Get a personal recommendation from Kismet Cosmetics on Instagram! #MyKismetColor

Kismet Liquid LipsticksOk, I’ll admit it – I can be a little star struck when I meet or talk to the artists who create their own cosmetics line. I will always remember the time Scott Barnes rubbed some of his gleaming body lotion on my arms while he chatted about JLo. I will never, ever forget sitting with Bobbi Brown while she made up a list of the products from her line that she thought would be perfect for me as she told me about her recent MTV appearance. And how could I forget interviewing Dan Read and finding out he was a drummer in an ’80’s big hair band and his dad was an Elvis impersonator??

Every time I interact with one of these creative geniuses I feel as though I have been touched by a little magic. That’s how I felt when I posted an Instagram pic asking for a personal recommendation from Caitlin Picou, the super talented artist and creator of the Kismet Cosmetics line. Post a pic with the #MyKismetColor, tagging @KismetCosmetics, and guess what? She will give you a recommendation just for you!


I asked Caitlin what her inspiration was for creating her Instagram program. She said, “I developed this hashtag campaign because I noticed throughout my launches and pop ups, that women were asking for my professional opinion on which colors would look best. Whether it was because they never wear lipstick and are branching out, or they haven’t found their perfect color yet. As a licensed makeup artist, I was taught how to view skin tones and coloring to find the perfect complimentary shades whether it is lipstick or eye shadow. I also take into account personality. You can tell from photos when a woman is a little more bold with her lip color, so I suggest a bolder shade. I just want to make it easier for women to step up their beauty routine. There are so many products and colors out there, we all need help cutting out the clutter. And that is what my brand, Kismet, is doing. Small color choices, but all top trends. I am not here to confuse, I am here to help!”

I can always, always use a little help (ha!) so here is the picture I posted on Instagram:

Kismet Cosmetics pic


  • beautyinfozoneDid you know that by posting a photo of yourself and tagging#MyKismetColor, Caitlin Picou herself will respond with a personalized Kismet lipstick shade? So Caitlyn, which shade would work best for my not-so-full lips??

  • kismetcosmetics@beautyinfozonegreat photo! I could totally see you rocking our liquid lipstick Come Play!! You could wear a lot but I would love to see you in that one!

I asked Caitlin for a few more specifics, and she said, “The reason I picked Come Play for you was because I took into account your hair, eye and skin color. You have brown eyes and hair, which means you can get away with a lot of colors. But purple will enhance the beauty of the brown. Come Play has a purple tendency so together they will play off each other perfectly. It is kinda like an artist, hence ‘makeup artist’, I take a look at the pallet and go with what appeals to the eye the most.”

Kismet Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Come Play
Kismet Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Come Play

Kismet Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Come Play

I got my hot little hands on Come Play and guess what? I LOVE it. I never thought how purple tones can enhance my coloring, but Caitlin was spot on. Here I am sporting my new Kismet Cosmetics Come Play lippie…what do you think?  Go to Instagram and post a photo of yourself – I can’t wait to see what Caitlin recommends for you!!  – Lisa

Wearing Kismet Cosmetics Come Play
Wearing Kismet Cosmetics Come Play

@kismetcosmetics #MyKismetColor

*PR sample


  1. Rachel Beltz | 12th Dec 15

    Wow, she matched your color spot on! Looking at the swatch I wouldn’t have ever picked out that color… but when I see it on you it looks perfect!!

  2. Linda M | 13th Dec 15

    The color is lovely on you. Using instagram for feedback for cosmetics is amazing.

  3. Natalie Brown | 14th Dec 15

    This lip color is so pretty on you. LOVE! This is a cool concept too. Thanks for the fun information. 🙂

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