Goldilocks would love this: FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer

The winter months fly by and my skin just keeps getting lighter and lighter, paler and paler…so I am now reaching for bronzer to save me from looking sallow. Pale is great, but sallow is not. It’s amazing how a little bronzer in the right places perks my complexion right up and gives me an incredibly healthy glow. Lately I am loving the FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer ($36) for several reasons.

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FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

First, it’s super easy to use. I find some bronzers have a pigment problem – too little so it seems like they don’t do much; or too much so they end up looking frightening on me. Or, they just make my skin look dirty because they don’t buff out smoothly. The Ultra Bronzer is like Baby Bear’s bed in Goldilocks – just right! The perfect amount of pigment and it buffs in beautifully every time.

FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

Second, this bronzer is really different – it has silicone in the formula, so it isn’t dry. This means the bronzer doesn’t settle into pores, it actually floats on top of skin. As I get older, these little strokes of genius become very important. Color that settles into pores emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles and ages me by years. I put this gorgeous bronzer on my cheeks, chin, and at my temples and I actually look younger and healthier.

Third, it also works as a contour. I’m having a real battle with my neck these days.  I don’t like the fact that my neck is drooping under my chin. Makes me want to wear a turtleneck up to my nose, you know??

So I sweep my Ultra Bronzer under my cheekbones for definition there and then under my chin as a wonderful lighting/contour trick that instantly recedes that drooping neckline. It works for now while I save up for that platysmaplasty (that’s a neck lift, y’all. Just don’t tell my husband.)

Overall, the FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer is a beautiful, silky bronzer with an elegant, sophisticated formula that has me wanting all four shades available: brushed sable, malibu, brazilian blaze, and brushed sable. FACE atelier is sold at QVC and FACE atelier’s website.  – Lisa

Wearing FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu


  1. I love FaceATELIER, but I don’t do bronzer but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it on other people. You look great, Lisa! So tan and healthy

  2. This sounds like a lovely bronzer! I don’t use bronzer, but this looks like a really good one!

  3. Amber Ludwig says:

    Yay for not settling into pores!! I have that issues with so much powder…ugh!! Such a pain!

  4. I love silicone powder formulas, it makes them so soft and blendable

  5. love that they are blendable

  6. Sounds like a great bronzer. It is hard to find a good bronzer for pale skin.

  7. I dont use bronzer but this sounds like a great one!

  8. I need a book “bronzing for dummies” i feel like I can’t get it right. 🙂

  9. I love that it doesn’t settle into pores!

  10. That bronzer looks awesome and I love that the brand is cruelty free!

  11. Ehmkay nails says:

    I don’t use bronzer in my routine but it looks great on you!

  12. I just had to buy myself a lighter foundation since my usual is now a little too dark for me. Bronzer is now my bff!

  13. Oh I want to give this a try!

  14. I like the sound of sophisticated formula!

  15. It’s a beautiful color.

  16. THATs looks nice on!

  17. You know I’m a bronzer person. This one is so pretty, and looks perfect on Lisa! I have the same problem with bronzers; it’s so difficult to find a non-muddy one.

  18. It looks like a fantastic bronzer!

  19. I’m not a major bronzer lover, but this looks like a perfect shade for pale skin.

  20. That is a very nice looking bronzer! The texture looks divine!

  21. I don’t use bronzer except to contour because I’m so tan already! But this looks lovely on your skin tone!

  22. I love this! I’m so excited for bronzer season.

  23. Mandy Rena says:

    This is amazing. I am a long time bronzer lover because you can use it in so many way. I am always keeping an eye out for a great new product to try.

  24. My Nail Polish Obsession says:

    LOL at that tie in to Goldilocks, I was so confused! I expected the name of the bronzer to be porridge.