Great things in small packages: MIYU Beauty Merry Mini Ornament


There is something about drinking tea that feels special. It seems more indulgent, more refined than coffee, probably because tea sets are delicate and the intricate ceremonies for drinking tea are fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great cuppa joe. But tea…every time I drink it I feel pampered. So I was intrigued with MIYU Beauty, a Canadian line that launched in 2013. This line is based on beauty from the inside out, pairing artisanal teas with skin care products. Lifestyle, not skin type, is the determining factor when choosing products. MIYU is meant to give yourself some ‘mi’ time.

MIYU Mini Hydrate Mi

MIYU sent us one of their special holiday sets to try, and it was a great introduction to this beauty line with such an intriguing concept.

The Merry Mini Ornament with the Hydrate Mi Mini pairing ($15, the retail value is $20) is a large acrylic ornament that houses a 30 ml Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence and 2 sachets of Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea.

Inside the ornament - Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence and 2 Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea Sachets

Inside the ornament – Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence and 2 Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea Sachets

The Hydrate Mi Essence is a spray mist serum. Shake the bottle first, spray on and pat into skin.  As a spray it is extremely hygienic, and the opaque bottle ensures the efficacy of the Asian botanicals inside. It works as a primer for moisturizer, as well as a primer for makeup, too. I am impressed with how hydrating it is and it really smooths skin, creating an optimal canvas for makeup application.

The Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea is the matching tea blend for the Hydrate Mi Essence. It makes an elegant, citrusy tea that smells as delicious as it tastes. I couldn’t put my finger on which fruit it tastes like, which turns out to be the snow pear – I’ve never tasted a snow pear so no wonder I was having trouble! I used the steaming tea as a quick pore treatment just for kicks and saved the two tea sachets afterwards. I put them in the fridge and then used them as a de-puffing eye treatment later!

Full sizes of both the Hydrate Mi Essence and the Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea are available online, along with De-stress versions. Tea lovers will really enjoy the unique Merry Mini Mi pairings.  MIYU Beauty is an elegant, interesting niche line that is worth checking out!  – Lisa

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