I+I Botanicals CBD Dry Oil Body Mist

Good for the body, good for the earth, good for the soul – that is i+i Botanicals mantra. i+i Botanicals is owned by two women who wanted to create a line that made skincare simple but extremely effective. This beautiful boutique line features American-grown, lab-tested CBD along with other effective and responsibly sourced ingredients in wonderful body and skin care products.

  • BODY
    We believe you should not have to sacrifice your health for beauty.
    We are grateful for all that Mother Earth provides us, and we are committed to preserving her for future generations.
  • SOUL
    We believe in showing kindness towards oneself and others.

I absolutely love the mission of i+i Botanicals! They have a small range of products, including face serum, bath tea, exfoliating coffee scrub (more on this one soon!), and the summer perfect Dry Oil Body Mist ($59.99).

I am all about body oils in the summer. A great body oil isn’t greasy or tacky – it sinks right in and feels so much better in hot weather than a thick body cream. So a dry body oil sounds fantastic, especially one that features CBD, which is an excellent topical antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Other ingredients in the Dry Oil Body Mist include jojoba oil which promotes hydration and healing; and morninga oil which is a wrinkle reducer and skin protectant.

i+i Botanicals Dry Oil Body Mist
i+i Botanicals Dry Oil Body Mist

The i+i Dry Oil Body Mist acts like the natural oils in your skin and hair, so it isn’t greasy or sticky. Instead, it sinks in quickly and gives skin a beautiful glow. It has a lovely light scent of orange and sandalwood that couldn’t be better for summertime, giving skin just a kiss of scent. The Dry Oil Body Mist comes in a glass spray bottle that makes it really easy to spritz your whole body quickly. My skin feels amazing with this…satiny smooth and healthy. And it’s not just for skin! It’s a great frizz smoother, just spritz a little in your hands, rub together, then smooth on and brush through.

I know you will love the i+i Botanicals CBD Dry Oil Body Mist just as much as I do! Check it out, along with the other i+i Botanicals products, at www.iandibotanicals.com. – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 30th Jun 20

    I would love to try this body oil! It sounds great!

  2. Claudia A. Materdomini | 30th Jun 20

    I love using body oils! I love dry versions so they don’t feel super greasy or sticky. Especially after shaving!

  3. Polished Hippy | 30th Jun 20

    I agree, dry oils are fantastic for summer! They feel so refreshing applied after a shower.

  4. natoya | 1st Jul 20

    I love a good dry oil especially for the drier warmer seasons

  5. Kathryne | 1st Jul 20

    I love body oils too

  6. Cassie Tucker | 1st Jul 20

    I love to use oils like this in my hair and I love that the brand included that as a bonus use on the product. This sounds like an amazing oil.

  7. 25 Sweetpeas | 1st Jul 20

    I’m not huge on oils but aspects of this sound nice!

  8. Erika | 1st Jul 20

    This body oil sounds great.

  9. Nina Kasper | 1st Jul 20

    This sounds fabulous! I live in Alabama where it is HUMID all the time so a dry oil sounds perfect!

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