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It’s a great day to gussy up your eyes with our Sistar Cosmetics review and giveaway! We first discovered Sistar Cosmetics when we tried their Glo Glitter Eyeshadows, and we continue to be impressed with this beautiful line that features naturally-derived, cruelty-free, and non-GMO beauty cosmetics. You can find Sistar in over 500 stores all over the world and this line is always featured prominently in beauty supply stores. Sistar says, “Since 2016, SISTAR is changing the beauty industry one face at a time by consistently providing professional, high quality, and affordable products that anyone from the beauty enthusiast to makeup professionals can appreciate. ” Today, we have some great Sistar Cosmetics eye products to tell you about and hopefully you will win some for yourself.

Sistar Pink Blossom Eyeshadow Palette and gel eyeliner pencils


With two eyeshadow palettes available my pick is Pink Blossom. I love a nude palette but I also need a change of pace in my collection and Pink Blossom is a good addition.

Pink Blossom has 6 shades to create a romantic eye. I always use an eyeshadow primer even though my eyelids are no longer oily but a primer helps the colors stand out and stay on for longer. I’ve used this palette half a dozen times at least and the colors last all day. You don’t always find that for $12.99.

The shades aren’t named on the palette and on the website only 5 of the 6 names are displayed for some reason so I’ll take a guess at the last 3 names.

Sistar Pink Blossom Eyeshadow Palette

Top is Cupid’s Wing which is an almost pink. The finish is a satin one and it’s a beautiful neutral. Beautiful Dawn is a fabulous rose gold satin that is my favorite in the bunch, it shines and brightens my look. Third is what I believe to be Pink Mirage, a light sandy satin that’s another winner.

Sistar Pink Blossom Eyeshadow Palette

The mystery named one is the fourth one (which I left out of my photo) and is a matte neutral tan. It makes a good transition shadow. Fifth is Pink Sand (?) and it’s a matte that combines pink and brown for its own unique shade. Last is probably Raspberry Pudding. This appears to be brown but once on you can see the matte shade has undertones of purple and would be considered a berry brown.

Sistar Ultimate Define Gel eyeliners in Sweet Orchid and Deep Brown
Sistar Ultimate Define Gel eyeliners in Sweet Orchid and Deep Brown

The Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliners are available in 12 shades and we have 6 of those shades in our giveaway today. The two I use are Sweet Orchid and Deep Brown. Sweet Orchid isn’t my typical color for an eyeliner which makes it much more fun. It’s a dark orchid shade that works well with these pinker shades. The other liner is Deep Brown and it’s truly a beautiful shade with just a touch of sparkle to it. I especially love these on my bottom lash line since they last and last. My eyes tear easily but Sistar is sticking with me and not disappearing. The opposite end of the eyeliner has a smudger that pulls out to a sharpener.

Deep Brown and Sweet Orchid


Wow, what a great find! The Sistar Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliners are super affordable and they have all the best qualities of a gel eyeliner. I adore gel liners but since I am always running late I never want to use the jar version – I reach for the closest pencil liner and take about 20 seconds to line my eyes.

The Sistar Cosmetics Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliners have everything I love about gel liners plus everything I love about pencil liners. They have the vibrancy and smooth application of a gel, and the staying power is excellent. While they have some play time for smudging, once they dry they are locked in until you wash them off with cleanser. Since they are in pencil form, they satisfy my need for speed and accuracy. Application couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Sistar Cosmetics Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliner smudger

I also like that each pencil really has everything you need – the liner, the smudger, and the sharpener all in one. I never have time to hunt down a separate smudger or sharpener, so the full package in one pencil is much appreciated.

The shades I have been wearing are Turquoise, Deep Violet, and Brown Galaxy. Turquoise is a beautiful shade that brings out the green in my hazel eyes. I often wear this on the waterline. It’s great because it doesn’t irritate my eyes or interfere with my contacts, and it lasts all day. Deep Violet is a lovely dark purple that is a nice alternative to my typical brown or black eyeliners.  And Brown Galaxy is a classic deep brown that belongs in everyone’s stash.

Wearing Sistar Cosmetics Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise and Brown Galaxy

Sistar Cosmetics continues to impress with wallet-friendly color cosmetics that truly deliver. Now get ready to gussy up your eyes with our glorious giveaway!!

GIVEAWAY: This is a WW giveaway for 6 Sistar Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliners. These haven’t been opened but you can get an idea of the colors on the Sistar website. You’ll receive Fairy Forest, White, Bright Bronze, Midnight Blue, Galaxy, and Rose Gold. This is open through 9/22/2019 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. All entries will be verified so make sure if you click it, you’ve done it. We hope you enjoy the prize as much as we enjoy the liners.  —  Marcia and Lisa

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  1. Judy | 8th Sep 19

    I’ve been using eyeshadow for lining lately.

  2. Mary W | 8th Sep 19

    I use Urban Decay Gel Eyeliners. They must carry hundreds of colors. I am a big fan of gel liners. Mally Cosmetics got me hooked on gel first try. Dust with powder to extra staying power.

  3. Marilyn Nawara | 8th Sep 19

    Yes, I use charcoal color pencil eyeliner.

  4. 409cope | 8th Sep 19

    I do wear pencil eyeliners.

