Hoppy Easter Giveaway Blog Hop time – $30 Target gift card #HoppyEaster

Do you believe it’s April?? I promise this post is not an April Fool’s Day post. There’s nothing fooling about winning a gift card from Target is there? Target has just about everything under the sun including Easter goodies which makes it the perfect prize for this latest blog hop.

Thanks to The Review Wire and Chatty Patty’s Place for organizing this hop. Each blog is responsible for their own prize which makes it very hoppy for you since you can win as many as possible.

Beauty Info Zone wants you to be able to buy anything your heart desires at Target and we recommend cosmetics of course, especially Pixi Beauty and Pixi Skintreats, but it’s up to you what you do with it. We have requirements of course: 1) you must be an email subscriber and 2) you must comment. All other entries are optional but extremely helpful, especially tweeting.

$30 Target gift card

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This is open to US and Canadian subscribers. US has the option of an ecard or an actual card, Canada has an ecard option. The giveaway ends on April 15, 2019 and the winner will be chosen the next day.  #HoppyEaster

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    1. Mary rutter | 9th Apr 19

      I like to shop in the dollar section

    2. Amy Marshall | 10th Apr 19

      In Target, I head straight to the beauty products section!!!

    3. Rebecca Graham | 10th Apr 19

      I shop for K-Cups for the Keurig first.

    4. Holly Thomas | 10th Apr 19

      I stop at the dollar section.

    5. Ellen Casper | 10th Apr 19

      I go to the clothing section,

    6. Amanda L. | 10th Apr 19

      I go to the kids clothing sections.

    7. Terra Heck | 11th Apr 19

      The first place I go to is the women’s apparel clearance section. Thanks.

    8. sandra | 11th Apr 19

      love their seasonal sections

    9. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 11th Apr 19

      I don’t have any specific “first stop”…I just go to where I might find whatever I go there for. Thanks and God bless!

    10. DeAnna Keller | 11th Apr 19

      I always check out the dollar section first!

    11. Jeanna Massman | 11th Apr 19

      My grandson and I always go to the toy section first.

    12. Lisa | 12th Apr 19

      I like their beauty section and pet section.

    13. Lisa V. | 12th Apr 19

      I usually hit up womens clothing.

    14. Christina | 12th Apr 19

      The shampoo aisle is my frost stop at target.

    15. Helen | 12th Apr 19

      My little girl makes us go to her clothes or the toys first.

    16. Anastasia | 12th Apr 19

      I go straight for the biggest Funko Pop display! So usually around Electronics first then Toys 🙂

    17. Leela | 13th Apr 19

      I usually look at their clothing sections first.

    18. Erica ~ Erica Ever After | 13th Apr 19

      The beauty section of course!

    19. Linda Walker | 13th Apr 19

      I stop in the home goods section first.

    20. Audrey Stewart | 13th Apr 19

      I go to the Pet Center. They have really good prices.

    21. Heather D | 13th Apr 19

      I like the baking aisle. Great deals.

    22. jenna Tomaszewski | 13th Apr 19

      I always head right to the $ spot.

    23. Daniel M | 13th Apr 19

      usually the clothes area

    24. Stephanie LaPlante | 13th Apr 19

      I always go straight for the clothing section.

    25. Kathy Cozzarelli | 14th Apr 19

      I always check the price of Peanut Butter Minis.

    26. Priscilla S. | 14th Apr 19

      I usually go for the beauty aisle first.

    27. Maranda Hymes | 14th Apr 19

      I usually pull up Cartwheel and check the sales trying to stretch money out when I do go. I guess to pick a section I’d say the plus size clothes or the office supplies/decor.

    28. EMMA L HORTON | 14th Apr 19


    29. S. Carter | 14th Apr 19

      I go to the dollar section at Target first.

    30. Debra Guillen | 14th Apr 19

      I like the clearance sections.

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    32. Breanne | 14th Apr 19

      I check out the electronic section.

    33. adriana | 14th Apr 19

      I always go to the hair products first.

    34. Laura DeLaRosa | 14th Apr 19

      I like the books section.

    35. Erin | 14th Apr 19

      I walk around the outer aisles first because that’s where you find all the clearance bargains.

    36. Meghan Kovachevich | 14th Apr 19

      My first stop is ALWAYS the dollar spot. They have the cutest stuff there!

    37. Diane Wolf | 14th Apr 19


    38. Dana Matthews | 14th Apr 19

      My first stop when I shop at Target is home decor!

    39. Lana Bradstream | 14th Apr 19

      I check out the clothing first

    40. Gina Ferrell | 14th Apr 19

      I love to stop at the clearance section to see what I can get.

    41. sarah | 14th Apr 19

      I usually check the clearance sections first.

    42. Amelia | 14th Apr 19

      The clearance section.

    43. LeAnn Harbert | 14th Apr 19

      I always go to the dollar spot right inside the front door.

    44. Kayla Klontz | 14th Apr 19

      I love checking out their dollar shelves first.

    45. Shannon | 14th Apr 19

      I go to the beauty section firt.

    46. Megan Wilson | 15th Apr 19

      The baby section!

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