Improve your nail life with these beautiful CAPTION nail polishes

CAPTION polishes in Let’s Be Frank, Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy, and Way Above Average

Being introduced to CAPTION NAIL POLISH has been a highlight of late 2017 to early 2018. So far I’ve worn 3 Caption polishes and am craving more. It’s not hard to fall for a line of polish that has over 100 amazing shades and that is wearing perfectly on me. I’m staring at my nails right now as I’m at the end of 7 days of wearing ‘Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy’ and the shine and wear is absolutely perfect. 7 days of perfect wear actually on all 3 of the polishes I’ve worn.

CAPTION polishes in Let’s Be Frank, Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy, and Way Above Average

CAPTION polishes can be found in many different finishes and I was immediately attracted to a shimmery metallic, a true metallic, and a chrome. But I can just as easily find creams, crellies, and top coats that are exciting additions to my nail polish collection.

When looking at what I was sent I was mesmerized by amethyst. Totally mesmerized! So the first polish I wore is “Way Above Average” which is described as an over-achieving metallic amethyst.

Caption Way Above Average

Caption Way Above Average

This midtone purple is almost a one coater but I like two coats to even out the finish. There’s an embedded glitter in the polish that makes it shine and look way way above average.

Caption Way Above Average

CAPTION uses what they call an LacQ3 Technology to make it wear as well as a gel and helps with its mirror-like shine. The polishes dry really quickly, they say 3x faster than a regular polish. There’s no difficulty in removal since they don’t need to be soaked.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

The next polish that attracted me and rightly so is “Let’s Be Frank“. My friend Frank here is a ‘straight talking metallic garnet’. Since garnet is my birthstone I often like wearing the shade, especially in January, and this is the prettiest garnet I’ve worn.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

This has the most striking glitter yet it’s smooth as can be. It only looks shimmery but doesn’t feel shimmery. I’m not a fan of bumpy polish so this finish is awesome. The shine is totally fabulous and lasts and lasts. I never had to apply another layer of topcoat during a week’s wear because it stayed this way the entire time.

Caption Let’s Be Frank

My third choice is SELFIE FULFILLED PROPHECY, a fabulous chrome polish that is wearing so beautifully.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy

This is the chameleon of the bunch. It looks different all the time. It’s described as a ‘fiesty fuchsia chrome’ and I see half a dozen colors depending on which light I’m in. I am looking at a light golden copper in the low light of my computer room. In the brighter lights of the nail salon I described it as a copper rose. I see a lot of rose in the polish but it’s never just one shade.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (in artificial light)

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (in bright salon light)

This is truly a one coater though I am wearing two coats. My nail tech even asked me if I wanted a second coat since she too was amazed at how smoothly and fully it applied.

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy

Caption Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy (different light)

There are over 100 polishes ($9.95) on the CAPTION website as well as dozens on Dermstore (they are $12 there though) and I can easily find half a dozen more I’m eager to wear. If you haven’t heard of CAPTION before you are missing out on some beauties. Believe it or not the company is owned by two male nail technicians who named their company Young Nails. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and sell in 40 countries worldwide. I may not have known about them before but now that I do, I won’t forget!!  —  Marcia


All Caption products are 3 free, Caption products are 100% cruelty free.


  1. 7days???? I want all 3, but Let’s Be Frank is my shade!

  2. Maybe three or four years ago, Greg Salo, one of the brothers, gave me a Caption mani at the Cosmoprof NA LV trade show!!! My mani was gorgeous! I did not have the wear time that you had, they actually chipped rather quick on me. But I have handful of these polishes in my stash – they are unique and gorgeous colors and I love layering them!

  3. Way Above Average is absolutely stunning! I would wear that all of the time!

  4. that icy purple is lovely.

  5. It’s good to hear that these have worked so well for you!

  6. What, these are ideal for me then because I wash and sanitize my hands so much in between patiens

  7. These are so gorgeous! I love Let’s Be Frank in the bottle and on the nails 🙂

  8. Let’s Be Frank is so pretty!!! Vampy with tons of sparkle, yes please!!!

  9. Teresa Koedyker says

    I love all these colors!! I think garnet is my favorite its my birthstone and I have never seen a color as gorgeous as this one!1 Cant wait to buy it!

  10. Ehmkay nails says

    I saw caption polishes are Cosmoprof NA years ago. Glad they are still around

  11. 7 days of wear? That is impressive! I adore Lets Be Frank

  12. These are really pretty

  13. Wow! 7 days wear time! My nails are usually chipped by day two. Love the deep burgundy that shade suits you so well

  14. Yvette Price says

    Fulfilled prophecy is my favorite of the three, I love the multi chrome shift to it!

  15. Ohh, I love Way Above Average and Let’s Be Frank! It’s also good to hear that they lasted so long.

  16. Beautiful swatches! I’d definitely be staring at my nails wearing these too! Let’s Be Frank is my kind of polish.