Give yourself a vitamin C oxygen facial in just 5 minutes with NowMi-Pro

Have you been taking the very best care of your skin? Do you skip steps because you get lazy or think they aren’t necessary? I admit, I’ve done that plenty in my life, but last year I made a pledge to myself to have the best possible skin I can possibly have. It’s not going to happen on its own though. My skin (and yours) needs extra help and the way that happens is with what we use to take care of it.

I was sent the NowMi-Pro Device which gives me a complete facial and the cleanest most refreshed facial skin ever. I use it daily and once a week I give myself a facial using this. Let me tell you all about it all so that you can begin the year with the skin you’ve been craving.

When you look at the NowMi Sonic it will remind you of other devices but NowMi has a unique difference: the NowMi treatment was created to address an unmet need in the market- the need for a spa quality oxygen facial treatment available in a home use device.

NowMi-Pro close up

There are 5 benefits to using this: Deep Daily Cleansing, Weekly Facial Oxygen treatments, Sonic Exfoliation, Sonic Nourishment, and Sonic Skin Oxygenation.

Deep Daily Cleaning helps rid your skin of the impurities of the day and the products you’ve used. This comes with a Facial Cleansing Gel which contains Vitamins E, B3, B5 along with Dead Sea Minerals. Apply the cleanser directly onto the silicone micro-fingers. With 6000 sonic pulses per minute the cleansing gel really gets the job done, especially on your pores. The device and the gel are gentle on your face yet reinvigorate and strengthen the skin.

Facial Cleansing Gel
Facial Cleansing Gel

The uniqueness comes with the Weekly Facial Oxygen treatments. The device has a place on the back that is specifically for the Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets that come in the box. These tablets give a mild exfoliation when combined with the Lubricant Gel. This feels magical on my skin.

NowMi-Pro with the Vitamin C effervescent tablet

You put the tablet into the device and apply a small amount of NowMi Lubricant gel onto the tablet. Switch on the power button and gently massage the gel onto your skin. Now add more gel on the tablet to form a thick layer for your face. Massage with it for 3 – 5 minutes. It washes off easily with just water and/or the cleansing gel. There’s a slight foaming action as you massage this onto your face. Afterwards you are going to feel top notch because you’ve just had exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection using sonic energy.


NowMi products include cleansing gel, lubricant gel and Vitamin C tablets

The Sonic Exfoliation I mentioned is performed by the Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet (6 tablets come in the kit). The tablet has a course surface and when massaged into the skin it gently removes the outer layer of the skin. It not only makes it soft but it helps facilitate the penetration of vitamins and minerals in your skincare.

This quick video shows how easy the device is to use.

When using Vitamin C you don’t want it to be open to air, that’s why Vitamin C products should be in dark packaging. In the case of NowMi-Pro the Vitamin C is in a sealed package which you don’t open until you are ready to use it. It stays pure and maintains the anti-oxidant advantage that helps neutralize free radicals and slows down signs of aging.

Now add to it the NowMi lubricant gel which contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid and your skin becomes infused with these nutrients. Your skin is nourished and protected. This is the Sonic Nourishment I mentioned which helps with restoring your skin and turning back the signs of aging.

NowMi Lubricant Gel
NowMi Lubricant Gel

There’s a chemical reaction when the Vitamin C tablet and the Lubricant Gel come into contact. There’s a rich CO2 environment now on your skin and your body responds by sending oxygen infused blood to the area. Therefore we have Sonic Skin Oxygenation.


Last promise is Sonic Protection. Unfortunately as we age our skin has less antioxidants and we become more vulnerable to extrinsic factor. The NowMi Pro treatment replenishes the skin’s vitamin C supply and enables it to protect itself from extrinsic factors and repair damaged skin. The sonic energy plays an important role in the protection of the skin since it exponentially increases the infusion of the vitamin C.


I’m storing mine in one of my acrylic drawers and it fits easily, plus I won’t lose the cord like I often do. Everything is handy for my daily and weekly treatments. The NowMi-Pro kit contains the NowMi sonic applicator, 6 Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets, Lubrication Gel and Cleansing Gel. Buy a NowMi Pro Kit now and receive Free of Charge a NowMi refill kit (valued at $99) that will give 3 extra months vitamin C oxygen facial treatments at home. There is also a basic set that has a different applicator that is just for the exfoliation.

As time goes on you should notice clearer, brighter skin and your resolution of better skincare for 2020 will be just what you hoped for.  —  Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 6th Jan 20

    What an innovative device! The tablet, the lubricating gel and the cleansing gel sound really intriguing!

  2. Salon in Lucknow | 7th Jan 20

    All facial device and gel looking good. It improve sanctification level of customers.

  3. 25 Sweetpeas | 7th Jan 20

    Sounds like an interesting product!

  4. NeverSayDieBeauty | 14th Jan 20

    This sounds truly divine! I didn’t know about the oxygenation part. I saw this last year or before, and I always wondered how the vitamin C tab stayed in its little cubby? Does the C tab shrink as you use it? As you can tell, I am very curious about this one!

  5. Glamorable | 14th Jan 20

    how interesting! I love that it’s a complete system, so you can use all the products together for the best results.

  6. Kathryne | 14th Jan 20

    we have a facial treatment here at our medspa that combines oxygenation and exfoliation. always a treat to have good facials even at home

  7. Katie Marie | 15th Jan 20

    I haven’t heard of this brand but I feel like a lot of people like this type of device to deeply cleanse the skin gently

  8. My Nail Polish Obsession | 15th Jan 20

    What a cool device! I love trying out face care products!

  9. Jen Walker | 16th Jan 20

    This sounds really nice! I’ve been thinking of upping my skincare routine by adding in a device. I’ll have to look closely at this one.

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