High performance hair with N.4!

We all love a great hair day…it seems like when your hair looks amazing life is like that Jonas Brother’s song COOL

I’m feeling so cool
Top to the bottom, just cool
Every little thing that I do
Dammit, I’m feelin’ so cool, yeah

N.4 High Performance Hair Care was created to “develop a creative, high performance line of products in alignment with the cycles of fashion, science, art, music and industrial design.” Not only does that sound cool, the products really ARE cool. They have a sleek minimalist design, and those bottles hold exactly what you need for a great hair day. Plus, N.4 says “We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture and our dear environment. Each of our products is 100% Vegan, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free, Gluten Free, Bad Taste and Paraben Free. Our formulas are never tested on animals.”

N.4 Volumizing Shampoo

I absolutely love the Fleurs de Temps Volumizing Shampoo ($34.00) – holy moly. I get so much body, volume, and bounce it is incredible. I have very fine hair, but lots of it, and this shampoo really does the trick without weighing down those strands. I also color my hair and the color stays vibrant and true in between visits to the salon. I do like my suds so lather matters to me. If I want more lather, all I need to do is add more water to the Volumizing Shampoo, not more product, so a little goes a very long way. Also, don’t forget to shake the bottle before pumping out the product. A little shake is all it takes for the ingredients to blend up perfectly.

The Volumizing Shampoo is great for both fine hair and hair with medium texture. The super concentrated formula doesn’t have any sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride, but it does have fragrance that I personally adore – a blend of white freesia, golden amber and warm musk.

I follow the Fleurs de Temps Volumizing Shampoo with either the matching conditioner or else N.4 Reconstructing Hair Masque ($58). This is a marvelous deep conditioner that strengthens strands and leaves them super smooth and shiny. It’s also terrific for maintaining and brightening hair color.

After shampooing I squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible, then apply the Reconstructing Masque from roots to ends. I leave it on for the rest of my shower – the longer the better – then rinse. This treatment features soy proteins, Vitamin B5, and Sweet Potato Protein to make hair incredibly shiny and hydrated. It gives me soft, flowy, bouncy, floaty hair every single time. The results last, too – I can go four days between washing when I use the combo of the Volumizing Shampoo and the Reconstructing Masque. The masque has the same beautiful fragrance as the Volumizing Shampoo.
To finish off my great hair day I use the Mighty Hair Spray ($26). It’s hard to find the ‘perfect’ hair spray but this is as close as I’ve ever gotten. Amazing hold that isn’t sticky or stiff, and it keeps my hair looking natural yet keeps it in place all day. Woohoo!! Truly no ‘hairspray’ feel or look but with all the results of a medium hold hairspray. I can brush through my hair and it keeps its shape and this hairspray never flakes. It’s particularly impressive when the weather is super humid. Plus, I can layer it…I have used it every day over four days without washing, and my hair still looks and feels exceptional.

You can find N.4 online at number4hair.com and they have a handy store locator, too – I found 6 boutiques within a 50 mile radius of my tiny Michigan town, so it’s everywhere. If you want a great hair day that makes you feel cool, N.4 has everything you need. – Lisa


  1. Kristi V BeginNails | 3rd Mar 20

    The shampoo packaging made me smile, I wasn’t prepared for a really long short bottle. 🙂 I love how thick the masque is! Great review!

  2. Lola Seicento | 3rd Mar 20

    These look awesome!

  3. Kathryne | 3rd Mar 20

    I’m always glad to discover more brands that are both cruelty-free and vegan. Way to go!

  4. Jen Mathews | 3rd Mar 20

    This line sounds really nice!

  5. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 4th Mar 20

    I used these years ago and really liked it!

  6. Glamorable | 4th Mar 20

    I remember first discovering this brand through Birchbox 9 years ago. Feels like it’s been ages!

  7. 25 Sweetpeas | 4th Mar 20

    Such interesting branding! And that bottle shape with the pump on the side!

  8. Dana Rodriguez | 5th Mar 20

    I have really fine hair so volumizing is the type of products I look for. These sound wonderful and the scent sounds like something I would LOVE!

  9. Shirley O | 5th Mar 20

    I would love to try the Volumizing Shampoo. I love the innovative bottle design and that these products are environmentally friendly.

  10. Gabrielle | 5th Mar 20

    I badly want to try the Fleurs de Temps Volumizing Shampoo. It sounds perfect for my baby fine hair!

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