Hello Gorgeous! Holiday Gift Sets from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Holiday gift giving season is here – hooray!  I love it because I am a notorious one-for-you, one-for-me person.  Why not take advantage of the amazing deals that are only around this time of year?  Every time I buy a holiday set I feel very practical.  Logical.  Efficient.  Opportunistic.  I could go on forever!

One of my favorite holiday sets for 2019 are the Holidays Gift Sets from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care.  The names of the sets make my heart sing – Compassion, Giving, Gratitude, Loyalty, and Happiness – don’t you feel better just reading the names?


All four of the travel sets give Number 4 High Performance Hair Care’s Ultimate Hair Care Experience and feature Color Protecting, Anti-Aging, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, and Cruelty Free formulas. Don’t worry about the mini size – they are TSA friendly and will last a long time, because a little goes a long way.

Mini Darling Brush

Every travel set has an adorable Mini Darling Brush that is fabulous for a small purse or travel bag.  It’s a great little brush that is perfect for your purse or desk at work.  It works great on my super long, prone to tangle hair, and it doesn’t cause static like a lot of other mini brushes do for me.  You can also use it as a wet or dry brush, so it’s great for your beach bag.

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” – Lao Tzu

A great set that provides a clean start for your hair – no judgment about the damage you have done in the past, just look toward the future! -is the Compassion – Essentials Kit ($25).  N.4 says, “Compassionate people have an outward focus, a commitment to understand, empathize and to focus their efforts on helping others. These Number 4 Essentials products do just that. They take action to help heal hair where it needs the most loving care. With a philosophy focused on compassion for whatever hair trauma you may have experienced, allow us to deliver a treatment to infuse moisture, proteins, shine and strength to hair in recovery.

The set contains Super Comb Prep & Protect, Clarifying Shampoo, and Reconstructing Masque with Mini Darling Brush.

The Super Comb Prep & Protect is a lovely leave-in conditioner that really makes a difference for me in terms of tangling.  I love that you can use it on wet or dry hair and it moisturizes and adds lots of shine.

I love the Clarifying Shampoo because while it does a deep cleanse on your strands, it doesn’t strip them of color and make them feel like straw.  In fact, if you have super oily hair or swim in a chlorinated pool often, it’s gentle enough to use every day.

A great way to follow the Clarifying Shampoo is with the Reconstructing Hair Masque.  It repairs any damage and gives tons of hydration and strength – in fact, it makes hair three times stronger.

“A true friendship is one in which everything can be told, and nothing will be judged.” – Unknown

Another set to consider is the Loyalty – Best of Stylers Kit ($25), which has some of my most favorite products from N.4.  N.4 says, “Loyalty is devotion, never giving up, staying committed, being true and faithful. Number 4 is loyal to our mission, creating high performance hair care, delivering the best results time and time again. These stylers hold up under pressure, humidity, life’s challenges and the effects of heat styling. Our styling commitment is never giving up, especially when you a good hair day can make your day.”

The set contains Mini Thermal Spray, Mini Smoothing Balm, Mini Mighty Hair Spray and Mini Brush.

The Thermal Styling Spray is what I spritz on right before drying my hair, as well as on my dry hair before I just my curling iron.  On wet hair, it gives body and prevents frizz and static from entering the scene as you dry your hair.  On dry hair, it acts as a barrier between delicate strands and hot styling tools.  It helps those curls last all day without adding any crunchiness, stiffness, or flaking.  I love it. This actually helps my hair make it another or two before needing to be washed.

The Smoothing Balm is the bomb.  It totally eradicates frizz without weighing down fine hair.  You can use it on wet hair to reduce drying time and protect from heat styling, or on dry hair to smooth and polish your look.  It’s also very concentrated so you only need a tiny amount.

Finally, you will really love the Mighty Hair Spray.  It’s hard to find the ‘perfect’ hair spray, but this is as close as I’ve ever gotten.  Amazing hold that isn’t sticky or stiff, and it keeps my hair looking natural yet keeps it in place all day.  Woohoo!!  Truly no ‘hairspray’ feel or look, but with all the results of a medium hold hairspray.

I really can’t recommend these awesome Holiday Gift Sets highly enough.  Anyone you gift them to will be thrilled, and for sure get a few for yourself.  The travel size is so convenient as they are TSA friendly, and it’s a wonderful way to try out many products so you can find your favorites from Number 4.  Definitely a one-for-you, one-for-me opportunity!  Also, if you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your first purchase and free samples.  – Lisa


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