Getting glowy! Profusion Strobe and Glow The Artistry Palette

Whenever I use a highlighting palette, I immediately think of photos of Marilyn Monroe. She had this amazing glow that was captured in photos – sometimes through incredible makeup tricks but she also had a natural glow that was just surreal. The goal with highlighters is to create that sort of glow, brightening skin so it looks softer, younger, and healthier. And who doesn’t want to look smoking hot like Marilyn? Even just a little bit??

Profusion Strobe and Glow The Artistry Palette


Profusion Strobe and Glow The Artistry Palette

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Profusion is a brand new to Beauty Info Zone and I’m struck by the quality and the affordability. Strobe and Glow The Artistry Palette is the first of several items we were sent to try, and it’s lots of fun. The price is right – just $10 for nine big pans of color. They remind me of Becca’s highlighters although they are more powdery in texture. The pigmentation is surprisingly excellent – seriously, for ten bucks I didn’t expect a lot, but these babies deliver. They give a beautiful glow and sheen, and can be built up for more drama.

A 9-shade highlight palette for soft glow to bold shimmer effects that instantly brighten and lift your features. Strobe by sweeping a shade to the high-points of your face with a Pro Series brush. The buildable shades can also be layered to customize, for a glow that catches the light with every turn. Easy-blending and suitable for all skin tones.

You can use these anywhere – face, neck, decolletage, arms. The brush that is included is actually pretty nice, too.  Because the initial brush through is powdery, just shake out the brush before application. You will find your favorites – hopefully Profusion starts selling these shades on an individual basis soon, because I would love to have compacts of Fairy Dust and Glazed.

You can find Profusion at Target and online at  – Lisa


  1. Ehmkay Nails | 31st Aug 18

    I feel like I would reach for glazed a lot. It’s so pretty.

  2. Lola Seicento | 31st Aug 18

    What a pretty palette! It swatches so beautifully! I can’t believe it only costs $10.00! What a bargain!

  3. Courtney B | 31st Aug 18

    What a lovely glam palette! I love all of the shades.

  4. Jen Walker | 31st Aug 18

    I don’t have this particular palette, but I do have the Profusion highlighter tin and love it! While I’m not crazy about the powderiness, it’s not the worst thing ever, and for the price, you can’t beat it!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 31st Aug 18

    Such pretty, wearable shades! I like highlighters and bronzers that don’t make me look like a disco ball or like I have dirt on my face. And these look lovely. In fact, I have Profusion Pro Face palette on my desk to photograph, and I just looked to see if I have any of the same shades, but mine are different, but still pretty!

  6. Chelsea | 31st Aug 18

    I love love love Glazed! I would also love 3 Wishes when my skin is tan and I can get away with using a more bronze-y highlighter.

  7. PolishandPaws | 1st Sep 18

    I love Heartfelt and Glazed! I would definitely reach for Glazed time and time again.

  8. Teresa Koedyker | 1st Sep 18

    What a gorgeous palette and the price is amazing!!

  9. monique s | 1st Sep 18

    I love the colors in the palette and I love the way that it can give such a natural glow to your face and do a bold or subtle highlight. Fantastic!!

  10. Polished Hippy | 1st Sep 18

    This is definitely a good set for lighter skintones. The darker shades would function as blushes for me.

  11. Nina Kasper | 1st Sep 18

    This palette is just gorgeous and would work with my skin tone for sure!!! I love it!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 2nd Sep 18

    Have you tried any of their eyeshadows?

  13. Lulle | 3rd Sep 18

    The quality looks really great for such an affordable price tag! I’ve heard very good reviews of Profusion before, I’m tempted to try the brand.

  14. Glamorable | 3rd Sep 18

    Heartfelt is such a pretty one!

  15. My Nail Polish Obsession | 4th Sep 18

    Pretty palette! So many nice colors.

  16. Polarbelle | 5th Sep 18

    There are some really pretty colors there.

  17. Cassie Tucker | 5th Sep 18

    This palette looks gorgeous and bonus points for the brush being a decent one! I’ll be adding this to my to try list.

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