How wunderful is Wunderbrow?

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Blonde

When you need brow help the search is on for the best eyebrow products available. There are so many more eyebrow products available than I ever imagined but many are quite similar to each other. WUNDERBROW has a unique formula, unlike others that I’ve tried. When I was offered an opportunity to try this out I was happy to say yes.

Wunderbrow tube and spoolie
Wunderbrow tube and spoolie

Wunderbrow ($22) is available in 4 shades: Blonde, Auburn, Black/Brown and Brunette. I have Brunette but I’m aching to try this in black/brown too. Brunette is a bit warmer than I normally wear but it’s definitely doable.

Wunderbrow shades
Wunderbrow shades

Why is this so unique?

  1. It is formulated with an exclusive formula – Permafix Gel Technology.
  2. It also contains proprietary Hair Fiber Complex.
  3. These two components infuse together to create what Wunderbrow calls a flexible matrix, it locks color and fiber onto your brows.
  4. It mimics the appearance of natural hair so it’s especially useful for thinning brows or gray hair in brows.

Permafix Gel Technology and Hair Fiber Complex create a semi-permanent finish that can last up to 72 hours. I’ve allowed it to last for 48 hours but that means purposely making sure not to use eye makeup remover on my brows. Wunderbrow has a remover, Wundercleanse ($8.95), in case you find it difficult to remove. Inside the box you’ll find the Wunderbrow tube along with a spoolie to help groom your brows.

Wunderbrow wand
Wunderbrow wand

The formula is very wet so I try to remember to apply this before I apply any other eye makeup. I keep the spoolie handy to make sure I’m smoothing it on evenly because this dries in under two minutes. First I brush my eyebrows with the spoolie and make sure they look even with nothing taking flight. Next I slowly and carefully apply the gel using my magnifying mirror. At first it looks wet but it does dry down to a glossy finish. Wunderbrow will last you the entire day without moving. Even in very humid weather if I touch my brows I don’t end up with color elsewhere. It stays!

Wunderbrow Brunette swatch
Wunderbrow Brunette swatch

Now the big questions are – do I like this and why don’t I have a brow picture? I absolutely couldn’t get a good shot of this on my brows. Sadly it looked patchy in the closeup that I use for eye shots. But in person, even in my magnifying mirror, it looks great. I’ve asked my husband to put on his glasses and tell me what he thought and he didn’t notice patchiness. Do I like this? Actually I do though now I want the darker shade. It’s not as fast for me to use as they advertise “creates the perfect, envious set of brows in under 2 minutes” but that’s partly because I’m klutzy and want to make sure the gel is placed evenly.wunderbrow info

All in all this is a great new alternative to the many pencils, powders, and creams you probably have already. When you are brow challenged like I am then you want alternatives and Wunderbrow is definitely a great option.  — Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 9th Aug 16

    And they have an auburn shade! At some point, I’ll look into this

  2. Lola Seicento | 9th Aug 16

    These look very promising!

  3. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 9th Aug 16

    I can only seem to make pencils work for me.

  4. Julie | 9th Aug 16

    I have very thin brows, so I can really only use powders and pencils…I’m not sure something like this would work for me.

  5. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 9th Aug 16

    I just couldn’t get this to work for me =( my brows are super thin and I need to draw parts on. I do think it would be perfect for someone who has a nice shape and a full-ish brow already that is only looking to fill them in and make it waterproof. I applied several ways but liked using a separate, angled brow brush the best.

  6. Phyrra | 9th Aug 16

    I have super thin brows, wouldn’t work for me.

  7. Bailey | 10th Aug 16

    I’ve been curious about this, it looks incredible in their video ads.

  8. Lisa Heath | 10th Aug 16

    I’ve been curious about this! I’ve only used pencils and powders before

  9. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 11th Aug 16

    This looks really interesting! I think dark brown would work best for me.

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