Highlighting and shading with Dan Read

I previously posted about the fantastic foundation by Dan Read, and today I want to focus on his highlighting and shading products.  These two little jars have totally changed the way I do my makeup every day.  It is amazing how much of a difference  a little contouring can make.

I guess I avoided messing with contouring  because I thought it would take a lot of time.  However, what I do adds maybe one minute to my morning routine, if that – and it makes a big difference.

The product I use to highlight is the Yellow Highlight ($15.75).

Here is my obviously very used jar.  It looks REALLY yellow, doesn’t it?  But it’s extremely natural looking when applied.  It goes on easily and sheers right out, leaving a very subtle but effective brightening effect.  The yellow counteracts dark areas, which means it works great on under eye circles and any other recessed areas on your face.  The purpose of highlighting is to bring those areas forward.  The areas I use this on every day are under my eyes, straight down the bridge of my nose, on my nasal labial folds, right above my upper lip, and just below my lower lip.

Highlighting brings areas forward, and shading pulls areas back.  For shading, I use the  Natural Shading ($15.75).  It works great because it has gray tones to it, which match real complexions.

Shading will make areas recede.  Areas I shade every day are the sides of my nose, from my cheekbone down, and sometimes under my chin.

Here I am with foundation on, as well as my highlighter and shading.  I put it on pretty dark for photo purposes.  I use my pink egg, AKA the Beauty Blender, and just dip it into each jar.  In the picture above you can see the yellow under my eyes, down my nose, on those creases next to my lips, and it’s also right above my upper lip and below my lower lip.  The shading is more obvious – it’s on the outer sides of my nose, and from my cheekbones down.

I apply these with the sponge, and then I use my finger to blend.  The heat from my finger makes the highlighter and shading just melt into my skin, and the overall look is very natural.  Above is a picture of me after I blended everything in with my fingertips.

And here is the final look.  Highlighting and shading is actually not complicated, and it doesn’t take long to do at all.  I find that Dan Read’s Yellow Highlighter and Natural Shading are super easy to use and they last forever.  They are also pretty inexpensive.  Take a chance and try them out – I think you are going to really like your look.  – Lisa


  1. Highlighting I’m good with–shading has always scared me, BUT I’ve never tried cream products–always powder. At these prices, it’s definitley worth a try. Do you use liquid foundation over?

  2. I love exploring new foundations!~thanks again for sharing this one

  3. Hi Cindy!

    I put on my foundation and concealer first. Then, I put on the highlighter and shader. I follow that with blush and loose powder. You are right, the cream is SO much easier to use than the powder. Great point.

  4. I bought the foundation based on your last review and it is the best. Guess I have to make another order now lol

  5. Bailey says:

    I love what you’ve shown with the creams. Definitely something to try.

  6. You girls have opened me up to a lot of cool new lines…but you also cost me a lot of money, lol!


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