K Beauty finds with JoahBox for August

August JoahBox

There’s something so thrilling to me upon receiving a subscription box. I like that little bit of mystery and the knowledge that I’ll discover new things to try out. JoahBox is a K Beauty Subscription that contains 5 to 7 full size products each month. All of the curated products are free of harsh chemicals and made with ethics in mind. That’s a lot of discovery.


The August box contains 6 full size products as well as a set of samples. Since it’s K Beauty every product and brand is new to me. I’m about to dig in – come along with me.

AMINOW Body Scrub looks like a sample size but is actually considered full size and has a value of $2.50. It’s a salt scrub composed of 100% salt from the sands of Mediterranean Sea deserts and amino acid oil mixed together. It consists of 30 types of minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium so it’s a lot more potent than most salt scrubs. When you open this travel friendly package use your finger to stir together the salt and amino oil together. As you massage your skin with it you’ll be removing dead skin. When done you can wash off any residue in the package and put it in recycling.

Aminow Body Scrub

ceLABrity AQUA MASK ($4) is an addition I was happy to see since I enjoy facial masks so much plus it has adorable packaging. This one is a cellulose mask that’s smooth and non-irritating. To my delight it is composed of triple hyaluronic acid for intensive moisture as well as multi seaweed complex to reinforce vitality. Leave this on for 10 to 20 minutes on your clean face. There is an essence left behind that you can massage on your face after.

ceLABrity Aqua Mask

SURELY GREEN 100 FACE OIL, COMMLEAF ($35) is a vegan friendly 100% natural face oil. It’s been formulated with 10 types of nature-originated oils such as Sunflower, Jojoba, Meadowfoam, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Olive, Camelia, and Bitter Orange. It’s a super hydrating oil that is tested to be sensitive skin friendly. It has no artificial fragrance but does have a strong natural fragrance.


You can mix a little in with your foundation to make it look more silky. Apply with either a brush or your hands. Using your hands will warm it up and help it absorb even better.


COMMLEAF GREEN TEA BLOTTING PAPER ($4) is a great purse size pack. It doesn’t mention the amount of papers in this but it looks like about 25. These are composed of real green tea extract to absorb the oil on your face. I don’t usually need a blotting paper for oil but I do get hot flashes and am grateful to have a pack in my purse for those times. There’s no fragrance and they work quite well.

Commleaf Green Tea Blotting Papers

PACK BRUSH by KICHO ($18) can be used with the face oil or for masks or foundation. It’s a wonderfully soft synthetic brush with a gold handle. I always love having a new kind of brush in my collection. I keep my skincare brushes separately from my cosmetic brushes personally so I know what to grab when I’m doing my nightly routine.

Kicho Pack Brush

SELFIE VELVET LIP TINT by W. LAB ($15) is the cherry on top of this bundle. You’d receive one out of 4 shades in your box (Red Boom, Mild On, Soft Holic, Mood Look). I have Mild On which is an orange red IMO. It has an almost matte finish if you apply it straight from the wand but when I then use my finger to soften the color it looks like a natural stain in a soft coral shade. The Korean way of applying this is to use it as a gradient on your lips.


This has a delightful fragrance as it’s infused with shea, mango seeds & avocado butter plus camelia flower, marigold flower and cherry blossom flower extract. It’s a hydrating lip tint that gives a nice glow.

Kicho samples, Aminow Body Scrub, Green Tea blotting papers

The box also contains two sample packets from Kicho – Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ and Correct Control Cream SPF 30 PA++ which are a nice size to put in a travel bag.

Subscribing for 3 or more months will save you $2 or more a month. A one time box is $35.95 including shipping. As much as I searched for US sites that carried these K Beauty products I couldn’t find any of these particular ones. Subscribing to the JoahBox is a great way to experience these products and be introduced to a whole new world of beauty.  —  Marcia




  1. Lola Seicento | 28th Aug 19

    I want that face oil! This looks like a great box! So far I have only tried one of their boxes, and look forward to trying more!

  2. Courtney | 28th Aug 19

    What a cute sub box! I’ve never heard of them.

  3. Emma Shetler | 28th Aug 19

    Wow. I really love K beauty products. Great box.

  4. Allison | 28th Aug 19

    What a fun box! I would use all of the products! Great discovery subscription

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 28th Aug 19

    This is such a great way to try out K beauty products!

  6. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 29th Aug 19

    This is a perfect way to incorporate K Beauty into your routine in a fun way!

  7. Kathryne | 29th Aug 19

    Do you know if the products they carry are both vegan and cruelty-free? If so, I’d be interested to subscribe

  8. Polarbelle | 29th Aug 19

    Subscription boxes are the funnest thing ever

  9. Bailey | 29th Aug 19

    Ooh, that’s such a great assortment of products!

  10. 25 Sweetpeas | 29th Aug 19

    This looks like a really nice box! Fun lil spa night all in a box!

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