I’m surprisingly still standing thanks to Still Standing!

I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah
I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah
Thanks to Elton John whenever I pick up STILL STANDING I can’t stop singing. I have a horrible voice but I’m still standing and I’m so happy about it that singing comes with the territory.
Still Standing

What is she singing about? STILL STANDING is a spray that helps your feet through the roughest situations. No matter if you wear heels, flats or sandals your feet take a beating day in and day out.

Still Standing Sprays

I no longer own a pair of stilettos and even pairs of low heels are in the back of my closet. My feet have been destroyed by my younger ways of wearing the highest shoes, platform heels, and strappy sandals. Who thinks of the future that way? But now with Still Standing I can un-retire those heels and actually make it through an evening.

Still Standing

STILL STANDING is a spray that helps prevent discomfort from walking, standing or dancing in uncomfortable shoes. It helps you get through about 6 hours of wear time without wondering how you can subtly ditch those shoes. The sprays shown above are their reformulated version of Still Standing. It’s been tweaked to make it more effective. “It still contains Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica, Aloe & Ilex—natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers–that prevent swelling and pain but do not numb feet. Some testers liked this Unisex version better than the original. It’s still a natural, drug-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, high percentage certified organic, clear, stainless gel spray.”

The sprays don’t numb your feet, they just improve the feel of your shoes. Use the larger can while you are getting dressed and spray your feet generously. I sit on my vanity chair with my feet up in the air and let the spray dry. It doesn’t burn my feet, it doesn’t sting my feet. It’s just cool and refreshing.

It contains a mixture of arnica and aloe that helps prevent any blisters or swelling. It’s sort of like magic for your weary tootsies. You can reapply it on your bare feet or over thin socks or nylons. That’s why the mini spray is so marvelous. Just keep one in your tote for touch up.

Patent-Pending Proprietary Formula

Still Standing is a natural, patent-pending proprietary formula spray made of cooling menthol and certified organic eco-distilled Arnica, Aloe and Ilex. These three herbal remedies are time-tested natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. Along with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, they come together in a greaseless, colorless, stain- free spray that keeps feet feeling great. The eco-distillation process insures that the resulting herbal extracts have the highest potency and efficacy, keeping your feet calm and cool so your feet feel like they do when you first put on your shoes. 

At first I wasn’t going to give this a try because I don’t wear heels but now I know that this is for everyone including men. My feet are so much happier when I use this. And it doesn’t have a fragrance so what else could I ask for?

I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah!  —  Marcia


Available at Still Standing and Amazon

Still Standing® On the Go Set ($20.00): Two travel sized mini sprays (15 mL each)

Still Standing® Large Spray ($30.00): One TSA approved large size spray (3.4 fl.oz.)

Still Standing® Total Comfort Set ($40.00):  One large size spray (3.4 fl.oz.) and one mini spray (15 mL)

Still Standing® Double On the Go Set ($40.00): Four beautifully boxed travel sized mini sprays (15 mL each)

This natural formula is made of Certified Organic Eco-Distilled™ Arnica, Aloe and Ilex and cooling menthol


  1. Stacie Hamilton | 25th May 18

    How interesting! I didn’t know they made something like this. I better pick some up before my cruise this summer so I can tolerate all of the walking I plan to do.

  2. Jen Mathews | 25th May 18

    Oh wow – I REALLY need this!

  3. Carol | 25th May 18

    Ok I seriously need this if it really works!

  4. Krystal E | 25th May 18

    I’ve seen a similar product and really liked it except it started to rub off like old skin towards the end of my day. I’m definitely interested in checking out this product.

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 25th May 18

    I need this for work. The smaller size would be great for touch-ups on those 9=10 hr days!

  6. 25Sweetpeas | 26th May 18

    Sounds like a nice idea!

  7. Lola Seicento | 26th May 18

    This is the most brilliant product, and perfect for those days when you have to stand in heels!

  8. Babi | 26th May 18

    I hateeeeee shoes and would rather be barefoot all day! But these sound like they could help me at least like shoes!

  9. My Nail Polish Obsession | 27th May 18

    Sounds like a cool product! I would totally try the spray!

  10. Mary W | 27th May 18

    I had to open this post and see what the heck you were posting with an intriguing title like that! My feet are so bad even after multiple surgeries to correct bone problems with more to go. I wonder if these products would work on my sad feet? Thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. Courtney | 27th May 18

    I need to give this a try!

  12. Ehmkaynails | 27th May 18

    I definitely destroy my feet. I love heels. So I need this!

  13. Sandy Pincombe | 27th May 18

    Even though I seldom wear heels anymore I really love the idea of this product. Why wasn’t it available a few years ago???

  14. Judy | 29th May 18

    Oh this would be great for the all those sore feet in Hospitality.

  15. Rajee Pandi | 29th May 18

    I must try it

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