Got spots? Check out Vitabrid C12 Spot Powder and Spot Essence!

Spots. Zits. Blemishes. Acne. Whatever you call them, they aren’t pleasant. What if I told you that you can have completely clear skin in two weeks? It’s true…and I tested this on my very hormonal teenager. The Vitabrid C12 SPOT Powder mixed with the SPOT Essence is a major knock out punch to any spots you aren’t happy to have on your skin.
 Vitabrid C¹² SPOT Powder ($25) is an acne treatment powder sold only at Barney’s. Vitamin C is an incredible ingredient, but it is notoriously difficult because it’s tough to keep stable. By putting it in a powder form, Vitabrid came up with a genius way of stabilizing the Vitamin C, keeping the efficacy intact. The Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and an antibacterial, getting rid of acne quickly and reducing red areas.  So it not only helps decongest pores, it also helps skin recover and assists pigmentation so the area returns to normal.
 The powder needs to be mixed with a liquid for application and the perfect vehicle is the Spot Essence ($32). This is a light fluid that helps control oil production and mixed with the Spot Powder it becomes an amazing acne treatment.
  • The amount of essence used depends on the size of the area and of course the amount of powder depends on this as well.
  • For an idea, a dime sized amount of the SPOT powder should be used if you need to treat the entire face when mixed with enough of the Essence.
  • For a true spot treatment, shake a few times into the Essence, mix and dab it on the troubled area. You do not need to rub it in too much.
 The mixture of Spot Powder and Spot Essence works on the skin for 12 straight hours, specifically breaking down keratin plugs (that hardened sebum that clogs pores) and doing the job of antibiotics without the side effects. This dramatically reduces the possibility of scarring from acne. I have a teenager and she loves this stuff – it’s saved her skin which was becoming a disaster, especially around her hair-line.
  • Safely solves acne problems with no side effects
  • Stabilized active Vitamin C powder delivered deep into the skin for 12 continuous hours
  • Eliminates acne bacteria and inflammation
  • Cleanses keratin plugs
  • Aids in pigmentation and damaged skin recovery

I am really impressed with this acne spot treatment – the The Vitabrid C12 SPOT Powder mixed with the SPOT Essence is most definitely the one-two punch you need to knock any spot off your skin! – Lisa



  1. Nora Grahe | 29th Jan 18

    I seriously need help with my skintone and especially dark spots! LOVE to try this product… Vitabrid C12 Spot Powder and Spot Essence! Thanks for the Review! Which I could afford it!

  2. Nora Grahe | 29th Jan 18

    I read and left a message from Got spots? Check out Vitabrid C12 Spot Powder and Spot Essence! I think my post is here:

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 31st Jan 18

    I have a vitamin C powder from Exuviance. Never knew it worked on acne! Good to know!

  4. Judy | 31st Jan 18

    This sounds exactly like what my skin needs to combat my rosacea. I felt like you were speaking right to my skin condition and issues. Do you know if it is safe for this?!

  5. Stacie Hamilton | 31st Jan 18

    I’ve been using their vitamin c powder and adding it to hyaluronic acid in the mornings and I love it! Everyone needs to be using this brand of Vitamin C!

  6. Lola Seicento | 31st Jan 18

    Oh, yes! These Vitabrid C12 products are really great! I am very impressed by their products! I am looking forward to trying more things from this brand!

  7. Kristi V BeginNails | 31st Jan 18

    I had no clue Vitamin C helped with blemishes! I love reading your blog – I always learn things.

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 31st Jan 18

    Luckily I don’t have to deal with acne anymore.

  9. Nina | 31st Jan 18

    I have a few super dark spots on my face so this is something I would love to try for lightening some.

  10. Krystal E. | 31st Jan 18

    Out of nowhere I’ve noticed some acne on my face so this sounds like a great product for me right now!

  11. | 31st Jan 18

    Yes, got lots of spots right now, thanks to antihistamines and BC 🙁 Will have to check out Vit C in powder form!

  12. 25Sweetpeas | 1st Feb 18

    HUMMm so vitamin C huh! Might have to try!

  13. Kathryne | 1st Feb 18

    Good to know this does the job for you

  14. PolishandPaws | 1st Feb 18

    Great information! I still I occasionally suffer with acne and I hate it. I use some drug store spot treatment, but this sounds perfect!

  15. Phyrra | 1st Feb 18

    I need this!

  16. The Jedi Wife | 1st Feb 18

    The powder product looks like such a fun delivery system! How cool, and worth keeping in mind in case I need to get some!

  17. Teresakoedyker | 2nd Feb 18

    This sounds perfect for my daughter! She breaks out bad just a certain time of the the month!! I am going to have to tell her about this product!! Thank you for great review!!?

  18. Ehmkay nails | 2nd Feb 18

    I’m intrigued by the powder. I would use it as a spot treatment!

  19. My Nail Polish Obsession | 3rd Feb 18

    This product sounds great! I could definitely use something to help lighten up some sun spots.

  20. Courtney | 3rd Feb 18

    This sounds like a great way to store such a difficult item!

  21. Madhubani | 6th Feb 18

    This seems to be a boon for people with pimple, acne prone skin.

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