Glamorous! POP Beauty Nail Glam

The days are still dark and dreary, but lucky for us POP Beauty has a beautiful collection of nail polishes to brighten our days and make our nights much more fun.  The pretty POP polishes are a bargain at only $5, which means we have a great excuse to branch out and buy shades that we normally wouldn’t reach for.  I mean, do I really need another light-colored shimmery nail polish?  Um, yes, but that’s beside the point – plus, POP polishes are so thrifty I can afford new shades PLUS another light shimmer polish.  Take that, wallet!

I am digging POP Beauty’s latest collection, the Nail Glam Polishes.  There are tons to choose from, ranging from light cream to dark shimmer.  Here are three of the many available:  Ripe Red, Bare Tease, and Twinkle.


Each shade is a staying power sensation with its non-chip barrier! In addition, the formula is non-occlusive so it won’t stain nails and it contains nylon to help strengthen.

POP Beauty Nail Glam Ripe Red

NAIL GLAM – RIPE RED is probably one of the most beautiful cherry reds I’ve been.  When my nail tech saw this, she took a deep breath then said, “Girl, that is STUNNING.”  Truly luxurious.  I never fail to wear this shade with jeans, a white button down, up-swept pony and matching cherry red lips.

NAIL GLAM – BARE TEASE is absolutely a tease.  It looks light khaki brown in the bottle, medium brown in the website swatch, and khaki green on my nails.  Crazy.  This is one to try, especially for just $5.  I think that my skin is too light right now for this shade, but it is going to look terrific once I start faux tanning in the spring.

NAIL GLAM – TWINKLE is total glam.  I thought it was going to have a clear base, but the base is actually a light tan which looks amazing next to all the shimmering sparkles in red, green, gold, and blue.  Twinkle is quite unique, and it looks even better with the sun shining on it.  Definitely an attention getter.

Because the price is so great, and because I guess I DO need a light shimmery polish, I am going to pick up Iced Glitz which looks white in the bottle but is a clear base with white and multi-colored shimmers. I was inspired by Marcia’s review of this exquisite polish HERE.

Application of all the polishes is smooth and easy, and the wear is outstanding.  I think the Pop Beauty polishes rival ones that are 10 times the price.  Oh, and the bottles are great – sleek and contemporary, they remind me of the Rescue Beauty bottles only taller.  Take the plunge and get glam – lots of glam!  We can all afford it.  – Lisa


  1. gloria patterson | 4th Feb 20

    I love the red it is so bright and bold. Now my niece and her 3 year old daughter goes for anything that sparkles. And you have pretty sparkles here

  2. Kathryne | 4th Feb 20

    It’s been a while since I have seen anything from pop. I totally forgot that they also have nail polishes

  3. Laura | 4th Feb 20

    I totally didn’t know Pop did nail polish, that red is so pretty!

  4. Sally Gearhart | 5th Feb 20

    Oh my goodness, I need every single one of these polishes! I’ve never tried POP but looks awesome for the price. I’m really loving that red and those glitter polishes are gorgeous!

  5. 25 Sweetpeas | 5th Feb 20

    Loving that sage-y green!

  6. Courtney | 5th Feb 20

    I actually really like Twinkle!

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