Get healthy hair while you work out with Hair Warrior – and a giveaway!!

Working out is good for your body, good for your soul…not so good for your hair. All that hard earned sweat and perspiration doesn’t do your hair any favors, but Hair Warrior is the answer for protecting your coiff and helping your hair look as awesome as that rocking bod. Even better, the fabulous women from Hair Warrior are giving four Beauty Info Zone readers some Hair Warrior so they can work out and keep their hair healthy too!

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Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior is like a light conditioner that you apply to dry hair prior to working out, concentrating on the ends. It’s heat activated so when you heat up while working out it starts working on hair strands, protecting them from the salt that comes from sweat that roughens up the hair cuticle. Hair Warrior adds moisture and conditions hair, preventing damage and prolonging the life of hair color. After working out, you just shower (well of course!) and shampoo and condition hair like normal. You will be extremely happy with your fantastic healthy hair!

Hair Warrior
Hair Warrior before and after

Not only that, Hair Warrior acts as an electrolyte for hair follicles, so it actually gives more volume to hair too while reducing frizziness. It strengthens hair and makes it super healthy. Just look at all the amazing ingredients:

Quinoa is a botanical that adds body to your hair naturally. Quinoa’s unique amino acid chain helps to repair damage to the hair shaft, strengthening and protecting each strand.
Bamboo and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to re-hydrate damaged and processed hair – reducing split ends, smoothing strands and sealing in moisture.
Organic Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil are used to moisturize hair and add natural shine, while also preventing color oxidation.
Green Tea and Rosemary Extract act as antioxidants while also protecting hair from environmental stresses.
Eucalyptus rejuvenates the hair – invigorating the scalp and providing natural antibacterial and antiseptic protection.
Hair Warrior is free from parabans, glutens and formaldehyde and is a vegan friendly product.


Why not get strong and healthy in every way when you work out? I think Hair Warrior is a genius product and my hair is loving it! This is one giveaway you have to enter because I just know you will love this product.  Good luck!! – Lisa

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Be one of 4 US winners for Hair Warrior. The giveaway is open through 2/28/19 to Beauty Info Zone subscribers. Your comment and subscription are necessary to be eligible to win. All other entries in the Rafflecopter are extra ways to be chosen. Tweet daily for even more chances. All entries are verified so do your hair a favor and enter lawfully.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez | 16th Feb 19

    My hair has always been a struggle because it lacks volume. I also color it which I know doesn’t help. This sounds like a great product!

  2. Get healthy hair while you work out with Hair Warrior – and a giveaway!! – All Beauty Mall | 16th Feb 19

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  3. ann b | 16th Feb 19

    that before and after photo is amazing. i’d probably use it every day to smooth the endless frizz.

  4. Jennifer Crecelius | 16th Feb 19

    Ooh! I NEED something to help with the frizz! I’d love to try this!

  5. Angelica Dimeo | 16th Feb 19

    I would use it when I am out and about especially in the summer

  6. Sharon Rooney | 16th Feb 19

    I would use it prior to going to the gym in the morning. Maybe it will help my drowned rat look from sweating when I leave the gym. If not it will be good from my hair. LOL

  7. Mary W | 16th Feb 19

    I would try this in different ways to see which works best for my hair. Apply n the morning and leave in or follow directions and apply then wash out later. I could even use it overnight.

  8. Susan P. | 16th Feb 19

    Maybe this would help with the frizz, especially in the summer. It gets really hot here so heat is not a problem!

  9. Nancy | 16th Feb 19

    I would use this product at the start of my days, every day. My hair craves nourishment constantly. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Lynn T. | 16th Feb 19

    No way the before and after is so unbelievable!!! I 110% hope it’s true! I had frizzy dry and course hair my whole life, when I was younger and had to comb or tie up my hair I would yank at hair out of frustration crying and hoping to thin it out … I only learned about hair products in college but it’s so heavy and end up having to wash my hair everyday. I just my hair to be manageable with less breakage

  11. Lauren Peterson | 16th Feb 19

    I’d love to reduce the frizziness!

  12. Robin Creager | 17th Feb 19

    With my naturally curly hair, my hair would greatly benefit from using Hair Warrior. When I straighten it tends to damage it. I’d use it at least twice a week.

