Getting the hair we want with Keune and you get a giveaway!

Straight hair?  Curly?  Fine? Thinning? Color treated? Damaged?  Doesn’t matter what your hair care woes may be, or hey – maybe you are one of the abnormal one with normal hair! Regardless, Keune Hair Care has the products that your hair needs.  Lisa and Marcia have lots in common, but their hair is very different. Today, they are reviewing different products from this line and Keune is offering a giveaway for each of their favorite items!

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Lisa loves the Absolute Volume line:

Keune says, the Absolute Volume line has wheat proteins and liquid keratin to increase the diameter of each strand, creating volume and incredible shine. I say, woohoo! Awesome hair care for people like me who have fine hair – we want volume, we want shine, and we don’t want products that weigh our hair down!!

The Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are a fabulous duo for big, beautiful hair. I have fine hair, so I always want more body and volume. The shampoo and conditioner have Provitamin B5, which gives hair lots of volume without weighing it down.

The Absolute Volume Thermal Protector Spray is exactly what you need if you use heat styling tools to get lots of volume into your hair. It protects your hair from heat damage, whether it’s from your blow dryer, hot curlers, curling iron, or flat iron. Just spray it on to protect hair from splitting and protect color from fading, as well as lending a helping hand in terms of holding power for those curls – or not – depending on your preference!

For tons of volume, the Volume Mousse ($26) is where it’s at. This is some fantastic styling mousse. It goes right into the hair shaft to strengthen and work from the inside out. This mousse leaves my hair super full, shiny, and soft. Love it! It also protects hair from heat, so feel free to go crazy with that curling iron.

My one choice that actually isn’t in the Volumizing line is the Satin Oil Milk ($30 but on sale right now). Wow, I love this stuff!  It’s amazing for fine hair because it doesn’t weigh it down. Smooth some on and it absorbs right into hair, making is unbelievably shiny and soft. It is downright amazing, so amazing that it’s my choice of product for today’s giveaway!

My Keune hair – lots of volume and shine, not weighed down at all!!

Marcia loves the CARE line from KEUNE

Keune Care Vital Satin Oil, Oil Milk and Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream

I actually have been using 3 items from the CARE line but I left one at my beauty salon when I got my hair color treated the last time. It’s waiting for me there though for my third treatment. That product is the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray ($31) which is used for dry, damaged hair. It’s applied on the scalp before during and after coloring or texturizing treatments. Since I color every 3 – 4 weeks I’ve been adding it either at home or bringing it to the salon for application prior to my color treatment. What I like about it is that it protects hair from environmental damage and UV rays. The longer my color stays vibrant, the happier I am. When I use this Protein Spray my color is looking good from start to finish, if only it didn’t gray in so gray!

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray

There are two products that I’ve been using every time I wash my hair. Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream ($30) and Satin Oil, Oil Milk ($30). I had chosen the Thermal Cream as my product for the giveaway so I’m thrilled that Lisa chose the Oil Milk since that combination is perfect for me.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream

Keune Nutrition Thermal Cream is what I use out of the shower to wet brush through my hair. Thermal Cream is a lightweight cream on the verge of being liquidy. It’s not thick so it spreads through my hair evenly. There is a light fragrance to it that doesn’t linger too long when I use this on its own. The thermal cream is great for hair that is brittle and damaged from heat styling. Since I have to blow my hair dry I’m guilty of needing this protective shield. It helps to restore and revitalize hair as well as protect it from dehydation. “This is a revitalizing cream that protects brittle, damaged hair against heat tools. Use it before thermal styling with flatirons, curling irons, and hairdryers.”

Keune Care Satin Oil, Oil Milk

Keune Care Satin Oil is an oil milk so it doesn’t have the same feel as an oil. It’s a spray on with a light formula that absorbs into my hair instantly. There are 3 different oils used to create this wonderful product and none of them create grease or weight. I’ve used this Satin Oil with the Thermal Cream and also on its own on second day hair. I find that spraying some on my hands and applying it to my hair before I style dry hair is great because it doesn’t add any greasy feeling. It dries quickly so that I can use my hot brush to revive my hair. This has more of a fragrance than the Thermal Cream and it does last longer but usually by the time I’m ready to leave home it’s not noticeable. The fragrance of these is pleasant, probably more like a floral perfume than anything else.

KEUNE is a salon line. We were very happy to see it’s carried at the JC Penney salons but if you want to meet the line in person visit their website to see where you can find a salon near you. We found over a dozen very close to our homes.


Two winners, US only. Winners will each received Keune Care Satin Oil and Keune Care Nutrition Thermal Cream for a fantastic hair combination. This is open through 1/22/18 at 11:59 pm EST. You must be an email subscriber and comment, all other entries are optional to gain you better chances to win. Good luck!

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  1. Holly Thomas | 12th Jan 18

    My hair is coarse and dry.

  2. Gia Welch | 12th Jan 18

    My hair is much better than it was since I cut about 10″ off in the fall. It had split ends like mad, now it’s great, but I miss my elbow length hair. As is, it’s oily scalp and dryer ends.

  3. Laurie Nykaza | 12th Jan 18

    My hair is thin and the ends are dry a little oily on top. I do keep it colored and high lighted too.

  4. Stacey Roberson | 13th Jan 18

    Very oily. I could use a deep conditioning treatment and something to add some volume.

  5. Elena | 14th Jan 18

    My hair is thinning and sun damaged

  6. Amanda Stovall | 14th Jan 18

    Mine is in decent condition… But definitely not in the best condition due to blow-drying & sometimes using my straightening iron.

  7. Jeanne Coulombe | 14th Jan 18

    My hair is thin and brittle always looks burnt I don’t know what to do about it.

  8. jeanette sheets | 14th Jan 18

    thin and braking off ,needs help

  9. Anita Duvall | 14th Jan 18

    My hair is very damaged right now. Just cutting off the last of my highlights.

  10. susan byrne | 14th Jan 18

    My hair is great, I rarely use a blow dryer or heat tools.

  11. Pauline Milner | 15th Jan 18

    My hair is very dry in the winter due to the low humidity. If I use too much conditioner, it gets oily. I am still looking for a product that can provide the right balance all year long. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  12. Julie Waldron | 15th Jan 18

    My hair is normal but I do use a flat iron daily.

  13. Teresa Kunberger | 15th Jan 18

    My hair is dry

  14. Tabitha | 17th Jan 18

    My hair could definitely use some TLC!

  15. Karley Moore | 18th Jan 18

    My hair is color treated so it could use some help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Helen | 20th Jan 18

    My hair is thick, dry and frizzy.

  17. patricia caradonna | 20th Jan 18

    My hair is thin, wavy and frizzy from the humidity.

  18. Leisl Gering | 20th Jan 18

    My hair is coarse and thick, and frizzy around the face.

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  20. M.J. Moore | 21st Jan 18

    My hair is somewhat damaged, but even at it’s best it’s somewhat frizzy!

  21. adriana | 22nd Jan 18

    i have wavy frizzy thinning hair with split ends.

  22. Sam | 22nd Jan 18

    My hair has its own mind. Its mood depends on the weather. Normally it is normal to oily.

  23. Annette | 22nd Jan 18

    My hair is in slightly damaged condition due to coloring.

  24. Rachel Beltz | 22nd Jan 18

    My hair is trying to recover from the weather changes! It’s fine and brittle!

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