Handbags that support women from Olori! #BeOlori

Real queens fix each others crowns.  That is the motto of Olori, a handbag line with an inspiring mission.  Olori means ‘queen’, and every Olori handbag is a symbol of every girl’s inherent worth and power.  I was shocked when I read that 31 million girls (17 million in Africa) have no access to education.  As a teacher and school counselor I am heartbroken at this number.  So I am very passionate about the Olori line for two reasons:  one, every purchase that is made provides tuition for an underprivileged girl; and two, the handbags are truly beautiful.


Olori products are made in partnership with women-owned businesses and local artisans in Africa.  The handbags are designed to make women feel strong and confident, and they are truly beautiful.  They are made from recycled products by ‘women with means (who) are the heroes who can collaborate to equip the under-resourced queens of the world.”

In checking the website daily over the past few weeks, I see that often products are sold out one day and then in stock the next.  Instead of feeling irritated that my favorite is sold out, instead I find myself excited to think how many girls are getting an education that would not have been possible without Olori. 

So, when checking the website to find your favorite, if it is out of stock keep going back.  I have the Tilly Pouch ($45, L 10” x H 5 ½”), which is a beautiful beige pouch that holds exactly enough for a night out on the town.  It is made from recycled materials, and every single pouch they offer is unique so the exact colors vary from pouch to pouch.  The materials are traditional textiles from Nigeria called Aso-oke.  Olori says, “Aso Oke means ‘Top -Cloth’ in English and is typically used at weddings and ceremonies of significance by the Yoruba people of Nigeria.One pouch pays for 1 week of tuition fees for an underprivileged girl.”

I can’t wait to take my pouch out for New Year’s tonight because it is perfect with my little black dress.  I urge you to check out the Olori website for gorgeous handbags, pouches, and more!  Get a fabulous gift for yourself, and at the same time help girls get a proper education so they can beat the odds and overcome issues like child marriage, child labor, and lower social status.  We are STRONG when we stand together and fix each other’s crowns.  – Lisa



  1. Christina Gould | 31st Dec 19

    Those handbags are gorgeous. I’ve never heard of this project. Thanks for posting!

  2. Julie Waldron | 2nd Jan 20

    I love these! That style is exactly what I’m looking for in a handbag, I love the multi colored one. I like that’s by buying these products, we’re supporting a great cause.

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