Hydrate your skin with MyChelle Water Mask

Whenever I notice my skin is looking too dry I know that it’s time to reach for a cosmetic mask. I’ve reviewed more masks than I can count and try to match my skin’s problem with the type of mask that’s needed.

One mask I can count on over and over is MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask. While directions tell me I should use this one-two times a week I’ve found that I can actually use it more often.

This gentle refreshing mask can be used as a quick fix (5 to 10 minutes) or an overnight sensation. Whichever you choose to use, your skin will definitely look more hydrated and smoother.

The three main ingredients make the difference: Hyaluronic Acid, Blue Agave and Prickly Pear Cactus will condition dry, dull skin. Wearing a mask on the few occasions I am going out brings me more dryness from my nose down to my chin. Using a hit of this Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask during my nighttime regime perks it right back up so that I won’t notice any dehydration come morning.

MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask

My routine is to start with a clean face, shake this little tube up and then smooth it on. Can’t get any easier than that. Since it doesn’t dry down completely I can do whatever else is needed prior to washing it off. If I chose to use it as an overnight mask I’d just rub it in until it absorbed.

MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask
MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask

I love how simple MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask (just $16.50) is to use. Even on the nights I think I’m too tired for fussing I can quickly go over my face with Micellar Water, rub a dab of this Water Mask on, take my pills, and be done. Ready for morning beauty! — Marcia

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  1. Sandy C. | 30th Jul 20

    Again…thanks for posting something about a mask that has nothing to do with COVID-19!

  2. Lola Seicento | 30th Jul 20

    I love their products, and I need to try this mask!

  3. Jennifer Mathews | 30th Jul 20

    This sounds perfect for summer!

  4. Polished Hippy | 30th Jul 20

    I admit I will sometimes use hydrating masks like this as regular face cremes in the winter!

  5. Natoya | 31st Jul 20

    Amazing that this mask is hydrating and has non of the nasties like Parabens Sounds like something my summer skin will enjoy

  6. Kath | 31st Jul 20

    I love simple skin care! I love a good mask too

  7. 25Sweetpeas | 31st Jul 20

    This sounds great for winter months! Love masks all year!`

  8. Sandy Pincombe | 2nd Aug 20

    Now this looks like a Mask that would work for me! Going to see if Meijer has it this afternoon.

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