  13. Lisa Williams | 17th Feb 19

    I would use Hair Warrior right before I go on my long walks,my hair gets so frizzy and unruly it needs all the help it can get.

  14. Ken Ohl | 17th Feb 19

    My wife would love this product she gets several perms every year this would be great

  15. Edye | 17th Feb 19

    I’d give it to my mom!

  16. monique s | 17th Feb 19

    I would use hair warrior to help with the dryness and frizz in my hair and try to smooth and soften it

  17. amybelle2001 | 17th Feb 19

    I’d use Hair Warrior to tame my flyaways! Newish mom here and my hair is growing in and driving me crazy.

  18. patricia caradonna | 17th Feb 19

    I would use it in the morning after my shower. I lightly blow dry my hair so I would apply it then. I also would re-apply in the afternoon.

  19. Helga | 17th Feb 19

    I would use it once or twice a week, especially after working outside all day in the hot sun or a cold day.

  20. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 17th Feb 19

    I would put this on my hair before running! perfect for putting on my hair and then pulling hair up in a pony…

  21. Susan Smith | 17th Feb 19

    I would use this to reduce my frizzies.

  22. Vicki Wurgler | 17th Feb 19

    I would use it for the frizz during the summer when it gets hot and humid

  23. Steph | 17th Feb 19

    My hair is super frizzy I will try!

  24. Dawn Ransom | 17th Feb 19


  25. gala | 17th Feb 19

    I’d use it every day on my daughter’s hair to smooth the endless frizz.

  26. Tara L | 17th Feb 19

    I would use it during the summer time when my hair frizzes a bit.

  27. Adriana | 17th Feb 19

    My hair needs this.

  28. Debra Branigan | 17th Feb 19

    I will use it before I work out and when I feel the need for some volume.

  29. Maren | 18th Feb 19

    I would use this & go walk or run more than once a week.

  30. Jeanne Coulombe | 18th Feb 19

    I would use it for when I got to the gym also when I’m at the beach or out on the boat. My hair is so dry and brittle I would love to try this.

  31. Erin Ellis | 18th Feb 19

    This would be awesome before I get on the treadmill!

  32. Annamarie V | 18th Feb 19

    This would be great on my hair when I do water aerobics or while doing the long walks with the dog.

  33. Stacy Bennett | 18th Feb 19

    I NEED to try this! My hair becomes a frizzy mess after I work out!

  34. Carolsue | 19th Feb 19

    I would use it after I have been to the gym for my workouts! It should help from frizzy hair.

  35. Holly A Thomas | 19th Feb 19

    I would use it daily.

  36. stephanie jones | 19th Feb 19

    i would use this on my frizzy hair!

  37. Lyndsey Rullman | 19th Feb 19

    I would try it myself. I have really wavy and sometimes frizzy hair. Hopefully this would help me out and save me time from always having to use the flat-iron.

  38. Dericka Buckles | 19th Feb 19

    My hair is very dry so I’d use it to add more shine to my hair and to combat against frizz.

  39. Paula Pennachio | 19th Feb 19

    I would use it daily before and after all my work

  40. Katie | 19th Feb 19

    I would use before exercise

  41. Gia Welch | 19th Feb 19

    I’m always in the lookout for a great leave in conditioner and I think this would be great.

  42. Tabitha | 20th Feb 19

    To treat my hair.

  43. Heather Kaufman | 20th Feb 19

    I would use it when I workout.

  44. jason | 22nd Feb 19

    I would use this after workouts to clean all that sweaty smelly hair. Looks like an awesome product

  45. Gina Ferrell | 22nd Feb 19

    I would use Hair Warrior after a workout and in the summertime when they have so much humidity.

  46. Cindy Peterson | 22nd Feb 19

    I need this when I travel this summer to an area with higher humidity. My hair just goes crazy when I leave this dry climate.

  47. Miranda Carruthers | 22nd Feb 19

    I think my hair needs this.

  48. Darlene Carbajal | 22nd Feb 19

    This is amazing! I would definitely use it while working out!

  49. Irene Cypher | 22nd Feb 19

    I need this. My hair is thin and fine and breaks easy.

  50. Tiffany S | 22nd Feb 19

    I would like to use this to help with frizziness.

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