Heathmade Can-Do Deodorant

Lately I have been investigating aluminum-free deodorants.Antiperspirants use aluminum, which is a neurotoxin that blocks blocks skin pores to prevent perspiration. Less sweat means less odor, since it is taking away what odor-causing bacteria like to feed on. Preventing perspiration sounds great, however, sweating is the main way our bodies release toxins from our system. And while there isn’t any study that completely proves aluminum salts cause breast cancer, there is no doubt that using antiperspirants can cause aluminum to accumulate in breast tissue. So aluminum-free deodorants sound even better, especially if they smell as incredible at Heathmade Can-Do Deodorant ($14.00).

Yup, I am sweatier than Mr. Crabs

I am a heavy sweater – in fact, my trainer says I am the second sweatiest of her clients, and I have no desire to make it to the top of that list. So I worried that switching to a deodorant would mean I smelled ok but still had a nasty sweat issue. However, I found that while antiperspirants block apocrine sweat glands, deodorants have antibacterial ingredients that kill odor-causing bacteria, so sweat is dealt with effectively.

Heathmade Can-Do Deodorant is a solid deodorant that smells absolutely heavenly. It’s a mix of Lemongrass + Coconut + Pineapple, and it is truly fantasic! The lemon smells so clean, but not sharp since it’s mellowed with creamy coconut and sweet pineapple. The Can-Do Deodorant has an all-natural, aluminum-free formula that features shea butter, arrowroot powder (this absorbs moisture), magnesium powder (this neutralizes odor), coconut oil, and lemongrass essential oil.

A word of caution: if you are transitioning from aluminimum antiperspirants, know that your body will have any adjustment period as it detoxes. This means that for two to four weeks, you may find that you sweat and smell more. Be sure to stick with Can-Do for at least a month to give your body time to adjust. Then you will be sweat, smell, and worry free!

I don’t think I have found an aluminum-free deodorant as effective and as delicious smelling at the Heathmade Can-Do Deodorant. If you are looking for an aluminum-free deodorant, this is an excellent option. You can find Heathmade Can-Do Deodorant online at www.heathmadela.com. – Lisa


  1. Allison | 16th Sep 20

    Lemongrass, coconut and pineapple natural deo sounds like heaven! I need to check out Heathmade

  2. Lola Seicento | 16th Sep 20

    I use healthy deodorants, and I love the smell of Lemongrass– I will have to consider this one next time I need to purchase another deodorant.

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 16th Sep 20

    Maybe I missed it, but curious, is Aluminum Free the same as “natural” deodorant. I’m assuming all natural is aluminum but is the aluminum what defines natural? I’ve struggled wearing deodorant if it’s not mainstream (i’m sure toxin full) brand. I attempted to wear a few different natural brands and my under arms get itchy, red and peel.

  4. Sylwia | 16th Sep 20

    I had no idea about the detoxification process ? thanks for letting me know especially since I was looking into natural deodorant again!

  5. Jen Walker | 16th Sep 20

    I’m waiting for the weather to cool down a little more before trying this out. I sweat a lot, and the heat does not help!

  6. Laura | 16th Sep 20

    I’ve been trying natural deodorants, so hard to find the right one for me. Thanks for putting this brand on my radar!

  7. Courtney | 16th Sep 20

    I would love this scent!

  8. Polished Hippy | 16th Sep 20

    I used to use deodorants, but now I pretty much stick to anti-perspirants because they didn’t work as well for me. I wish I could use products like this because many have really fantastic fragrances.

  9. Glamorable | 17th Sep 20

    I love lemongrass fragrance! I bet it smells amazing!

  10. Kathryne | 17th Sep 20

    I’m not a huge sweater but the scent of this deodorant makes me want to try it

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