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As a beauty blogger, I get to test drive hundreds of cosmetic items from all sorts of brands. My nomadic cosmetic life suits my ADHD brain which loves jumping from one brand to another, celebrating each find to the fullest before moving on to the next discovery. However, there are a few brands that are mainstays in my collection with specific products that are always in rotation. In fact, I make sure that I have backups ready for those sad days when I hit pan. One of the brands that has been in makeup drawer without fail for the past twelve years is Dan Read Cosmetics. Dan Read Cosmetics is a fabulous boutique line created by Dan Read, one of the best makeup artists in the business. He has created makeup looks for just about every famous person in the music and movie industries.

Dan initially created his line for the actors who worked under hot lights and were filmed in high definition. If Dan’s foundation can make an actor’s close up look incredible, just imagine what it does for you in real life. Over the years, Dan and I have become good friends, and during a recent conversation he said he wanted to do giveaway for BIZ readers. One lucky winner will get the foundation, eyeshadow, cheek color, and lip color of her choice – and Dan himself will consult with her to ensure she chooses the best shades for her coloring!

Dan Read Cosmetics Foundation

The first product I ever tried from Dan’s line was the Foundation (Original $33.50, Shimmer $43.50). This is a cream to powder full coverage foundation that is well-known among stage and film performers because it lasts through anything. It’s bulletproof. Hot lights, wet weather, long workouts – this foundation holds up like a champ. It corrects uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, red areas, any problem you’ve got, and it looks natural.

It is extremely pigmented so you don’t even need a separate concealer. I always have four shades – my winter color is Soft Ivory 3, which is my lightest shade. Natural 1 is my typical shade, and I use Natural 2 and Natural 3 when I faux tan. DRC Foundation is available in the regular formula as well as in a glowy shimmer version that I also always have on hand. When I travel, this is the foundation I take with me every time.

Blue Neutralizer
Wineberry Velvety Cheek Colour
Rosey Pink Lipstick

DRC isn’t all about foundation. Other fabulous finds include the color correctors (Blue Neutralizer ($17) and Dark Skin Shading ($17) are my favorites); the Velvet Cheek Colours (lovely, velvety blushes – Wineberry ($21.50) is my go to); the Art Deco Eyeshadows (oh how I love these gawjus eyeshadows! Super pigment and a texture like butter…Champagne and Icy Lilac ($16.25) are my favs); and Pro Lips (matte, pearl, gloss – he’s got it all, and Rosey Pink Lipstick ($16) is my BFF).

DRC Champagne and Icy Lilac
DRC Champagne and Icy Lilac
DRC Champagne and Icy Lilac eyes
Icy Lilac Art Deco Eyeshadow

There are literally dozens of items in the Dan Read Cosmetics line that are Holy Grail material. The quality is top notch and the prices are very wallet friendly. If you haven’t tried any of Dan’s cosmetic creations, I sincerely hope you do so. You will become a lifelong DRC fan just like me.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: One super lucky BIZ reader will win one DRC Foundation, Velvety Cheek Colour, Art Deco Eyeshadow, and Pro Lip Color of her choice, along with a professional consult from Dan Read himself! This giveaway ends 9/8/20 at 11:59 pm, and Dan insisted that this be an INTERNATIONAL giveaway so all BIZ readers can participate. Enter early and often – I hope you win so we can gush over the DRC line together! – Lisa

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  1. Shannon D Citrino | 30th Aug 20

    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  2. Gia Welch | 30th Aug 20

    I’m most curious about the foundation. I’ve never had great success with a cream to powder formula, but I know they are preferred by a lot of artists. The opportunity to consult with the artist himself is amazing.

  3. Jennifer Redd | 31st Aug 20

    The foundation is interesting to me, I have never tried that type before.

  4. Melissa Storms | 31st Aug 20

    I really like the cameo eye shadow, it is a pretty and neutral shade. I also love the soft burgundy blush and the Cinema lip color in matte. I noticed DR carries a navy mascara and think I really need to give it a try.

  5. Julie Barrett | 31st Aug 20

    I’d be most excited to try the foundation. I love that it’s natural looking but also bulletproof against sweat, humidity, rain, etc. And that it’s high definition and matches any skin tone.

  6. Julie Barrett | 31st Aug 20

    I really like the Moulin Rouge shade of lipstick

  7. Michele Hartshaw | 31st Aug 20

    Love the ice lilac eyeshadow and the foundation looks amazing.

  8. Julie Waldron | 31st Aug 20

    I like the Rosey Pink Lipstick.

  9. Patricia wright | 31st Aug 20

    The pink lipstick

  10. Kelly Reading | 2nd Sep 20

    The foundation and Rosey Pink lipstick

  11. Michelle H. | 2nd Sep 20

    I like the Moulin Rouge lipstick. I also like the Fair Peach eyeshadow.

  12. Heather Dawn | 3rd Sep 20

    It all looks nice but I’m eyeing that Rosey Pink Lipstick.

  13. Marissa M | 6th Sep 20

    The rosey pink lipstick is beautiful!

  14. Amy Nick | 6th Sep 20

    The Rosey Pink Lipstick is for sure tempting

  15. ae minx | 6th Sep 20

    I like the icy lilac eye shadow.. I love a good light color on my eye

  16. Julie R | 7th Sep 20

    I need a new foundation so I would want to check that out

  17. Ellie Wright | 7th Sep 20

    Definitely foundation. Every time I find a great foundation it gets discontinues and I have to hunt for a good one again.

  18. DARLA KIDDER | 7th Sep 20

    I love the Wineberry Velvety Cheek Colour, Rosey Pink Lipstick, and Champagne And Icy Lilac

  19. Christina Sparks | 7th Sep 20

    I like the champagne eye color.

  20. Beatrice P | 7th Sep 20

    Natural 2 Foundation and Rosey Pink lipstick, Wineberry cheek color

  21. Tandi Cortez | 7th Sep 20

    I love the Eyeshadow Amethyst, the Lip Color in the shade Tangerine and the Cheek Color in Dusty Burgundy.

  22. Bonny McDevitt | 8th Sep 20

    All I know is I am in love with the Rosy Pink Lipstick!!!!

  23. Debbi Wellenstein | 8th Sep 20

    The Rose Pale eyeshadow looks beautiful! I also like Dusty Burgundy blush, and Precocious lipstick.

  24. Kayla Klontz | 8th Sep 20

    I’d most like to try the foundation.

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