Get The Perfect Red nail polish from Emilie Heathe Nail Artist

Emilie Heathe, Nail Artist

February means red polish in my world. I love it other times of the year but in February I crave it. That means when Emilie Heathe Nail Artist sent me The Perfect Red that I was in heaven.

What appeared at my door was the best packaging for a polish that I’ve seen. It took me a while to realize that this adorable case held a polish. I thought for sure it was a blush.

Emilie Heathe

Emilie Heathe is a brand that is environmentally aware so their nail polishes are 10 Free and the packaging they use is recyclable. The box that held the polish is made from recycled paper. (Our Nail Artist is free of Parabens, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide,Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide (TBHP) and animal derived ingredients. No animal testing involved.)

Emilie Heathe The Perfect Red

The shape of the bottle with the pretty gold top is like a work of art. The brush itself is on the small side which worried my nail tech at first but once she started using it her reaction changed to a positive one. She felt that the brush was excellent and that it applied the polish well.

Emilie Heathe The Perfect Red

There was never any dragging on the brush and there wasn’t any pooling in my cuticles.

Emilie Heathe The Perfect Red (under salon light)

The color is a warm red, I consider it a tomato red. The wear has been wonderful. After 3 days I reapplied a top coat to keep it looking fresh but that’s the only amount of touch-up needed.

Emilie Heathe Nail Artist is a relatively new brand of polish, her brand has only been in business since December, 2017; but she’s worked on developing her brand for 17 years so she’s no newbie.

While I haven’t been able to test this out I think it’s fascinating: “Clever, long-wearing nail polishes become brilliantly functional design objects. Smooth, architectural curves enclose intense color, and masterfully curated ingredients. Custom Japanese bottles MAGNETIZE together in pairs for impeccable travel and organization.”

I’m set for impressing people with my Valentine Perfect Red polish and think you should  be that way too.  —  Marcia

The Perfect Red by Emilie Heathe Nail Artist




  1. I noticed this post on your blog last night. I couldn’t help but notice the fantastic packaging, and that stunning red lacquer. I am drooling!

  2. I love the bottle and that red is absolutely stunning! Your gorgeous mani is absolute perfection, and I love that color on you!

  3. That’s a beautiful, glossy red!

  4. I love the red shade and the packaging, very modern looking

  5. I hadn’t heard of Emilie Heathe before! I really love the shape of the bottle and that it has its own box. I’m going to go check out their polishes!

  6. The packaging is gorgeous though probably hard to hold on to!

  7. Ehmkay Nails says

    What an interesting package. I’m curious how the brush looks and how easy it is to use. Great classic red!

  8. 25.Sweetpeas says

    That packaging is sooo neat, but probably NOT fun to use/photo!

  9. I love this packaging!!! Perfect red for Valentine’s day!