Going Commando, Hollywood Style: Hollywood Fashion Tape

Wardrobe malfunctions…don’t you just hate these?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an arsenal of great products for any possible problem one might encounter?  Well, there is a line that can help you wear anything well – or wear nothing at all well!!  It’s called Hollywood Fashion Tape, and if only Janet Jackson had shopped here she could have saved herself a lifetime of embarrassment.

Seriously, many Hollywood actresses DO shop here – couture can be rather difficult to wear – and you can see the proof on the website.  This line offers clever, practical solutions to problems that are personal and usually not spoken about in polite conversation – unless you have friends like mine, lol!

They have specific products for different types of issues:  clothing issues, breast issues, body shape issues, face issues, and wedding apparel issues.  I have tried things for clothing  and breast issues, and I have my favorites.

Here are some of the best products they offer, in my humble opinion, for clothing issues:

It’s a fact, not everyone likes to wear underwear.  Think about it – no panty lines, no wedgies, no tell-tale thong hanging out of the back of your pants.  But there are some practical considerations to going pantyless as a female.

Hollywood Goes Commando ($12.50) is a set of five sanitary panty shields that make your Commando experiences sanitary and comfy, too.

Sweater Saver ($4.99) is another great product and a real life-saver for your older clothes.

You just rub this lightly against fabric that has pills, and it removes them like magic.  I love mine, it’s been terrific – better than my battery operated one which can sometimes grab the fabric.  And the price is right, too!!

Hip Hugger ($8.99) is a fabulous invention for correcting those bulges that happen when the waist of your pants or skirt is just a bit too big.

It’s a little belt that attaches to your belt loops, bringing the excess material in for a smoother fit.  Genius!!

Fashion Tape ($8.99) is, I think, their very best product.

As a full-figured gal, I always have problems with button down shirts.  Well, I use to have problems – now it’s no problem at all.  Fashion tape is a small two-sided tape that you put on the spot in between the buttons where you have a gap.  It keeps the material nicely together, and voilà!  No more unsightly gap!!  Love this.  They also have it for brides, it’s called Wedding Apparel Tape ($6.99), and it’s the same product actually.  This tape is used to fix falling hems, keep bra straps from sliding off, and help keep strapless gowns from traveling south.

Moving on to breast issues, a great product is Add-Ons ($8.99), which are bra extenders.

Great for that time of the month when things get a little…um…larger.  I love how this comes in three colors per pack – black, beige, and white – and they have 2, 3, and 4 hook options.

Hollywood Strap-Ease ($9.99) is another life saver for us full-figured gals.

It’s a pair of silicone cushions that go under your straps on your shoulders.  They make wearing your bra super comfy, and end red marks, grooves, and droopiness.  And you can wash them by hand to reuse them over and over.  Great stuff!!

Speaking of droopiness, they also offer Hollywood Extras ($39.99), which are Silicone Breast Enhancers.

They add a full cup size, and are hand washable.  I personally don’t need these – in fact, I could use a little less in this department – but a friend of mine swears by these.  She says you can even use them in your bikini and swim with them!!

And then, for the dreaded “Gee, it’s pretty cold in here” look, there are CoverUps ($14.99).

There are plenty of situations where you may not want the world to know how you are reacting to the current temperature, and these little babies will save you that embarrassment every time.  They are made of self-adhesive silicone, so you just put them into place and you are set for any weather condition.  They are reusable, I found I got about ten uses from mine.

Hollywood Fashion Tape is a super fun, affordable line that addresses so many personal situations – it’s a blast to just peruse their website.  Check it out, I am sure you will find at least one thing that will be the answer to your prayers!  – Lisa

Disclosure: Some items in this review were sent for consideration. Please see our full disclosure for more information.


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