It’s all about the eyes with Eyeko!

Many people actually do their eyes first in their makeup routine in case it’s the only thing they can get done, because if all else fails at least they have their eyes! When it comes to eye makeup, Eyeko has you covered from brows to lower lashes. Lisa and Marcia have some great recommendations today so read on to find out what makes their souls shine brightly through!

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Eyeko Me & My Shadow

Lisa’s soul is shining with Eyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner

I actually don’t have much experience with cream eyeshadows and cream eyeliners…I have oily lids so I tend to stay away from them. I use pencils and gel liners. However, Marcia raves about these so I was happy to give them a whirl and I’m glad I did. I have three of the six shades Eyeko carries. Mine are Quartz, Bronze, and Chocolate.  Other shades available are Topaz, Taupe, and Charcoal. ($25)

Eyeko Me & My Shadow in Chocolate, Quartz, Bronze

My biggest worry was that these would melt right off of my lids, especially during my workouts. All my worry was for naught – these babies stay right in place, even on leg day! They don’t crease, fade, flake, or smudge. Eye makeup remover takes them off easily, but you definitely need it. You can apply the liner directly or warm it up on the back of your hand and use the brush on the other end of the handle. The tip of the color is rounded, so this isn’t going to give you a defined line, it’s a thick band of color that you can smudge out.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Brush
Eyeko Me & My Shadow in top to bottom: Chocolate, Quartz, Bronze

Charcoal is a matte dark brown that smudges out wonderfully. I really appreciate how this doesn’t smear – what a find! Quartz is a beautiful pinky/peach shade that does a great job of opening the eyes. It’s terrific on the brow bone as well as used to line the eyes. Bronze is a pretty medium bronze that looks amazing with hazel eyes. I use this one the most of the three. All in all, Eyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liners have won me over and now I am on a mission to get the other three colors!!

Eyeko Me & My Shadow

Marcia’s soul is shining with Eyeko mascara, eyeliners, and brow gel

Eyeko eyeliners, brow gel and mascaras

First and foremost for me are eye products. That’s what I crave and what I’m always in the mood for. So my soul was thrilled to have the opportunity to use these EYEKO products. 2 mascaras, 2 eyeliners, and 1 brow gel have been gracing my eyes the last few weeks and I’m a very happy blogger.

EYEKO BLACK MAGIC LIQUID EYELINER AND SPORT WATERPROOF EYELINER were the first products to grace my eyes. Liquid eyeliners are my favorite and the Black Magic liquid liner is quite impressive as you can easily create a thin or thick line depending on your preference. The color is a deep “carbon black” and the formula features Widelash, a conditioning Tripeptide complex designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Ulta mentions that it’s waterproof though the box doesn’t say that but it doesn’t come off with water or tears. ($22)

Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner
Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

I love that the inner box reminds me that “if you can do liquid liner, you can do anything” since liquid liners are my forte. I don’t know why they are easier than a pencil for me but it must be the precision of the tip on the Eyeko liner. That’s not to say that I don’t like pencil liners and especially the SPORT WATERPOOF EYELINER PENCIL. This is truly waterproof and is great for outdoor fun, sports, and happy/sad occasions.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Eyeliner

Eyeko obviously has a great sense of humor “Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late” and I have to love them for understanding me so well.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Eyeliner

The twist up pencil has a brush on the opposite end and a hidden built in sharpener so it’s great as a travel liner. It doesn’t go anywhere you don’t want it to. Making this unique is that it contains coconut oil in the formula so it applies extra easily.

Eyeko Brow Gel

Prior to trying Eyeko’s Brow Gel I really thought that most brow gels were pretty much the same but Eyeko has found a way to make there’s just that much better to change my mind. It only comes in one shade “tinted” and when I first applied it I thought it was a light brown but, with time and one more coat, it darkened and evened out my brows.

Eyeko Brow Gel
 Eyeko’s nano-brush and botanically-enriched formula effortlessly defines brows for a natural finish whilst maintaining a healthy brow look with Eyeko Brow Gel. Infused with key ingredients Keratin and Gingko Biloba combined with natural proteins and multi vitamins to condition, thicken and visibily improve the appearance of your brows.
I like the small brush on it even though it doesn’t coat in one fell swoop but it also doesn’t get on my skin.

