G.M. Collin Masks have something for everyone

G.M. Collin face masks

Three masks, three different purposes, and three ways to bring your skin some added relief. That’s G.M. Collin and a portion of their mask collection. G.M. Collin isn’t a brand that you hear much about but that should change since my first experience with it has been one I want to continue. Altogether G.M. Collin has 8 uniquely formulated dermo-corrective solutions to perfect your complexion. The three newest ones are Aqua Mask, Glow Mask, and Pure Mask.

With all of these masks the directions are the same – on clean, dry skin apply uniformly on your face and neck. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off. It’s recommended to use them twice a week.


I found that these don’t drip so I could do other things while the masks did their job or I could relax with my iPad.

G.M. Collin Aqua Mask

I’ll play favorites and start with the Aqua Mask. Maybe it’s the remarkable blue gel that appeals so much to me because it reminds me of a vacation. It’s meant for all skin types and is not only refreshing but it’s very hydrating. The gel nourishes skin and keeps dryness away. The gel feels cool when you apply making this a summer treat.

G.M. Collin Aqua Mask

  • Provides an intense, immediate and long-lasting moisturization.
  • Replenishes and reinforces the skin’s barrier.
  • Visibly smoothes and restores suppleness.
  • Provides a sensation of well-being.
  • Infused with a powerful blend of moisturizing ingredients, like Polynesian water microorganisms, to visibly smooth and restore the suppleness of dehydrated and stressed skin.

    G.M. Collin Aqua Mask

My next favorite is the Glow Mask.

G.M. Collin Glow Mask

This is a creamy orange mask that is a vitamin cocktail disguised as a facial mask. This one is so great for your skin. It’s meant to bring dull complexions and fatigued skin back to life.

G.M. Collin Glow Mask

Formulated with Camu camu extract and vitamins, this deliciously creamy mask:

  • Revives tired-looking skin.
  • Provides a radiant glow to the skin.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Decreases skin redness.

I love how my face looks and especially how it feels after using Glow Mask. While I don’t exactly glow, I’m no longer feeling dry and aching for moisture on my dry skin.

The third one I have is Pure Mask. This purple mask is a clay mask so it’s especially good for people with oily or problem skin. It helps to clean out your pores too which is why I occasionally will use a clay mask. It’s not a go-to mask for me but one I like having in my collection so that I can clear up my skin when necessary.

G.M.Collin Pure Mask

The ingredients in Pure Mask is what makes this a vital mask for some people. It contains both Bentonite and Kaolin Clay to detoxify and reduce excessive sebum. It has antioxidants from super berries that provide protection from free radical damage and environmental toxins that can clog pores. This purifying blend contains Salicylic Acid, combined with a complex of natural botanicals and extracts that work to alleviate redness and improve over all texture.

G.M.Collin Pure Mask

This is the only one of the three masks that has an obvious fragrance. It contains a Rose Myrtle extract called Acnilys, which acts as an oily skin regulator, decreases visible skin redness, tightens the appearance of pores and limits inflammatory lesions. The fragrance was strong as I first applied the mask but lessened within the time I used it and didn’t linger on my skin.

G.M.Collin Pure Mask

You can find GM Collin Masks at SkinTrends.com (lower price there), OrganicSkinCare.com, SkincarebyAlana.com (receive 10% off your first buy there) and at many spas.

As someone who believes in the power of a good mask I think these are great to help your skin achieve your maximum beauty.  —  Marcia


  1. I have tried a bunch of their products, but not these masks. I will say that I have really liked what I have tried, and I would be interested in trying these (specially since I LOVE masking!). Thanks for the informative review, Marcia.

  2. I have tried a bunch of their products, but not these masks. I will say that I have really liked what I have tried, and I would be interested in trying these (especially since I LOVE masking!). Thanks for the informative review, Marcia.

  3. I need to utilize masks more. I have them and then never use them. How many uses do you get out of these containers?

  4. I’m glad to hear they don’t drip! The Aqua Mask could definitely fit into my routine right now.

  5. Kathryne says

    I like masks that don’t drip although I try my best not to do anything when I have mask on so I can totally relax even just for a brief u

  6. Shannon D Citrino says

    This stuff looks really nice

  7. It sounds like the Aqua Mask might work for me. Thanks for showing these to us!

  8. That Aqua Mask looks great! I love that glycerin is one of the top ingredients – that works well for my skin.

  9. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    I’ve been so obsessed with serums that I forgot about masks! These sound great.