. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 3rd Sep 15

    ooooh, I love all of these but especially the cremes and the last 2 shimmers! I haven’t tried any KB Shimmer polish before, but I always drool over any swatches that I see of them.

  7. Erika | 3rd Sep 15

    Those polishes are full of win!

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 3rd Sep 15

    So beautiful, I love I Feel Gourd-geous!

  9. Heather | 3rd Sep 15

    Such a Vlad Ass hehehe I need it so when people ask me what I am wearing I can say that 😉 It’s the little things, but seriously KB Shimmer is killing me with all these gorgeous polishes!

  10. Kath TheFabZilla | 3rd Sep 15

    Carpe Denim is my fave from this collection

  11. Christy Peeples DuBois | 4th Sep 15

    I love seeing all the new colors for the seasons and look forward to who is going to have my cant live without polishes. This fall is no different. Thanks for another great review.

  12. [email protected] | 4th Sep 15

    I want all the KBshimmers lately. Like all. Of. Them.

  13. Sheila | 4th Sep 15

    These all look so pretty!

  14. Nidia - Lit From Within | 4th Sep 15

    Oh, it’s going to be hard not to buy the whole collex. The holos and glitters are gorgeous (gourd-eous) and I love that unique Toad-ally froggy green glitter.

  15. Anastasia | 4th Sep 15

    Be Scareful is on my wishlist! The more swatches I see, the more I want it.

  16. Justina | 4th Sep 15

    These are lovely!

  17. Honeygirlk | 4th Sep 15

    I love white polishes with glitters and Be Scareful is my favorite of the b unch.

  18. Bailey | 4th Sep 15

    So many great colours! I really like I Feel Gourd-geous.

  19. Jess Scull | 6th Sep 15

    Gorgeous swatches – Perfect Fall collection!

  20. Kendra | 6th Sep 15

    Be Scareful is so fun and pretty!

  21. Sunny | 7th Sep 15

    Haha I can’t think about Halloween yet but I’m digging Carpe Denim!

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