Holiday Gift Guide for the Fragrance Fanatic

Ah, the sweet smell of the holidays!  From the sweet and savory scents wafting through the kitchen to the clean and crisp scents of pine and berry, it’s a great time for fragrance.  It’s also the perfect time to buy perfume and cologne, and today I have my top 5 picks for the ‘Fragrance Fanatic’ in your life – maybe it’s someone on your list, or maybe it’s just YOU!

Lisa Hoffman Serenity Trio

Lisa Hoffman Serenity Trio

Lisa Hoffman Serenity Trio

1.  Lisa Hoffman Serenity Trio (SAVE!  $49)  I think this is the ultimate fragrance set for the traveler.  These tall, thin spray fragrances are perfect for carrying in your purse or backpack, and the scents are wonderfully calming…and who doesn’t need a little calm over the holidays??  The packaging is exquisite, and the fragrances can be worn alone or layered.  The Serenity Trio includes French Clary Sage, which is a clean and refreshing watery linen.  My most favorite Lisa Hoffman scent is Tuscan Fig, which is a combination of Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood and Gardenia. It’s a sophisticated coconut scent that is great year round.  And the final scent is Japanese Agarwood, which is unique and spicy woody zest.  The trio comes gift-giving ready inside a wrapped white gift box complete with a pretty ribbon.

Valentino Uomo

2.  Valentino Oumo (SPLURGE! $77.99) This gets my vote for best men’s cologne this season.  The top notes are woodsy, with bergamot and myrtle, mid note is creamy roasted coffee, and base notes are cedar and leather.  This is a scent for the guy who can take care of everything from building a bonfire to cleaning the gutters to fixing an elegant dinner.  Come on, wood, coffee, and leather?  I don’t think there could possibly be a better combo for a man.  Or for me to get to smell…or wear myself.  Yes, this is one of those gifts you can buy for him but then use for yourself!

Carolyn Herrera 212 VIP Rose

3.  Carolyn Herrara 212 VIP Rose (SPLURGE! $72.99)  Love the packaging on this one – the bottle is very unique!  The scent is fresh, fruity and floral.  This is playfully feminine and a wonderfully sexy scent.  The top note is pink champagne, which is always fun.  The giddiness is grounded with some sophistication from the mid note of peach tree blossom and base notes of musk and amber.  Overall, this is a fun, laid back scent that is perfect for the party-going 20 or 30-something gal.

Rrrr!  Carmen Electra for Women

4.  Rrrr! Carmen Electra for Women Eau de Parfum Spray (SAVE! $39.99) Oh come on…could there be a cuter bottle???  This is – as my 11-year-old says – adorabolical!!!  I was telling Marcia about it the other day.  I said you would not believe the packaging, and she said, “But it’s exactly Carmen Electra – the woman who would actually marry Dennis Rodman!”  Just launched this year, the top notes are mandarin orange, peach and blackberry; middle notes are gardenia, jasmine and orchid; and base notes are amber, musk, caramel and sandalwood.  Cute but sexy, sweet and warm.

Viva La Juicy Grande

5.  Viva La Juicy Grande (SPLURGE! $135)  You want over the top?  The Viva La Juicy Grande is over the top in every single way.  The bottle is HUGE, the packaging is bling times 100, and the scent is really pretty. Top notes are wild berries and juicy mandarin. Mid notes are honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, and base notes are amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines.  The end result?  A beautiful mix of orange, honeysuckle, and caramel vanilla.  This is a fragrance that is suprisingly sophisticated for such a young-looking bottle.  Seriously, anyone from a 12-year-old to an 80-year-old will love this (and just think of the awesome reaction when your 80 year old grandma opens this box!!).

Travalo Milano

Travalo Milano
Travalo Milano

6.  Travelo Milano (SAVE!  $49.99) No true fragrance fanatic is without a way to take those beautiful scents traveling.  The perfect solution for any TSA issues is a great decanter – one that allays fears of spillage or a TSA  pat down.  Filling it is easy and it holds 65 sprays. It has a ‘pump to fill’ system that doesn’t expose your fragrance to the air, which can change the scent. The spray is super fine and the decant is air tight. I love the beautiful leatherette bottle which feels substantial – it has all metal parts, no glass so it is totally TSA perfect. Plus there are nine different colors available.  All fragrance fanatics will be thrilled to be gifted this awesome find.  – Lisa

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Fragrance Fanatic


  1. Irina G. | 3rd Dec 15

    Great picks, thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 3rd Dec 15

    I loved the original Viva La Juicy, but this sounds fantastic! I used to adore CH by Carolina Herrera–will have to sniff 212 VIP Rose!

  3. Deborah W. | 4th Dec 15

    Oh my god I love the Carmen Electra perfume even though I haven’t smelled it yet. I’m obsessed with leopard print so I’m gonna have to hunt this down!

  4. Tea Šainovi? | 4th Dec 15

    Carolyn Herrera 212 VIP Rose sounds like something I’d like. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  5. [email protected] | 4th Dec 15

    I recently saw the new Travalo purse sprays, and they are gorgeous. I need a new one!

  6. Nidia - Lit From Within | 4th Dec 15

    I have gotten really into fragrances lately, and I want to try all the things!

  7. Lola Seicento | 4th Dec 15

    Fantastic picks! I have the Travalo purse sprays, and can’t say enough good things about them!

  8. Phyrra | 4th Dec 15

    Love seeing your picks!

  9. Aleya Bamdad | 4th Dec 15

    I like that Travelo packaging.

  10. Shipra | 4th Dec 15

    A lot of fragrances going on my wishlist! I love Viva La Juicy, though! <3

  11. Honeygirlk | 4th Dec 15

    That Lisa Hoffman trio is definitely awesome and I’m enjoying it.

  12. Kath TheFabZilla | 5th Dec 15

    I love those Lisa Hoffman travel scents, they aren’t overpowering

  13. Stephanie Louise (@StephLouiseATB) | 5th Dec 15

    I’ve never seen the Carmen Electra!

  14. Polarbelle | 5th Dec 15

    Tuscan Fig sounds delish. I don’t know anything about fragrance

  15. Christine wagner-miller | 5th Dec 15

    Great ideas! Thanks for posting.

  16. Kim | 5th Dec 15

    The Lisa Hoffman trio is up my alley. My sister loves Valentino. Great picks

  17. Anastasia | 5th Dec 15

    Fabulous fragrances!! I am loving that Lisa Hoffman trio as well.

  18. Bailey | 5th Dec 15

    I don’t love the bottle, but the Carmen Electra scent sounds pretty interesting. I am also LOVING the Travalo Milano.

  19. Miranda Mendoza | 6th Dec 15

    The Carmen Electra bottle is too cute to pass up!

  20. Erika | 6th Dec 15

    That Travalo is very chic.

  21. Christy Peeples DuBois | 6th Dec 15

    I love beautiful scents even though I’m super sensitive as to what I can wear myself. I love the layering benefit that several I’ve read about are making possible. Thanks for these suggestions.

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