HANHOO K Beauty delights

Are you interested in the world of K Beauty but don’t know where to begin. Those of us in areas without a large Asian market don’t always find it easy to find the products and know what to do with them. Along comes HANHOO to take away the mystery and welcome us to the world of better skin.


Hanhoo is on a mission to deliver the feeling of confidence that accompanies healthy, beautiful skin to everyone around the world. This is a company that began in Asia and has been in business for over ten years. They are dedicated to using safe ingredients and a modern approach to make taking care of skin easy.

There are 4 products currently available at Walmart and on their website and the prices are terrific. I was sent these and now we can discover what they are all about.
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BUBBLE UP PEELING PAD with COLLAGEN ($2.50) is the one I was instantly interested in. Maybe it’s the fun looking packaging that made me open this first but it’s the results of using these pads that makes me stick around.


There are 5 pads inside this slim package that are great for helping to deep clean and exfoliate your skin. You don’t need anything else – it’s all here.

HANHOO Bubble Up Peeling Pad

Stick your finger into the open sleeve of the pad and wet it with lukewarm water until it bubbles up. Start with the white embossed side and gently massage your skin in a circular motion to cleanse. Now you want to flip it to the pink mesh side to exfoliate. Keep massaging it in a circular motion. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and you are done.

HANHOO Bubble Up Peeling Pad

There are two key ingredients that you want to know about.  COLLAGEN helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles so it’s wonderful to know that these contain it. ENZYME POWDER is the exfoliant and is known for brightening and smoothing. These are great too for acne prone skin.

These portable pads are perfect for travel. Take a few with you without taking up any space so you can keep your skin on track anywhere you go.

Another item to take with you that won’t take up any space are the BLEMISH PATCHES ($5). I can’t tell you how many times these have come in handy for me.

HANHOO Blemish Patch

I luckily don’t get large blemishes but I do occasionally have small ones. I want them gone and I want them gone quickly but without drying out my skin. There are 36 small round patches in 2 different sizes.

HANHOO Blemish Patches
HANHOO Blemish Patches

These are Hydrocollid bandages and the material absorbs pus and impurities while it’s acting as a protective barrier. As much as we’re told not to touch a blemish, it’s hard not to. But when you have one on it prohibits you from touching. The approximate use time is 6-8 hours. It will turn white as it absorbs the impurities. I put one on before bed so it doesn’t interfere with my makeup look.

A completely different type of product is their COLLAGEN VITAMIN C BEAUTY FIX ($2.50). This is a dietary supplement that contains Collagen, Vitamin C, and Biotin. It’s great for skin, nails, hair, and bones.

HANHOO Beauty Fix Collagen Vitamin C supplement

Each package contains 3 packs and you can use 1 to 2 per day to help maintain the health of your hair, nails and skin. This is another take along item that’s great to supplement your vitamin intake. Directions say to pour it directly into your mouth but I prefer to mix it with my ice cold water.

Last but certainly not least are the ARGAN OIL MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES ($2.50). There are 15 wipes in the package and unlike other makeup wipes these are skincare and not just a remover.

HANHOO Argan Oil Makeup Removing Wipes

These contain Argan Oil which is rich with Vitamin A and E and also Vitamin C. Using these is like giving yourself a light vitamin facial. On clean skin I use these to refresh before applying any skincare. They’ll remove light makeup well and there’s NO fragrance.

HANHOO Argan Oil Makeup Removing Wipes
HANHOO Argan Oil Makeup Removing Wipes

These are a great size and price to keep on hand.

What I like best about all of these products is how skin friendly they are. They work well, they are portable, they aren’t expensive. While I’m using them at home I think I need to plan a vacation just to prove that they’d be great away too. Have HANHOO will travel!  —  Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 19th Jul 19

    I received these as well, but haven’t had time to test them yet. I am looking forward to it!

  2. Sylwia | 19th Jul 19

    So many great sounding products! I am really looking into the whole k beauty movements I feel like there have many awesome skincare gems!

  3. Beauty and Fashion Tech | 19th Jul 19

    These look really neat. It is cool that they are at Walmart!

  4. gloria patterson | 19th Jul 19

    There are several items on here that I am going to order for my niece

  5. Claudia Materdomini | 19th Jul 19

    hydrocolloidal patches are a godsend! i get breakouts and im bad because i mess with them. They heal up pimples so quickly!

  6. T | 19th Jul 19

    Yes yes yes! K-Beauty available at WalMart. I’m so excited to check it out.

  7. Kristi V BeginNails | 19th Jul 19

    Really love the Argan Oil make up remover wipes! Love using oil to cleanse. I also really want to try to blemish spots. 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  8. Glamorable | 20th Jul 19

    those bubble peeling pads look amazing!

  9. Polarbelle | 20th Jul 19

    oh that’s cute. I like stuff that bubbles

  10. Laurie Nykaza | 21st Jul 19

    Inlove to read about products I have not seen before so I like the information on all the products. I would love to try the HANHOO Bubble Up Peeling Pad I could use them.

  11. My Nail Polish Obsession | 31st Jul 19

    I’ve always wanted to grab those cleansing pads! And I’m curious if the blemish dots work. But I’ve stopped using cleansing cloths Bc my facial gal says they just rub gunk all over your face.

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