Get winter relief with Babo and Brevena

Brevena Therapy Balms and Babo Botanicals Hydrating Stick

There are two brands that I’m using to help get through the harshness of winter. Babo Botanicals has a new Sensitive Skin Care Therapy line that has products that hydrate, cleanse, calm and comfort dry skin as well as sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

The second brand is BREVENA® whose products focus on skin health and hydration using Macro B Complex®, their proprietary ingredient proven to deliver gorgeous, glowing, ultra-smooth skin.

The main reason I was excited to get products from both brands is that they are basically fragrance free and both help with dry skin. I’m all about fragrance free whenever possible.

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Babo Botanicals Sensitive Skin Dry Relief Hydrating Stick

BABO BOTANICALS Sensitive Skin Dry Relief Hydrating Stick is an all in one product. It’s just the right size to carry with you to help relieve so many issues: chapped lips, eczema, dry hands and cuticles, insect bites, and more. I’ve been looking for products that are great for travel and this fits in perfectly with my plans. There’s a slight minty smell to it and feels soothing when applied.

The packaging is like a mini deodorant (3″ tall, 1.5″ wide) and is suitable for everyone including children. It’s 100% natural and contains medical grade colloidal oatmeal for immediate dry skin relief. The benefits are that it protects against dry and chapped lips, as well as relieves and soothes flare ups, irritation, rashes and itchiness. Sounds pretty miraculous and it actually is. I’ve used it mostly on my hands since my fingers often get chapped.

Babo Botanicals Hydrating Stick

Ingredients that help it moisturize and soothe are shea and cocoa butters. It’s also enriched with “Nutri-Soothe Complex”. There are other products in this Sensitive Skin line like Hydra Therapy Lotion for dry and eczema prone skin (fragrance free and vegan) and Hydra Therapy Wash for face and body. (gluten, soy, dairy and sulfate free).

BREVENA®’s products focus on skin health and hydration using Macro B Complex® and a blend of emollients to deliver deep hydration. Their products are not only fragrance free but they are also dye-free, made in the US, not tested on animals, and are great for all skin types. I’ve been using both their Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm and the Intensive Foot & Heel Repair and realized that they are actually the same product but different packaging. So you only need one to perform a fantastic job of moisturizing your hands and feet.

Brevena Intensive Foot & Heel Repair and Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm

In 90% of the hand cream reviews I see they talk about how quickly the product absorbs but I’m not going to say that. This is a thicker balm so it takes time for maximum absorption. Brevena says to give it about 15 minutes though I find that after 10 minutes it feels terrific and I can go on with my life. For some that might mean to use it before bed, for others it means just take a little extra time. My hands don’t feel greasy after but they feel fabulously soft and protected.

ingredients for Brevena Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm and for Intensive Foot & Heel Repair

Both the Hand & Cuticle Balm and the Foot & Heel Repair have the same ingredients and texture.

Brevena Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm swatch

I’m not a person who can sleep in socks so I apply the Intensive Foot & Heel Repair when I get it bed. Not only do I massage it into my tootsies but I also use the remainder on my hands. Not everyone is going to have this luxury but if I just had one it would be on my nightstand. There’s a protective barrier that helps my hands and feet look better – no more scaly heels or fingers. While these are expensive to begin with ($49) remember that they aren’t lotions or creams. They are protective balms and a little goes a long way. (Our key ingredient is Macro B Complex, a botanical element extracted from the cell wall of the oat plant)

Don’t let the rest of winter beat you down. Fight back and shield your skin from the harshness of winter and skin problems with Babo Botanicals and Brevena Laboratories.  —  Marcia



  1. This sounds great! I’m sure this could be a perfect gift for someone whose hands are normally in water all the time. I know the cracked/dryness gets very irritating.

  2. Yvette Price says

    I’m pretty sure Nurses would appreciate this. My sister is an RN and she had really dry hands due to the antibacterial.

  3. These both sound like great products. Winter is so harsh on skin!

  4. I need that Budrating Stick at my desk at work!! Dry weather, cardboard boxes, and continues hand washing are killing me!!!

  5. I need that Hydrating Stick at my desk at work!! Dry weather, cardboard boxes, and continues hand washing are killing me!!!

  6. I have the Babo Balm, and need to test it out soon!

  7. Ehmkay nails says

    I need that hydrating stick! I love the idea of throwing it in my purse!

  8. Thankfully it doesn’t really get that cold or dry here but I really love learning about new products to gift my relatives at Christmas/birthdays. And thank you for always having great reviews!

  9. how does this stick compare to vaseline? Thats my go-to for dry skin.

  10. This sounds interesting! I like the idea of it.

  11. I’m testing out the night an day creams from Brevena and really liking them!

  12. Oh I need these right now!

  13. I have got to get me some of these. Thanks for the recommendations.
    🙂 gwingal

  14. The ingredients are a little too thick for me unfortunately

  15. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    The hand/foot balm sounds great but ouch! That’s a steep price tag.

  16. Again…I have never heard of this brand. That stick looks so handy!

  17. SOUnds great! I feel like I’ve been constantly using cuticle piles and lotions! Everything is so dry!

  18. I’ve never dealt with dry hands until this year and my hands have been SO chapped and painful! Definitely looking into this!

  19. Both products look great .. I am very comfortable sleeping with socks..but still foot & hand cream should be part of every nightstand I believe

  20. I need that hydrating stick in my life. I’ve got serious eczema patches going on and they’ll randomly flare up with itching and burning. This would be perfect for me!

  21. I’ve nwver tried these brands before but they sound amazing. Especially the Brevena hand and cuticle lotion.

  22. I need a balm like that with some gloves! The sides of my pointer fingers always get cracked in the winter.

  23. I need that foot & heel repair!

  24. I need that foot cream. My heels are always so cracked and dry no matter what I do.

  25. boy, my fingers get so dry, too. And now that we’re in Az, they get really dry in summer from the pool. I really like the idea of the stick.

  26. gloria patterson says

    This winter weather is killing my hair and skin! I run a humidifier 24/7 it helps but not enough. I will have to check into these products because I to like fragrance free products