Got teens? Get solutions! Arm and Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray and Better Skin Zit No More

I have a teenager in the house. 

I can feel the sympathy level rising as you all read that sentence. It’s an amazing and a terrifying experience all at once. Hard to describe the insanity that every day brings, isn’t it?? My daughter is turning 14 in under a week and I’m realizing that it is the time of my life when I am paying the piper for every single awful thing I ever did to my mom. Sigh.

Besides the rather concerning mood swings, there are some other rather concerning body issues – foot odor and blemishes are two major offenders. I have found two great solutions that even my sometimes angry/sometimes indifferent/sometimes happy teen gets behind every time.

Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray
Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray
Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray

The new ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray ($5.99) is a great multi-purpose spray that gets rid of any foot odor in any sort of shoe, from those nasty tennis shoes she came home in after a day of paint ball to her first heels that somehow smell almost as bad. A quick spray truly gets rid of the stench on contact. This summer heat seems to make things even worse so I tried the Shoe Refresher Spray on everything – hiking boots, my son’s Converse that he has worn every day for the past five years, my husband’s work boots, my workout shoes…and the Shoe Refresher Spray worked every time. The handy applicator works in every direction, even upside down. The spray is actually activated by sweat, so it not only works when you spray it, it keeps working as you wear the shoes. You can also spray it on athletic equipment, which really comes in handy for my daughter’s fencing uniform that can’t be washed all the time and gets mighty ripe smelling.

In a nutshell, the ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray is fantastic for smelly teenager shoes and all other shoes too. You can find it at Walmart and other drugstores.

Better Skin Zit No More

We all know that another major issue for teens are blemishes. I am very excited about Zit No More ($18) from Better Skin because the feature ingredient is one of the best ingredients for fighting acne: salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is also known as beta hydroxy acid or BHA. Basically what it does is exfoliate skin, so the medicine penetrates right into the pore lining which means it treats the surface of the skin as well as deep into the pores. It treats all forms of acne including blackheads. Now put this into a very convenient rollerball and you have something that even my recalcitrant teen will actually use!

Better Skin Zit No More
Better Skin Zit No More

Other ingredients include vitamin E, tea tree oil, rose hip oil, and rapeseed oil, all of which are excellent for skin. And Zit No More is Fragrance Free, Oil Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan.  You can find this gem online at

If you have teens, you also have solutions! The ARM & HAMMER™ Shoe Refresher Spray and the Zit No More are two great ones that I know your teen will thank you for.  – Lisa

Zit No More Ingredients
Salicylic acid, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Fruit Oil, Brassica Campestris (Tung Wood)/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer (Rapeseed Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Aniba Rosodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil.


  1. Lola Seicento | 6th Jul 18

    What great picks for teens!

  2. Stacie Hamilton | 6th Jul 18

    I need to get some of that zit zapper. And I know exactly what you’re going through with the teen in the house thing. It won’t get easier until she leaves for college (just saying from experience).

  3. Courtney B | 6th Jul 18

    What great products! I’ve never heard of either of them but they look like they’d do a great job

  4. Kathryne | 6th Jul 18

    Great and practical finds for the teens!

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 6th Jul 18

    Great for teens, glad I don’t have any more in my house!

  6. Ehmkay Nails | 6th Jul 18

    Shoe refresher is perfect for summer hiking shoes!

  7. Never Say Die Beauty | 6th Jul 18

    What a cute post and helpful too! Well done

  8. Rebecca Orr | 7th Jul 18

    I will definitely need the shoe spray sooner rather than later with my super active boys. Even with my daughter as well. They are all into sports and their sneaker and cleats get stinky fast. I will be on the look out for this at the store when I am out. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cassie Tucker | 7th Jul 18

    I’ve always used Arm & Hammer sprinkled in shoes to help with the smell. I love that they now have a dedicated product for it!

  10. Jen Walker | 7th Jul 18

    I’ve got some time until my boys are teens, but we could use the shoe refresher for my husband’s shoes now! Yuck!

  11. Courtney | 7th Jul 18

    I need that shoe spray for some of my boots!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 8th Jul 18

    If I wore shoes these would be nice! LOL, Im a sandal flip flop girl!

  13. Mary W | 9th Jul 18

    I’m glad you suggested the Arm & Hammer shoe spray. We have been using Lysol in the guys’ stinky running shoes and the Lysol is not cutting it. I’ll have to look for the Arm & Hammer spray in the store. It has to smell better than what we are currently using.

  14. Jess Scull | 9th Jul 18

    I love the zit no more from better skin!

  15. Sahrish Adeel | 10th Jul 18

    I am going to need these soon as my son is a pre teen now. 🙂

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