Hands-free workout clothing from RaesWear!

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Right behind my house is a fabulous trail that used to be train tracks. The tracks have been removed and now it’s a gorgeous trail for biking and hiking. I use it every single day…well, except when it rains, I’m not that exercise crazy! But carrying my phone and my keys is always a problem that drives me bananas. So I absolutely adore RaesWear, fantastic workout gear that solves the problem of safety by providing hands-free, functional and stylish workout clothes.


RaesWear Black Skort plus the rest of my workout outfit

In 2014, RaesWear founder Leigh Cockram found herself on a work trip and realized that every time she went somewhere she had to bring a purse to carry her phone, keys, lipstick, etc. She decided to invent perfect hands-free pants, named her creation after her grandfather and two children, and RaesWear was born! Her line includes leggings, capris, shorts, pants, and my favorite – skorts.


I am a big skort fan because I love the look of a skirt, but I hate the feeling of my thighs rubbing together. The RaesWear Skort ($80) is amazing because the material wicks away sweat and is fast drying, and it’s lightweight. The inside shorts have a 4 inch inseam and they stay put – they don’t ride up or pull and are extremely comfortable. The skirt has just the right cut so it’s a little swingy and is extremely flattering.

RaesWear Black Skort

RaesWear Black Skort

RaesWear Black Skort

And the best part is the pocket at the waist. It’s a 360 degree pocket that is stretchy so even my very large Samsung S9 phone fits in it no problem. You don’t need a belt or purse, everything is kept safe and secure from credit cards to house keys to money (I’ve even carried loose change without an issue).

  • Hands-Free – no more having to carry your essentials, Raeswear’s pocket keeps your belongings secure
  • High-Quality – made of high-quality fabric that’s stretchy for all-day comfort
  • Made in America – one more reason to love this line
  • Choose Your Style – from leggings and capris to skorts and shorts, solids and fun patterns… there’s the perfect option for your style statement

Don’t limit RaesWear to just workouts either – these clothes are super comfy and I wear my skort simply because it’s awesome.  If skorts aren’t your thing, check out the yoga pants and capris. You can find RaesWear online at www.raeswear.com.

Happy shopping and even happier hands-free workouts!  – Lisa


  1. Cute skirt, and I love the phone pocket. We also have rails to trails not too far away, and they are such a great place to exercise.

  2. That trail sounds awesome. I think I should try some workout clothes like those, I usually don’t bring my phone when I work out but it’d be handy if I’m away from home and don’t know the area that well.

  3. What great looking workout-wear! We have lots of amazing hiking trails all over LA!

  4. That skort is cute! I would wear it.

  5. That skort is cute!!

  6. So many times I’ve gone for a run and had house keys, my phone, and a water bottle to juggle! I’d end up shoving the keys in my sports bra (not recommended lol) and juggling my phone and water. This is perfect!!

  7. Ehmkay nails says

    Looove the look of the skirt.

  8. I’m so glad work out clothing is able to fit smart phones. Phones are kind of large, but they are needed for the tunes, work out tracking and such. 🙂

  9. I love this idea! I wish the skort came in a longer length for my chubby thighs though!

  10. What a genius idea, I’d love the capri pants for when I take my dog on a long walk.

  11. It’s about time women’s clothing has proper pockets. All of my gym gear has pockets barely big enough for a key.

  12. Jen Walker says

    I need to pick up new workout clothes, and this sounds like a great brand for me to check out! I always have to jam my phone and keys in my sports bra, and nobody wants to deal with that!

  13. I LOVE that skort!! I think I’m about to head over to their website to see what else they have.

  14. I really like that top! I would totally pick that up!

  15. It’s very pretty but the price stings.

  16. 25Sweetpeas says

    Love hidden phone pockets! Always a great discovery!

  17. Love the hidden pocket for sure! THese look so comfy

  18. I really like when workout clothes have big pockets, it’s really convenient especially for running!

  19. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    I love workout clothes that have pockets for stuff! But I’ve never really been a race skirt kind of gal…gotta stick with shorts or tights.

  20. This looks awesome. I would love something big enough for my CD player though because I have no way to get my CDs on a phone.

  21. Nora Grahe says

    Really darling outfit and love skirt a lot, Thank You!