Jane Iredale Come Fly With Me eyeshadow palette along with a J.I. giveaway

I’ll be happy to go flying with Jane Iredale as long as her cosmetics can come along. Everything I’ve used from the Jane Iredale line has been wonderful so I’m happy to share some of those with you along with the newest aerodynamic eyeshadow palette, COME FLY WITH ME

Jane Iredale Come Fly With Me Eye Shadow Kit

Using the Jane Iredale line can give you an eye look that will mesmerize and be one of your favorites ever. Come Fly With Me is a versatile eye shadow kit with 5 shadows that you’ll be able to use for many eye looks. Since it’s limited edition it’s a palette you want to consider quickly. To further the love for this your purchase of the Come Fly With Me Eye Shadow Kit will help “HoneyLove Urban Beekeepers” build beehives for more than 500,000 honeybees and educate urban beekeepers and gardeners about creating bee-friendly spaces.

The 5 shadows have a satin finish with a little bit of sparkle in some. They are a tad powdery if you use a stiff brush but with a soft brush you won’t really find fallout.

Come Fly With Me: Wings, Honey, Nectar, Buzz and Sting

WINGS: a creamy ivory satin – this applies so easily and feels silky

HONEY: add a touch of gold with this subtle satin

NECTAR: this light/medium tan is the only matte shade

BUZZ: there’s just the smallest amount of shimmer in this milk chocolate shade

STING: you won’t mind the sting of this beautiful dark charcoal with the look of stars in its finish

Jane Iredale Come Fly With Me: Honey, Sting, Buzz, Nectar and a swatch of the eyebrow pencil


  • Highly pigmented, crease-resistant and long-lasting shadows.
  • Generous base shade with perfectly-sized detail shades.
  • Packaged in a sleek mirrored rose gold compact with a dual-ended wand for effortless application.
  • Use each shade alone, layer or blend together.
  • Formulated with minerals, botanical extracts and silica.

To create the perfect finish you will love using SMOOTH AFFAIR. This is an eyeshadow primer that will help with any eyeshadows you have and is available in 6 variation. The pigment holds really well when applied over NAKED, a creamy nude. I can use this alone for a quick but polished look but I love using it as the primer for my many eyeshadows. I’ve been using it non-stop.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair in Naked

For more eye beauty use one of Jane Iredale’s creamy mineral pencil eyeliners, available in 6 shades, or my personal favorite Mystikol, a powder cream formula that I bought in Dark Topaz. Finish the look with PureLash Lengthening Mascara and you are set for eyes that stand out yet make you feel comfortable in any situation.

There’s more to Jane Iredale than just eyes even if it’s eye makeup that’s my true love. Her brushes for face and eye are excellent and ones you want in your collection. And then there’s the blush – beautiful, smooth and long lasting. The new blush is part of the Come Fly With Me look you can create. It’s called Queen Bee and it’s fabulous cool pink with tiny sparkles (“soft fuchsia with subtle gold shimmer”). It can be applied with her fan brush which gives an airbrushed finish or use your favorite blush brush lightly since JI blushes are fabulously pigmented.

Jane Iredale Queen Bee Blush

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  So that you too can experience a small amount of Jane Iredale beauty enter this giveaway to win the Queen Bee Blush, White Fan Brush, and Basic Black Eye Pencil. The international giveaway is open through January 23rd at 11:59 p.m. ET for subscribers. Be sure that you comment and that you subscribe by email. All entries are checked so if you want to win remember that. Sending you some 2020 luck.  —  Marcia

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  2. Dana | 19th Jan 20

    My downfall is skin serums and skin care products in general-I’m always looking for the next one. I have a ton of half-used ones.

  3. Marci | 19th Jan 20

    Lipsticks! I am always trying to find the right one.

  4. Edye | 19th Jan 20

    for me it is lipstick!

  5. Shannon D Citrino | 19th Jan 20

    Mascaraa… I have blonde eyelashes so I need super good mascaras… hard to find

  6. adriana saucedo | 19th Jan 20

    eye shadow and liner for me.

  7. Kristen Osborne | 20th Jan 20

    I am all about the eye makeup, finding new shadows, liners and mascaras that will compliment each other in different ways is fun for me.

  8. BILL HOFF | 20th Jan 20

    My daugher and wife will fight over who gets what…they always complain about the right shade of concealer.

  9. Mary Kirkland | 20th Jan 20

    I think eyeshadow palettes are my downfall. I like collecting them because I see a few shades I really like in each one.

  10. Clay | 21st Jan 20


  11. Susan Smoaks | 22nd Jan 20

    i have a hard time with mascara. i get chronic eyelid problems and mascara is hard to use when there are issues with the eyelid.

  12. Angelique Meisner | 22nd Jan 20

    I will not leave my house without applying lip gloss

  13. Kayla Klontz | 22nd Jan 20

    My downfall would probably be concealer.

  14. Brooke Rose | 23rd Jan 20


  15. Rosanne | 23rd Jan 20

    My downfall is lipstick and lip gloss. I don’t go anywhere without it but mostly for dry lips

  16. Ellie Wright | 23rd Jan 20

    My favorite is eye makeup!

  17. Candie L | 23rd Jan 20

    Chap stick and other moisturizing items are my current downfall (yeah winter). Thank you

  18. Eileen Boyce | 23rd Jan 20

    Eye makeup is my fave.

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  20. Tammy Catterton | 23rd Jan 20

    I am more eye shadow person here love color

  21. Christina Gould | 23rd Jan 20

    I spend too much on foundation. Thanks for posting!

  22. laurie | 23rd Jan 20

    I love blush and eyeshadow the most

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