Go Forth and Shine with the Perfect Gold Earrings!

Lately I have been concentrating on updating my jewelry wardrobe.  I have an obsession with front facing hoop earrings – they really frame the face in a flattering way that is simple and modern.  I am also past my preference for costume jewelry… if I am going to spend the money, I want quality pieces at a great price.  I know I can find that online, and boy did I find the perfect pair! I love online shopping and I have bought just about everything from gorgeous earrings to diamond necklaces to stackable rings and had a great experience…so why go in person?  Online shopping has so many perks, especially the prices.

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I considered many options with a few parameters.  I wanted a solid online store with an excellent reputation, and I wanted to keep my budget under $250.  Here are the earrings that were in consideration:

White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud & 14K Yellow Gold Circle Ear Jacket Set by Zoe Chicco

I love these 4MM White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud & 14K Yellow Gold Circle Ear Jacket Set in Gold
by Zoe Chicco.  So elegant – the pearl stud is backed by a simple slender gold open circle.  Absolute chic but they were right at the top of my budget, $250.

Circle and Bar Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold from Kay Outlet Jewelers

I also adore the Circle and Bar Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold from Kay Outlet Jewelers.  The beautiful gold circles swing from vertical bars, and they are secured with friction backs, which is awesome.  However, again, they were at the top of my budget.

14K Yellow Gold Hollow Circle Earrings by Sphera Milano

Then I found these 14K Yellow Gold Hollow Circle Earrings by Sphera Milano.  They are beautiful – different thanks to the longer bar detail and within my budget at $195.99.  I almost went with these, but hesitated because I actually wanted something even more simple and classic.

Gold Circle Earrings from AU-rate

My perfect find was the Circle Earrings in yellow from AUrate. They are just $180, and I love the classic hoops with the short bars, which is a perfect combination of geometry for the ears.  They are super lightweight too, so they don’t hurt or drag my earlobes down.

Gold Circle Earrings from AU-rate
Gold Circle Earrings from AU-rate

I love them…they go with absolutely everything, and since I have long hair I really need the front facing hoops because any other style doesn’t show up.

Gold Circle Earrings from AU-rate

I am extremely happy with my purchase and now I have the perfect front-facing gold hoop earrings.  If you are looking to build your jewelry wardrobe, other great online jewelry sites that I recommend are CatbirdMejuri (lovely minimalistic pieces), The Last Line (the opposite of minimalistic!), and Vrai.  – Lisa


  1. denise | 25th Jan 20

    Love the hoops with pearl studs.

  2. NeverSayDieBeauty | 27th Jan 20

    I love your gold hoops with the bars! Such a modern, geometric look ??

  3. Lola Seicento | 27th Jan 20

    Those are very attractive hoops!

  4. Kathryne | 27th Jan 20

    I like hoops so I would definitely wear these

  5. Sylwia | 27th Jan 20

    Love the modern touch to them! Very cute

  6. Glamorable | 28th Jan 20

    I love aurate! I have a few pieces from them that I alternate between.

  7. Katie Marie | 28th Jan 20

    Those earrings are so classy and beautiful! Good to hear they’re worth the purchase!

  8. Erika | 28th Jan 20

    Your new earrings are so pretty.

  9. Courtney | 28th Jan 20

    Very cute and timeless design.

  10. 25 Sweetpeas | 28th Jan 20

    Those are cute! I would totally wear them!

  11. Cassie Tucker | 28th Jan 20

    I’m not usually a fan of bigger earrings like this. However, I actually like the bar on the top.

  12. JJ | 30th Jan 20

    Love the design!!

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