Howl-O-Ween Blog Hop – what can you win in this giveaway?

It’s that time again – time for a great blog hop. Beauty Info Zone thanks The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It for setting this up. It’s a great time to win with all the holidays we have coming up. This time around Beauty Info Zone will be giving away a $40 Amazon e gift card ($40 in US dollars) to a subscriber from the US or Canada.

Hop dates – October 8 at 12:00 pm ET thru October 22 at 11:59 pm ET

Each blog participating has their own prize that they are responsible for and their own rules. Ours are pretty simple: be an email subscriber and comment. The rest of the entries are extras that can give you more chances.

$40 US e giftcard prize – Happy Howl-O-Ween

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  1. Rebecca Orr | 10th Oct 19

    I will be taking my kids out for trick or treating. They are super excited!

  2. Beth Minyard | 10th Oct 19

    I don’t have any big plans for Halloween. We never get any trick or treaters

  3. Vicky D | 10th Oct 19

    We never get trick or treaters because our driveway is too long. So no plans here.

  4. Louisa D | 10th Oct 19

    will decorate the house – we got one group of trick or treaters last year so hopeful they come back

  5. Ellie Wright | 10th Oct 19

    I’ll be taking my 5 year old granddaughter trick or treating.

  6. Paula Pennachio | 11th Oct 19

    Ill go to my parents and help them pass out candy and see all the kids

  7. Paula Pennachio | 11th Oct 19

    going to my parents and help them pass out candy and see all the kids

  8. chelsea w | 11th Oct 19

    I’m going to be watching a horror movie marathon with my best friend after we bake spooky desserts!

  9. Debra Guillen | 11th Oct 19

    I have no plans for Halloween.

  10. Heather Kaufman | 11th Oct 19

    We are hanging out with friends.

  11. Barbara Montag | 11th Oct 19

    I will be dressing up this year for Halloween either as a witch or a clown.

  12. Jenny Scheldberg | 11th Oct 19

    Probably just staying in and handing candy out to the kids in my building.

  13. kelsey vinson | 11th Oct 19

    My daughters birthday dinner then trick or treating.

  14. Jessica S | 12th Oct 19

    no plans just relaxing

  15. Pam | 12th Oct 19

    I have been invited to an adults only party.

  16. Janice Dean | 12th Oct 19

    Just handing out candy bars!

  17. Laura B. | 12th Oct 19

    We’re just handing out candy to trick or treaters and watching scary movies.

  18. Janice Cooper | 12th Oct 19

    I’m going to my moms to pass out treats and take my niece trick or treating. Always a fun time!

  19. Tami Vollenweider | 12th Oct 19

    I am planning on going trick or treating with my grand kids!!

  20. Holly Thomas | 12th Oct 19

    We will be going trick or treating for Halloween. Plus it is my mom’s birthday so we usually go visit with her as well.

  21. heather | 12th Oct 19

    I am staying home this year and just decorating the house and maybe watch a scary movie.

  22. Susan Smith | 12th Oct 19

    I’m staying home dishing out candy to the trick or treaters.

  23. karen | 12th Oct 19

    I will dress up with my co-workers, then attend a party at my sister’s house.

  24. Danielle A | 12th Oct 19

    For Halloween I will be dressing up as a witch and then handing out candy to the trick or treaters.

  25. Tina W | 12th Oct 19

    I’ll be at my Dad’s house passing out candy

  26. Deb Pelletier | 13th Oct 19

    For Halloween I’ll be passing out candy to the Trick or Treaters.

  27. Deb Pelletier | 13th Oct 19

    On Halloween I ‘ll be passing out candy to the trick or treaters. 🙂 And watching scary movies,

  28. jeanette h sheets | 13th Oct 19

    having a party for the kids and handing out candy

  29. Laura DeLaRosa | 13th Oct 19

    I’ll be watching Linus wait up for the Great Pumpkin.

  30. Julie Wood | 13th Oct 19

    Every year the neighbors on my block all get together and put all our candy together and have the yard all decorated and hand out Halloween candy!

  31. Laurie Nykaza | 13th Oct 19

    We hand out candy to the kids who come by our home.

  32. Nancy | 13th Oct 19

    Kids are grown. Just chilling at home now.

  33. Stephanie Ann | 13th Oct 19

    I will be taking the kids trick or treating!

  34. Audrey Stewart | 13th Oct 19

    I will be giving out candy from my front porch.

  35. polly | 13th Oct 19

    We will pass out candy and wait for our grandsons to come over so we can take pictures.

  36. Juanita May | 13th Oct 19

    I am taking my grandchildren trick or treating.

  37. Amanda Shearouse | 13th Oct 19

    Going out in Vegas!

  38. Billie R | 13th Oct 19

    Hopefully getting to see my nephew, he’s 2 and dressing up as a skeleton this year.

  39. Donna D Newman | 13th Oct 19

    Not doing anything on that day but a few days before we are going to my sis in law’s for a Halloween party.

  40. Tracie Cooper | 13th Oct 19

    We are celebrating by attending Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween party!

  41. Maritza | 13th Oct 19

    Trick or treating with my children.

  42. Angela Bauer | 13th Oct 19

    I will be giving birth Halloween!! C – section!!

  43. Gia Welch | 14th Oct 19

    I’ll be staying at home giving out candy while the husband takes the kids trick or treating.

  44. Linda Walker | 14th Oct 19

    I hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

  45. Lauren Becker | 14th Oct 19

    Not sure about the actual day. We don’t get many trick or treaters. This month, I’m trying to watch Halloween movies, go to festivals, etc.

  46. Joye | 14th Oct 19

    I am handing out candy to the neighborhood children. I love to see their costumes and happy faces.

  47. Lyndsey Rullman | 14th Oct 19

    I will dress my 9 month old up in his lion costume and we will pass out candy to our neighborhood kids! Hopefully, I can also convince my 14 year old to help out! But we all know how teenagers are!

  48. aaron r | 14th Oct 19

    Scary movies and just hanging out at home will be some fun. I usually am watch Queen of the Damned.

  49. Allyson Tice | 14th Oct 19

    handing out caandy at our house while my husband takes the kiddos trick or treating!!

  50. Lesley F | 14th Oct 19

    We are taking my granddaughter Trick or Treating

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