Invite Breeze Balm into your life for the best lips around

Breeze Balm in Pineapple Pash

Are you tired of the weather yet? Are you ready for summer and some warmth in your life? You can accomplish this by wearing Breeze Balm today and everyday. But it won’t just be an accomplishment – it will be a love!


Breeze Balm is unlike the lip balms you are used to wearing. It’s not waxy at all and it doesn’t settle into lip lines. It’s a soft creamy formula that gives your lips immediate moisture and the most luxurious feel. Plus it lasts on your lips – they don’t get eaten away or licked away easily. Breeze Balm moisturizes your lips for hours making you feel enveloped in love.

Breeze Balm in Pineapple Pash

I’m thrilled with Breeze Balm in Pineapple Pash and every time I use it I think how I want to tell you to go buy it – not to wait – buy it and see why I’m so delighted with it. There are 7 flavors and I’m sure they are just as delightful.

  • BANANAS FOR YOU (limited edition banana scent)
  • HERO  (vanilla)
  • COCONUT SMOOCH (coconut)
  • GRAPE SORBET (grape)
  • CANDY KISS (caramel)

    Breeze Balm

Breeze Balm was developed in Australia by Sammy Leo. Her family had owned a pharmacy and created a secret formula lip balm that was like a “pot of gold”. After the pharmacy was sold she realized that this secret formula needed to be available to others to bring the love of beaches and sea breeze to others. Thus she created Breeze Balm. The secret to Breeze Balm is that it can have multi-uses. Use it on small scrapes or on sunburned areas. It’s great as a base for a matte lipstick to make it more comfortable.

Breeze Balm in Pineapple Pash

While I feel like a Pina Colada every time I use Pineapple Pash I just wish the fragrance lingered longer. But it gives me an excuse to reapply and get rid of the dryness that are my lips. I’m aching for Bananas For You, Coconut Smooch, Hero and another Pineapple Pash. That’s how great this ointment like balm is.  —  Marcia

Ingredients: Lanolin, Paraffin soft, Water, Aroma, Emulsifying Wax, Paraffin Wax, Beeswax, Potassium Sorbate.


  1. Beauty and Fashion Tech | 8th May 19

    Interesting formulation. I tend to actually like waxy balms because the last longer, but I would be interested in trying this one for comparison.

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  3. Lola Seicento | 8th May 19

    I wish that I had gotten this flavor instead– it sounds amazing!

  4. Glamorable | 9th May 19

    What a cute looking balm! I am super into lipstick right now and a good balm is my best friend 🙂

  5. Ehmkay Nails | 9th May 19

    Pineapple sounds like my kinda scent too. I want to smell this!

  6. Jen Walker | 9th May 19

    I think the Pineapple would be my favorite although I’m not crazy about it containing lanolin.

  7. Claudia Materdomini | 9th May 19

    All of those flavors sound fantastic — im also a balm addict so these are right up my alley!

  8. Courtney | 9th May 19

    I think I would love pineapple! I’m obsessed with it.

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 9th May 19

    This sound nice! Love LOVE the packaging!

  10. Krystal E | 9th May 19

    I definitely would want to try the different flavors because I hate when some thing tastes artificial. Thanks!

  11. Babi | 10th May 19

    Ooh pineapple! I think that’s the one I would like best! I really like the sound of this balm’s formula too!

  12. monique s | 10th May 19

    I am always looking for new lip balms to try and need one that will work well for my walks to protect from the sun

  13. Helga | 10th May 19

    I use lip balm every day and this sounds like a good one. I like the flavor selection too.

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  15. Gabrielle | 17th May 19

    I need to try this as I’m always looking for the perfect lip balm. It sounds really terrific and the flavor selection is great.

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