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Just about everyone I know is on a low buy to start 2020. We are all sort of burned out after the rush of the holidays and the amount we’ve spent. But that doesn’t stop our wanting or needing products. So we pick and choose what we will enjoy and not feel any guilt about.

REVOLUTION (also called Makeup Revolution) is a brand that won’t break your budget but will provide you with some beauties at a beautiful price. The two palettes I’m sharing today are only $8 each yet the colors and quality are worth a lot more than that. This is a worldwide brand that is PETA-certified cruelty free, never tested on animals and are 76% vegan. has 11 variations of the RELOADED EYESHADOW PALETTES and all look vibrant and fun.

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I’ve been wearing REVOLUTION RELOADED ICONIC 3.0 which is a neutral palette but with a few surprises. They describe the palette as having warmth and dimension. 11 of the 15 shades in the palette are light shimmery shades in sparkling rose gold, peach, and amber. There are also 4 matte brown and beige shades for transition and definition. It’s a great palette to own since wearing it in the daytime is easy and later you can punch it up to create a beautiful night look. If you want the pigment even more intense they recommend spraying your brush with Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray.

My description of the 15 shadows are what I see on my eye and may not be totally accurate. It’s up to you whether you use an eyeshadow primer but I’m never without one!!

Revolution Reloaded Iconic 3.1

1 ivory metallic light sparkle

2 matte cream

3 satin light gold

4 peach satin

5 matte beige

6 metallic peach

7 metallic coral

8 golden peach shimmer (out of order in my swatches)

9 matte light chocolate

10 metallic copper

11 matte warm chocolate that leans purple

12 satin brown

13 satin bronze

14 matte cool choc

15 light sparkle cool chocolate verging on charcoal

Revolution Reloaded Iconic 3.1

This has been a versatile palette for me and one I’m really enjoying using. Plus I now know the quality of these so I’ll surely buy another when I’m in the mood to spend!! One of my most used palettes is also from Makeup Revolution.

Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate palette

Currently if you buy Revolution Reloaded palettes on the Revolution site they are buy 3 and get a 4th free.

Now let’s talk about the giveaway for Velvet Rose. Velvet Rose is a new addition to the Re-Loaded family. A truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, featuring essential beiges and browns, multi-functional shimmery golds, burgundy hues and an ultra pigmented black with a copper glitter twist.


matte peachy beige
shimmery warm gold leaf
matte brandy brown
matte warm taupe
metallic cream gold
matte deep warm bronze
matte peachy beige
metallic tan rose
metallic chocolate bronze
matte muted apricot
metallic peachy gold
matte burnt cinnamon
matte deep brown
matte caramel
shimmer black with a copper twist


Velvet Rose is another versatile palette and one that I think you’d all enjoy.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: The main prize in this giveaway will be this Revolution Velvet Rose palette and there will be smaller surprises like a mini eyeshadow primer in the package too. This is open through February 6, 2020 for US and Canadian subscribers.

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  1. Megan Wilson | 5th Feb 20

    These colors are gorgeous! I prefer to not go over 20 to 50, unless maybe a special occasion and will last a long time!

  2. Sally Gearhart | 5th Feb 20

    I would spend up to 50 or 60 bucks on an eyeshadow palette. I personally prefer to buy more expensive palettes because they will last you so much longer and it doesn’t take forever to create the look you are wanting.

  3. Olivia Clow | 5th Feb 20

    It depends on the kind off palette it is no more then 30 I am on a budget .

  4. Marissa Buffett | 5th Feb 20

    I usually will spend $20 on a palette, but depending on the brand and excitement for a given palette I may spend more to have it in my collection.

  5. Karrie A Millheim | 5th Feb 20

    I will spend about 20 bucks

  6. AEKZ2 | 5th Feb 20

    I’m pretty cheap, so I wouldn’t spend anymore than $10.

  7. Cathy Coibion | 5th Feb 20

    I don’t have much to spend. This is lovely makeup!

  8. Kayla Klontz | 5th Feb 20

    Probably around $80.

  9. donna richie | 6th Feb 20

    I spend around $20.00 or more

  10. Rosemary | 6th Feb 20


  11. Jennifer H. | 6th Feb 20

    I would say around $20.

  12. Amanda Whitley | 6th Feb 20

    i would spend up to 40 if it had a lot of shades.

  13. Cindy Peterson | 6th Feb 20

    $60 is about what I would spend.

  14. Tammy Catterton | 6th Feb 20

    I would say between $15 & $20 it depends on the shades

  15. donna porter | 6th Feb 20

    I am willing to spend $60 on an eye shadow palette. Especially when they have such beautiful colors!

  16. laurie | 6th Feb 20

    10 if I really like it

  17. Brooke Rose | 6th Feb 20


  18. Allison Matz | 6th Feb 20

    $25 for a palette.

  19. Cassandra D | 6th Feb 20

    I would say $18.00.

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