  5. Dana Rodriguez | 8th Sep 19

    I like soft pencils or gel. These are really pretty colors and I absolutely love the Turquoise and Brown Galaxy on you. Really makes your eye color pop! I have bright green eyes so I know I would love these.

  6. Gabrielle | 8th Sep 19

    I actually love pencil eyeliners, so these would be super to try!

  7. Christy Peeples DuBois | 8th Sep 19

    I use pencil liners the most but I also use liquid liners. It is hard to find a liquid eyeliner that has an applicator that applies well for me.

  8. Kelly Kimmell | 8th Sep 19

    I usually use eyeshadow to line my eyes.

  9. Katherine Donovan | 8th Sep 19

    I mainly use pencil eyeliners but sometime I use the liquid kind

  10. patricia caradonna | 8th Sep 19

    Yes, I use a pencil eyeliner. I prefer the one you don’t have to sharpen but I use both

  11. Natalie | 8th Sep 19

    I use both pencil and gel eyeliners. I prefer one that does not dry out!

  12. Susan P. | 8th Sep 19

    I prefer the liquid eyeliners with a finer brush. I use the pencil eyeliners if the material is soft.

  13. Susan Smith | 8th Sep 19

    I do use a pencil eyeliner.

  14. monique s | 8th Sep 19

    Yes, I do love pencil eyeliners. They are my favorite option

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  17. NANCY | 8th Sep 19

    I love the violet color. It’s fun to change up from regular black or brown.

  18. denise | 8th Sep 19

    I use pencil eyeliners 90% of the time.

  19. Gina Ferrell | 8th Sep 19

    Yes, I use pencil eyeliners but also liquid eyeliners too.

  20. Lynne B | 8th Sep 19

    Pencil eyeliners are my preferred eyeliner product. I like gels but it depends on the formulation because of my oily lids.

  21. Lauren Peterson | 8th Sep 19

    Yeah, I prefer pencil…I’ve never been good with gel or liquild.

  22. Gia Welch | 8th Sep 19

    My favorite that I use the most is a retractable pencil.

  23. Terri Shaw | 9th Sep 19

    I do use a pencil liner. Thank you for the chance to win!

  24. Maren | 9th Sep 19

    I use several kinds; often it’s a felt-tip.

  25. Jeanna Massman | 9th Sep 19

    I only use eye-liner pencil on special occasions.

  26. Lisa Williams | 9th Sep 19

    I do use pencil eye liners,I smudge with the others.

  27. Oksana | 9th Sep 19

    I like pencil eyeliner natural one

  28. Shirley Emitt | 9th Sep 19

    I do use pencil eyeliners.

  29. Tracy Robertson | 9th Sep 19

    I use gel eyeliner most of the time, and sometimes regular? eyeliner. I ? gel ones the most.

  30. Vicki Wurgler | 9th Sep 19

    yes I do use pencil eyeliners

  31. Donna S | 9th Sep 19

    Yes. I do use pencil eyeliners.

  32. Sandra Dufoe | 9th Sep 19

    Yes I mainly use pencil eyeliners. Thanks for the chance.

  33. Heather Kaufman | 9th Sep 19

    I haven’t used gel, but would love to try it.

  34. Marci | 9th Sep 19

    I do use pencil eye liners.

  35. Ellen Stafford | 9th Sep 19

    Yes I do use a pencil eyeliner

  36. Huguette E. | 9th Sep 19

    I use eyeliner or eye shadow with a small brush

  37. jennifer bowen | 9th Sep 19

    yes I use them as well as the other suff what ever I just feel like using for the day I use most days

  38. DEBIJOT | 9th Sep 19

    Yes, I like trying different eyeliners.

  39. Molli Taylor | 9th Sep 19

    i love eye pencils, but i want to win this for my girls!

  40. Trina | 9th Sep 19

    I use pencil eyeliners–I think they’re the best!

  41. Robin Abrams | 9th Sep 19

    Yes I use pencil eyeliners

  42. Tara L | 9th Sep 19

    I haven’t used pencil eyeliner in a minute but I think my mom uses it. I prefer easy eyeliner that doesn’t smudge.

  43. Laurie Nykaza | 10th Sep 19

    I do like to wear pencil eyeliners when im going out.

  44. Cristina Popescu | 10th Sep 19

    I do wear pencil eyeliners.

  45. Julie Barrett | 10th Sep 19

    I’m not very skilled at using liquid eyeliner so I don’t use it very often. I usually use a gel pencil eyeliner because they go on so smoothly. I hate pencil eyeliners that pull or scratch the skin. I love when they go on like silk and are easy to apply. These eyeliners are so pretty and look easy to use!

  46. Tiffany Long | 10th Sep 19

    I’ve used Urban Decay eyeliners. And Kat Von D. I’m excited to try these. Pick me please.

  47. gala | 11th Sep 19

    I use charcoal color pencil eyeliner.

  48. Nikki | 11th Sep 19

    I don’t use eyeliner but hope to if I ever get contacts instead of glasses.

  49. gloria patterson | 11th Sep 19

    I use eyeliner but I use the pencils. The liquid I mess everytime I try to apply, my eyes never match

  50. Debra Branigan | 11th Sep 19

    Do you use pencil eyeliners? If not what do you prefer?

    I like to use pencil eyeliners infrequently, but I do.

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