Humboldt Soap Company’s lush whipped body butters and a #giveaway

Humboldt Soap Company is a US company based in Humboldt, California. It’s dedicated to creating healthy and affordable skin care products that are very affordable. Marcia reviewed the wonderful Cremeplexion Moisturizer and even after 1 1/2 months has about 2/3rds of it left, she certainly believes that it’s worth the price of $20 for such a gem. The next item that we were dying to try is their Whipped Body Butters that are only $15 for 3 oz.

Humboldt has plain as day packaging since they’d much rather put their effort and budget into what goes into their products. They use quality raw, natural and organic ingredients so that you can afford to buy them to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. There is always FREE shipping with Humboldt which is just another reason to appreciate the company.

Today you’ll meet 4 flavors and have the opportunity to win a 5th one!



Humboldt Whipped Body Butters

Boy would it be great to be able to teleport the fragrance of these through the screen so you can smell what I’m going to rave about. The Whipped Body Butters are almost identical – all the ones Lisa and I have are similar but it’s the fragrance that stands out.

Humboldt Almonds Whipped Body Butter

When I first opened the Almonds Whipped Body Butter I was transported into the marzipan factory and wallowed in the wonder of it. I’ve loved marzipan since I was a kid and that hasn’t changed dozens of years later. I brought some home from Barcelona even and enjoyed every little nibble. I felt the same way when I opened the Humboldt Almond. It has that luscious sweet marzipan fragrance.

Almonds Whipped Body Butter open

But what about the body butter? That’s what it’s about. The light almost powdery texture is delightful on my skin. I love to slather it on after my shower especially. It appears almost solid at first but once I start applying it I really appreciate the soothing texture of it. Almond is the one I use after my shower.

Humboldt Soap Company Peppermint Whipped Body Butter

Because I’m lucky enough to also have the Peppermint I keep that in my night bathroom and use it mostly on my rugged feet, my knees and when I remember on my elbows. It’s heavy duty enough to take on my rough spots and keep me flake free. Humboldt uses essential oil of peppermint and even says it’s especially nice for feet. As much as I like Almonds this candy cane peppermint is my favorite.

Humboldt Soap Company Whipped Body Butter

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Tapioca Starch, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Babassu Butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil) and fragrance.

Humboldt Tropical Whipped Body Butter in Coconut Lemongrass and Tropical Coconut


Ok, who is shocked that I went for the coconut scents? Anyone?? Of course not. My fellow coconut fiends…I mean friends…will be happy to know that the coconut scents from Humboldt are freaking amazing. Really and truly incredible!!

Humboldt Tropical Whipped Body Butter in Tropical Coconut

The Tropical Coconut Whipped Body Butter is pure unadulterated coconut. Not sweet, and no other notes – just deep, fantastic, real coconut. The body butter is about as thick as it gets, and when you scoop it out you want to wait a moment before applying. Body heat will start to melt it, like butter, and then the application is incredible. If you don’t wait it can sort of ball up, so be sure to let it get a little drippy first.

Humboldt Tropical Whipped Body Butter
Humboldt Tropical Whipped Body Butter in Coconut Lemongrass

My other scent is Coconut Lemongrass. It has the Tropical Coconut base plus a really amazing Lemongrass note that I am so impressed with – it’s so fresh and beautiful. Coconut Lemongrass can be offputting and have a chemical note to me, but this is as good as it gets!

We are so impressed with Humboldt Whipped Body Butters, and we know you will be too! There are nine different scent choices and the tubs cost $15 each.  Humbolt offers free shipping, so why not stock up on all of your favorite scents?

GIVEAWAY: We were sent an extra Whipped Body Butter in Vanilla Sugar for one of our subscribers to win. We always love a giveaway with products that we are excited about. Humboldt describes Vanilla Sugar as a warm comforting fragrance which is perfect as the weather is becoming less and less comforting. The giveaway is open to US only through October 15th. Be sure you comment and that you are a subscriber. We hope the best person wins!

Humboldt Soap Company Vanilla Sugar Whipped Body Butter

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  1. Monique S | 30th Sep 18

    coconut lemongrass would be the scent I would pick, though I am tempted by the almond!

  2. Elizabeth Raymond | 30th Sep 18

    I love a good body butter! Anything Vanilla, warm and comforting!

