Ho Ho Ho – a Happy Holidays giveaway for you

A special giveaway from Beauty Info Zone for one of our lovely subscribers. This is the season of giving and our hearts are full. So take a look at what you could win.

Soap & Paper Factory Rose Gold Lip Butter

This is a favorite of Lisa’s and she ended up with an extra.

Soap and Paper Rose Glow Lip Butter

Express Color Brow Set in your choice of Medium Brown or Blonde

Lisa and I reviewed this great set and we’d put aside these 2 shades for a giveaway. You can read our review here. (A runner up will win the shade that isn’t picked by the winner.)

Express Color in Drk Brn
Express Color Brow Set: Blonde, Med Brown


You’ve seen this reviewed by Lisa and when I got one in a subscription box I knew that someone would love to win this.

Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil


Nordstrom and Amazon are two of the brands that sell Luxie. Luxie brushes surprise me with their quality and these 4 pink handled brushes are going to make someone happy.


These two palettes aren’t what you see in the typical WnW display. There are 10 shadows in each one. Shimmers are mostly warm shades while the matte set contains 1 very lightly shimmer topper along with nudes, browns, burgundy, and black. The winner will get their choice of one palette and a runner up will get the other palette.

Wet n Wild Matte and Shimmer palettes


We have to give away another lip to go with all these great eye products.

NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim
Luxie brush set, NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick, Soap & Paper Rose Glow lip balm, Derma-e Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil

What do you think of this giveaway? I hope that there are items you’d love for you or maybe a friend/relative. There will be one first place winner and then 2 runner up winners for unchosen products. The giveaway is open through Friday, January 4th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time for BIZ subscribers in the US. If you are from Canada though you can enter to be a runner up since those packages are small enough for me to mail. Please remember the rules: you must be an email subscriber and you must comment. All other entries are extras to give you more chances. If you’ve clicked an entry saying you’ve done it please make sure it’s done or elimination is in the cards.  —  Marcia

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  2. Bonny McDevitt | 30th Dec 18

    I would need a Medium Brown and honestly I love both Matte and Shimmer so either is amazing! <3

  3. Shirley Emitt | 30th Dec 18

    Shade in the brow set medium brown and WetnWild palette imatte.

  4. Emma Shetler | 30th Dec 18

    I love matte and shimmer both! I also need a medium brown brow tint.

  5. Julie Barrett | 30th Dec 18

    I love the mattes and shimmers so no preference for either. I would need the medium brown Brow tint

  6. Kimberly B. | 31st Dec 18

    brow set – blonde

    palette- shimmer

  7. Robin Creager | 31st Dec 18

    Medium Brown would be best for my brows and I’m really liking the shimmer palette the most.

  8. Jessica Walker | 31st Dec 18

    Medium brown and I would love to try the matte palette. Happy new year everyone!

  9. Emily Benzing | 31st Dec 18

    I would need medium brown and I’d choose mattes because I like the colors more and wear more matte colors in general.

  10. Christy Caldwell | 31st Dec 18

    Medium brown for brows and I love the Matte. Thank you for the chance.

  11. Wanda B | 31st Dec 18

    I need the medium brown brow set, for sure, and would also just love the shimmer palette for special occasions.

  12. amybelle2001 | 31st Dec 18

    medium brown and shimmer. Thank you!!

  13. Molli Taylor | 31st Dec 18

    i need medium brown, and i prefer the shimmer!

  14. Susan Gillam | 31st Dec 18

    I would go for the medium brown and the matte palette.

  15. Chelle | 1st Jan 19

    What shade do you need in the brow set (blonde or medium brown) and which WetnWild palette is your choice (matte or shimmer)?
    I need light/medium brown. Do I have to choose the palette? lol shimmer

  16. Stephanie Grant | 1st Jan 19

    I would need medium in brow and I would love the shimmer palette!

  17. tiffany dayton | 1st Jan 19

    I like the med. brown and the Matte palette.Love them all.

  18. Stacey Roberson | 1st Jan 19

    I would love the brow set in medium brown and WetnWild palette in shimmer.

  19. Cynthia Gaarder | 1st Jan 19

    Medium brown 🙂

  20. Laurie Nykaza | 1st Jan 19

    I need the shade for the brow set in medium brown and the WetnWild palette in matte

  21. Casey Garvey | 2nd Jan 19

    That shimmer palatte is like one Ive been drooling over! Id def need the med brown brow for my skin tone!

  22. Tina Ivanisevic Grabovac | 2nd Jan 19

    I need the shade for the brow set in medium brown and the WetnWild palette in matte

  23. Sunnymay | 2nd Jan 19

    Medium brown for the brow set and Matte for the eye because I have some years on me and shimmer would make my lids look crepey.

  24. Kathy Bowen | 3rd Jan 19

    Brow set: Medium Brown
    WetnWild Palette: Shimmer

  25. ae minx | 3rd Jan 19

    Medium brown works best for me.. and I love the shimmer

  26. Vikki p | 3rd Jan 19

    Medium brown and Matte please thanks

  27. stephanie jones | 3rd Jan 19

    Medium brown and shimmer

  28. Jessica Cox | 3rd Jan 19

    I am medium brow for the eyebrow and shimmer. Happy New Year

  29. Sandra Lee | 3rd Jan 19

    Medium brown is definitely my colour and I love mattes!

  30. Sarah Mathias | 3rd Jan 19

    I would get the medium brown for the brow set and love the matte finish for the WetnWild palette.

  31. Shannon | 4th Jan 19

    The medium brown & matte palette would be lovely 🙂

  32. jeanette h sheets | 4th Jan 19

    medium brown for brow and i love the matte pallet thanks

  33. maria gentry | 4th Jan 19

    medium brown and the matte is awesome!

  34. Mary Gardner | 4th Jan 19

    I need medium brown in the brow set and I like the Shimmer WetnWild palette.

  35. Jennifer H. | 4th Jan 19

    I would like medium brown and shimmer.

  36. Anissa | 4th Jan 19

    This is such a great giveaway! I would need medium brown in the brow set and the matte palette, even though I love the shimmer just as much! I’d be lucky to receive any of them 🙂

  37. John H. | 4th Jan 19

    My wife would like Medium Brown and Shimmer.

  38. Breanne | 4th Jan 19

    I would like medium brown and shimmer please.

  39. Athena | 4th Jan 19

    Medium brown and matte

  40. Cassandra D | 4th Jan 19

    Medium brown and matte.

  41. samantha | 4th Jan 19

    I would need the blonde for sure. I love all of these. The matte and shimmer is so beautiful!

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