It’s a game changer: Stedi-Pedi Pro

Every so often I come across a product that is a real game changer for me. Today’s game changer makes home pedicures fun again. I used to love to paint my toes, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become more and more challenging – mostly because I simply can’t see what I’m doing! It doesn’t seem to matter how much contorting I do, my toes are either too close or too far away to see well. My pedicures end up looking like a Matisse painting – great from far away, but a real mess close up. The Stedi Pedi Pro Professional Home Pedicure Kit with Lit Magnifier, Drying Fan, and Task Light has changed that for me – now I can give myself a pedicure that looks amazing no matter what.

The Stedi Pedi Pro Professional Home Pedicure Kit ($34.99) is a portable pedicure table that securely lifts feet up to where you can reach them and see them. It’s a tray that is balanced and stable because one end is secured under a couch cushion or between a mattress and box spring. The other end has a raised foot pedestal, and the various attachments help you see what you are doing as well as lessen drying time.

I usually do my pedicures sitting on the floor, which has a lot of drawbacks. It’s uncomfortable, and so difficult to see my toes and keep my polish from getting nicks and smears. What a difference the Stedi Pedi makes, since I can sit normally and have my foot where I can reach it, in the perfect position for polishing. Total game changer.

Stedi Pedi battery pack

There is a small battery pack that you put 3 AA batteries in (the batteries are not included). It clips onto the back of the foot pedestal and you can plug one of three attachments into it for power. I think that is my one gripe – it’s too bad all three attachments can’t work at once.

Stedi Pedi with LED Light
Stedi Pedi with Illuminated Magnifier
Stedi Pedi with Fan

The first attachment is bright LED light. It isn’t that big, but wow does it make a difference! I usually find myself doing my nails at night, so this is fabulous. The second attachment is a lit magnifier. Hallelujah. I can finally see my toes! Plus, it has a light which helps. I use this one all the time. The third attachment is a cute little fan that may be small, but it has lots of drying power.

Stedi Pedi rubber bumpers

I find that it works best when I do one foot at a time, from polish to drying. Besides a couch or a bed, you can also use a regular chair that doesn’t have a cushion – there are rubber ‘bumpers’ you put on the outer case so it doesn’t slip around. You put the Stedi Pedi on the chair seat, put a towel over the device, and it’s good to go. Typically, however, I use my couch.

I am relatively flexible and the Stedi Pedi is super easy for me to use. I would think that unless you have significant mobility issues, you’ll find the Stedi Pedi makes giving yourself a pedicure so much easier that you will be changing your polish with your outfits.

You can find the game changing Stedi Pedi at Bed Bath and Beyond as well a on Amazon. – Lisa


  1. Barbara | 8th Sep 20

    That looks neat, and quite helpful!! I definitely have a hard time seeing when I’m trying to polish my toes!

  2. denise | 8th Sep 20

    What a fantastic device for home pedis.

  3. Lola Seicento | 9th Sep 20

    What a clever tool for an at-home pedi!

  4. Jen Mathews | 9th Sep 20

    My husband actually bought me one for my birthday but I couldn’t get it to work with my current furniture set-up!

  5. Sylwia | 9th Sep 20

    This is brilliant!!! I need it in my life, so handy!

  6. Natalie | 10th Sep 20

    That definitely changes the game! I have such a hard time with that as well, so I’m going to check that out!

  7. Kathryne | 10th Sep 20

    Interesting concept. I’ll check it out

  8. Glamorable | 10th Sep 20

    That’s such a neat idea!

  9. Courtney | 11th Sep 20

    I absolutely need this!

  10. Nina Kasper | 17th Sep 20

    This might just be the best nail accessory ever!!! I’m totally sending this to my boyfriend for gift ideas, I need!!!

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