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When I think of hair products, I guess I always assume they will be full of ingredients I can’t pronounce. The Mastey Paris line has definitely changed my mind in this regard – their line is 100% vegan and completely eco-friendly. Plus, the products really deliver! I am very excited about the latest products they sent for me to test and can’t wait to tell you about them.

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In the summer I am as low maintenance as I can get when it comes to my hair. I refuse to blow it dry (well, except for my bangs) and nothing heated like a curling iron or fla iron ever comes near it. I need products that make my hair look great without any effort at all, and the Mastey Paris Healthy Beautiful Hair Care System has three styling products that do the job.

Mastey Color Protecting Volumizing Foam
Mastey Color Protecting Volumizing Foam
Mastey Paris Volumizing Foam
Mastey Paris Volumizing Foam

The Mastey Color Protecting Volumizing Foam with Argan Oil and Olive Oil ($20) is my first styling step after washing, conditioning and towel drying my  hair. It gives my long hair much needed lift at the roots and makes my natural wave a little more curly. It leaves my hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free  It doesn’t build up on my hair and it has a light scent that smells clean.

Mastey Paris Styling Gel
Mastey Paris Styling Gel

After I apply the Volumizing Foam, I put a little of the Mastey Color Protecting Styling Gel with Argan Oil and Olive Oil ($18) onto my bangs. I can’t believe how terrific this is for lift and style! Plus, it makes a huge difference in keeping my bangs looking clean and full for DAYS. Seriously, I have never been able to go so many days between shampoos. This is a light styling gel but it definitely delivers a huge impact.

Mastey Paris Beach Spray
Mastey Paris Beach Spray

I blow dry my bangs, then finish with spritzing the rest of my damp hair with Mastey Color Protecting Beach Spray with Argan and Olive Oil ($20). I live and die by these kinds of sprays in the summer. They help me get those coveted beachy waves that I want all summer long. The problem is that many of them build up on my hair, or are too drying because of the salt. The Mastey Beach Spray is AWESOME. I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff. It smells so fresh and it works magic on my wimpy waves, taking them to a whole new level. Volume, texture, definition…I get it all.

My first experience with Mastey Paris has been a great one, and I want to always have these products in my arsenal! You can find them online at They get a big seal of approval from me!!  – Lisa

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  1. Wanda Tracey | 25th Jul 15

    This volumizing foam with Argan oil and Olive oil sounds so fabulous! I could use some of this product to give my fine hair a lift and a little TLC.I am so happy that you did this great review on it.Thank you.

  2. Olivia S. | 27th Jul 15

    Mastey Color Protecting Volumizing Foam with Argan Oil and Olive!! I have got to try this product for myself who has straight no volume hair and for my daughter who has the ringlet curls!!

  3. Melissa S | 27th Jul 15

    I would love to try the beach spray for the summer. I am with you, I can’t stand styling my hair with heat in the summer and look for products to help with that.

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