  3. Grace Bertou | 30th Sep 18

    I would pick peppermint all the way!!

  4. ann b | 30th Sep 18

    vanilla sugar or peppermint. yum.

  5. Lisa | 30th Sep 18

    I would choose the Vanilla Sugar for sure!

  6. Mary W | 30th Sep 18

    Probably Coconut Lemongrass but all 5 look like they would be great!

  7. Annette | 30th Sep 18

    Vanilla Sugar is the one I’d choose.

  8. Adriana | 30th Sep 18

    vanilla sugar for me and coconut lemongrass for my mom.

  9. Lyndsey R. | 30th Sep 18

    The vanilla sugar sounds amazing.

  10. Linda Magnuson | 30th Sep 18

    I would buy the vanilla sugar with peppermint as a close second choice.

  11. Sharon Rooney | 30th Sep 18

    I would probably buy the Almond scent.

  12. Cynthia Gaarder | 30th Sep 18

    I love vanilla

  13. Jeanna Massman | 30th Sep 18

    I would love to try the Almond.

  14. Susan P. | 1st Oct 18

    Almonds and Coconut would be my favorites.

  15. Gia Welch | 1st Oct 18

    Almond!!!! But peppermint would be a close second.

  16. Judy Schechter | 1st Oct 18

    Tropical Coconut, sounds heavenly! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. Leela | 1st Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar.

  18. MelodyJ | 1st Oct 18

    Almonds. So, hard to find this xcent in the US market.

  19. D. Paul | 1st Oct 18

    I would first go for the Vanilla Sugar because I love the scent of vanilla!

  20. Lesley F | 1st Oct 18

    I would get the Vanilla Sugar

  21. Liz | 1st Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar or Coconut Lemongrass, I think.

  22. Vicki Wurgler | 1st Oct 18

    the Almonds

  23. Helga | 1st Oct 18

    I would choose coconut lemongrass.

  24. gala | 1st Oct 18

    I like Coconut Lemongrass scent

  25. Dana Rodriguez | 1st Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar would be at the top of my list!

  26. Debbie Yoder | 1st Oct 18

    The Vanilla Sugar sounds wonderful!

  27. Susan Smith | 1st Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar would be my choice.

  28. gloria patterson | 1st Oct 18

    I like the smell of vanilla and that is what I always reach for Vanilla Sugar

  29. Jeanne Coulombe | 1st Oct 18

    I would get the coconut lemongrass this looks like great body butter

  30. Darlene Owen | 1st Oct 18

    I would love the Coconut Lemongrass scent.

  31. Melissa Storms | 2nd Oct 18

    I would definitely choose the almond scent,

  32. Christy Peeples DuBois | 3rd Oct 18

    I believe I would choose the Tripical Coconut. But I’m sure they all are amazing.

  33. Stephanie Jones | 3rd Oct 18

    I go for vanilla

  34. Steph | 3rd Oct 18

    I live almond scents

  35. heather Kaufman | 4th Oct 18

    Peppermint is my favorite scent.

  36. Laurie Nykaza | 5th Oct 18

    Peppermint i would like to try it.

  37. Marilyn Nawara | 5th Oct 18

    My choice would be Vanilla Sugar.

  38. Edye | 7th Oct 18

    I’d like vanilla sugar!

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  40. Cassie Tucker | 7th Oct 18

    Out of the five fragrances I’d probably buy the four that weren’t the one with the lemongrass.

  41. Angelica Dimeo | 7th Oct 18

    I would pick coconut lemongrass

  42. Nelle | 7th Oct 18

    Coconut Lemongrass

  43. Haley Scully | 7th Oct 18

    I’d probably go with Vanilla Sugar. Thanks for the chance!

  44. KENNETH OHL | 8th Oct 18

    the coconut lemongrass I would love to buy

  45. Cassandra D | 9th Oct 18

    I would buy the coconut lemongrass.

  46. Azeem Isaahaque | 9th Oct 18

    I like vanilla sugar alot

  47. Chelsea M | 10th Oct 18

    I would get the Tropical Coconut. I love coconut

  48. julie | 10th Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar!

  49. Teresa Koedyker | 10th Oct 18

    I would choose almond or coconut they all sound amazing!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  50. Chris Lewis | 11th Oct 18

    Vanilla Sugar!

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