Eyeko is known for their mascara. The first time I ever heard of Eyeko was because of the raves from women loving their line of mascara. There are 9 different ones sold at Ulta which shows how ingrained the mascara line is for them. I’ve got two to recommend.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

BLACK MAGIC MASCARA is a fabulous one for drama and curl. Not only does it help hold the fake curl on my lashes with it’s curved brush but it also adds volume. It’s got everything I look for in a mascara. It’s enriched with conditioning Keratin and Shea Butter to help with lash care so you’d think it would smudge but NO!! No smudging. It has a tubing formula that can be removed with warm water though I prefer a bi-phase eye makeup remover for everything. You’ll see those little squiggly lines of mascara come off but it’s not harming your lashes at all.

from Ulta: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara
Eyeko brush comparison: Black Magic and Sport

I also have SPORT WATERPROOF MASCARA which is totally different from Black Magic but works so well. The brush is really big and is so much wider than any brush I’ve seen before. I thought it would be hard to apply because of the size but surprisingly it isn’t. This is a fibre-enhanced formula boosted with collagen and fruit extracts. It adheres really well which is why it’s recommended for sports, even extreme sports. I think we should send this to our athletes in the winter Olympics!

Eyeko brush comparison: Black Magic and Sport
From Ulta: Eyeko Sport Mascara

I only wish I had beautiful (though surely photoshopped) eyes and lashes like the brand shows but if I can get better looking lashes to help enhance my tired eyes, I’ll take it.

There are many reasons we like Eyeko. This cruelty-free company doesn’t use parabens and is always looking for creative Korean technology when bringing out new products. Shop at, Blue Mercury, Dermstore or Nordstrom for all your eyes crave.


  1. susan byrne | 5th Feb 18

    These colors are beautiful, might have to try these in the future.

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  3. Helga | 7th Feb 18

    I want to try their mascara now, I love their effect. And their cream eye shadows are intriguing too.

  4. 25 Sweetpeas | 8th Feb 18

    Aww these look great! I used to have a NYX shadow stick and LOVED it then I started to have some sort of reaction so I had to pitch it and I’ve been afraid to try any more… Such a bummer too because its great for those days when you need quick and minimal!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th Feb 18

    I love Eyeko eyeliners, but I had no idea they made such pretty eye crayons and that they were known for their mascara. I wish Ulta or another store would start to carry the brand so I could get it locally!

  6. Krystal E. | 8th Feb 18

    I really didn’t know Eyeko had all these products! It’s nice to see them out in the real world instead of just product photos!

  7. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 8th Feb 18

    I love shadow crayons, they’re great for all over swipe of color.

  8. Nina | 8th Feb 18

    I love that smudging tool!!! Something I could see getting a lot of use out of!

  9. Ehmkay nails | 8th Feb 18

    Oh that brow gel looks amazing!

  10. Lulle | 8th Feb 18

    I love eyeshadow sticks! They’re so easy to use when I’m running late in the morning. I haven’t tried the ones by Eyeko but now I’m intrigued.

  11. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 8th Feb 18

    Eyeko makes such great products.

  12. Kathryne | 9th Feb 18

    I haven’t tried anything from this brand. It would’ve been nice to see real before and after because that helps me decide to buy or skip

  13. Tiki | 9th Feb 18

    I have oily lids and I would’ve never thought they would stay on so well. Plus, the colors are pretty. Awesome!

  14. Yvette Price | 9th Feb 18

    I currently use eye shadow crayons and was looking for another brand that I could get them from. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Lola Seicento | 9th Feb 18

    Those eyeshadow crayons are very, very pretty!

  16. Sahrish Adeel | 9th Feb 18

    I have heard great reviews about Eyeko’s products but havent gotten a chance to try any. I am really interested in those mascaras now.

  17. The Beauty of Life | 9th Feb 18

    The Eyeko product looks awesome!

  18. Natoya | 10th Feb 18

    I’ve never heard of this brand. but, those eye crayons look amazing and really pigmented. thanks for sharing.

  19. Polarbelle | 11th Feb 18

    I’ll have to look for them in Ulta, I love a good shadow stick and a liquid liner that stays put.

  20. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 12th Feb 18

    I hardly ever do eye makeup (besides mascara) but those Shadow sticks look so easy and beautiful. I really like the look of the mascaras too.

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