Going away? You’ll want the NO KNOT Necklace Carrier as your companion

Are you thinking about your last minute trip before the summer ends? With Labor Day just a few weeks away everyone I know is planning a few days away from the grind before the real world starts again. Packing isn’t always relaxing though since you worry about what to bring, what you’ll need for the weather, and if your items will survive your suitcase or duffel.

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier is a great way to pack up your worries and get your jewelry to your destination safely.

I don’t always pack extra jewelry because I’m worried about whether it will get lost or stolen but even more I worry that my fun longer necklaces will tangle. At home I keep them on a belt hanger so they can keep from knotting up but when traveling I didn’t have a solution.

Well I do now thanks to the NO KNOT Necklace Carrier that I was sent to review. This comes in a variety of patterns but all contain the same low key technology that will make your travels neater.

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier

This has a padded cotton design that contains 4 pockets for rings, earrings, and more. Plus a long tube for your necklaces. You can fit in necklaces from 15″ on. Once you’ve filled it it lies pretty flat so that you can slip it into a suitcase or even to use at home in your drawer.

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier

When you open it the first thing you’ll notice is that the middle feels solid. That’s because there’s a tube inside for your necklaces. The tube opens in 3 places to help fit different lengths safely.

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier tube

Thread your necklace through (don’t take it out like I did to show you) and close the clasp where it fits best. Here’s mine with a longer necklace I like to wear:

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier

Use the velcroed pockets to hold other jewelry. Rings and earrings fit easily into the three small pockets while watches and bracelets fit into the longer section.

NO KNOT Necklace Carrier
NO KNOT Necklace Carrier

This necklace holder has a patented design and has won the 2015 InventHelp® Gold Merit Award. Right now mine is in one of my smaller dresser drawers and takes up no space but if I were to go somewhere I can easily grab it and fill it. Do you think that’s a good reason to go on a trip?

One of the interesting things I found is that the price is different everywhere I found it. The best price is from Amazon for $17.95 while the second best price is from Walmart where it’s $19.95.

Add the handy 13″ x 3″ NO KNOT Necklace Carrier to your life so you can be tangle-free.  —  Marcia

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  1. Kathryne | 22nd Aug 19

    That’s pretty useful. I’ll check it out!!!!

  2. Judy | 22nd Aug 19

    This is genius! I need this for my work travel!!!

  3. My Nail Polish Obsession | 23rd Aug 19

    That is ingenious! I always have a lump of jewelry all ruined after vacations.

  4. Courtney | 23rd Aug 19

    I need something like this for travel!

  5. 25 Sweetpeas | 23rd Aug 19

    Great way to prevent tangling!

  6. Polarbelle | 27th Aug 19

    It’s definitely in the name!! Exactly what I want. No knots

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