Freshen your hair for fall with Kerasilk Style!


I am still on my Goldwell Kerasilk Haircare bandwagon – wow do I love this line. It has tons of great products including color, styling, shampoo/conditioner, and dry shampoo.  Kerasilk is different because it has engineered Keratin and lightweight silk that contributes to the integrity of the products. I discovered this line a while back because my stylist uses and recommends it – in fact, the Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditioner are big favorites of mine. I have long hair and lots of it, but it’s very fine, so finding styling products that work and don’t weigh it down can be challenging. There are some fabulous finds in Kerasilk that will freshen up your hairdo for fall for everything from fine hair to thick, unruly hair.

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The NEW KERASILK STYLE: BODIFYING VOLUME MOUSSE ($31.99) is a lovely thick mousse that makes my hair incredibly bouncy and shiny. I actually wash my hair at night because it takes so long to dry, so I put my styling products on at night too. That means I need something that will last until the morning when I actually curl or flat-iron, so I ask a lot of my styling products. The Kerasilk Bodifying Volume Mousse gives my fine hair fantastic volume that is still there in the morning and I can’t get over how soft and fabulous it makes my hair feel. I love it!!


The NEW KERASILK STYLE: FIXING EFFECT HAIRSPRAY ($31.99) is a very interesting hairspray. It has a noticeable scent that I think some people may not like. I myself am not a big fan – it’s perfumey – but thankfully it dissipates quickly. I say thankfully because without the scent this is the PERFECT weightless hairspray! No joke. So many weightless hairsprays are useless – I always feels like, why even bother?? My curls are limp and lifeless by the end of the day. So I end up using hairsprays with hold that keep my curls but don’t give me super touchable hair. The Kerasilk Fixing Effect Hairspray is an outlier. It really works – my hair feels super soft and touchable, yet after 12 hours at work I still have curls. Here’s a pic I took with my phone at 8 pm at night – keep in mind I was still at work after arriving at 7 am that morning. It had been a cold, windy run in from the parking lot, and I hadn’t even brushed my hair all day (yeah, what a day that was!!)

Not too bad considering!

I love my Goldwell Kerasilk products and I think both the KERASILK STYLE: FIXING EFFECT HAIRSPRAY and the KERASILK STYLE: BODIFYING VOLUME MOUSSE are winners. Freshen up your hair for fall and get them both.  – Lisa


  1. Lisa | 26th Oct 18

    This seems really nice, I’d love to try it.

  2. gloria patterson | 26th Oct 18

    These products sound so wonderful! I spend time on my hair and when I finish it looks so good. By the time I get to the car it is just a flat nothing unless of course I just a LOT of spray

  3. Lynne B | 26th Oct 18

    I haven’t used Kerasilk in years. I think I’m going to have to try it again.

  4. Barrie | 26th Oct 18

    This sounds like great hair products. I love how they last long and hair still feels soft!

  5. monique s | 27th Oct 18

    I haven’t tried Kerasilk yet, but it sounds great and like it would help smooth and soften hair.

  6. Helga | 28th Oct 18

    I have really fine hair too so I would like to try that mousse.

  7. Susan Gillam | 28th Oct 18

    I may have to give this a try, I have very long hair, it’s fine, but I have lots of it so it looks thicker than it is.

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