Freshen up your fall fragrance wardrobe with Molton Brown

It is officially fall – the days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting cooler.  Time to put away those light summer scents and freshen up that fall fragrance wardrobe!  Molton Brown recently launched their collection of 3.3 fl. oz. EDTs,  and there is a fragrance in this collection for everyone.  I have three favorite picks – plus a bonus suggestion for the best night’s sleep on those cold autumn evenings!

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Fragrance Families

  • Citrus
    • Orange & Bergamot: Discover a reformulated, modern take of our beloved eau de toilette; an immersive experience with lively Sevillian orange, cedarwood and blossoming neroli.
    • Bushukan: A refreshing, zingy eau de toilette blended with citrusy bushukan and spicy black pepper.
  • Floral
    • Rosa Absolute: An opulent, floral eau de toilette, evoking romantic femininity with Italian red rose, spicy pink pepper and sweet vanilla.
    • Heavenly Ginger: Our much-loved heavenly fragrance is now available in an alluring eau de toilette, blended with ginger, jasmine and floral notes.
  • Woody
    • Russian Leather: Siberian pine oil mingles with sophisticated notes of leather accord, cade oil and birch in an intense eau de toilette.
    • Tobacco Absolute: A warm, woody eau de toilette that combines complex notes of Paraguayan tobacco, balsam and musk, lifted by a hint of vibrant grapefruit.
    • Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold: A heady eau de toilette fragrance with deep, rich aromas from the East.
  • Spicy
    • Re-charge Black Pepper: Our iconic spicy black pepper fragrance enhanced in a rousing eau de toilette with more natural notes for an intense, sophisticated and longer-lasting scent.
    • Fiery Pink Pepper: Our signature spicy pink pepperpod fragrance accentuated in an alluring eau de toilette, enhanced with more delicately balanced, complex aromas.
  • Aromatic
    • Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel: A sea-soaked fragrance for him immersed in notes of salt-sprayed cypress with earthy cedarwood and musk, refreshed with a modern twist of zesty bergamot and fig leaf accord.

Rosa Absolute has top notes black current, pink pepper, raspberry; mid notes rose, violet leaf, geranium; base notes patchouli, labdanum, and vanilla.  This is an absolutely lovely fall rose scent – warm and soft and kind of musky.  It isn’t overly sweet or overly floral, which can happen with rose scents.  The pink pepper and the patchouli really spice it up, making this a fabulous fall fragrance.

Fiery Pink Pepper is not the Pink Pepper you are familiar with…it’s Fiery Pink Pepper, a more sophisticated version that is much more interesting.  It’s spicy and sweet at the same time, a very warm fragrance that is great for chilly days.

Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold is a heady, spicy, warm scent that could not be more perfect for crisp fall days.  To me it smells like tobacco, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon…intoxicating!  It’s a smooth, creamy scent that is absolutely incredible.  Truly a fragrance to invest in.

All of the 3.3 oz. fragrances are $100 and you can find them online at Molton Brown as well as in boutiques everywhere.

Coco & Sandalwood Home and Linen Mist

One more Molton Brown item I have to recommend for fall is the Coco & Sandalwood Home and Linen Mist ($34).  Oh my goodness is this stuff fabulous.  The top notes are coconut, cinnamon and milk; mid notes are jasmine, cedarwood and copahu; and base notes are sandalwood, guaiac wood and vetiver.  I spray this onto my sheets and pillowcases and my bedding smells so amazing…it makes for the most incredible sleep ever!  You’ve got to check it out.

Molton Brown has fantastic options for updating your fall fragrance wardrobe – treat yourself to something new!  – Lisa


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 27th Sep 18

    OMG, I need these!!!

  2. Claudia Materdomini | 27th Sep 18

    The florals sounds so good to me.

  3. Ehmkay Nails | 28th Sep 18

    Sounds awesome. I’ve heard such great things about their shower gels. These scents sound great.

  4. Dana Rodriguez | 28th Sep 18

    These all sound so nice. I think I would really love the Aromatic.

  5. Lola Seicento | 28th Sep 18

    I love Molton Brown fragrances, and have 4-5 of them! They are so delicious!

  6. monique s | 28th Sep 18

    I have never heard of Molton Brown before. The list above has some great blends and I love the citrus and the woody ones as they are so natural and earthy

  7. Polarbelle | 29th Sep 18

    I love their aesthetic but generally the scent of their products are just too heavy for me. I always want to like them but the heaviest note just never agrees with me.

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  9. Helga | 29th Sep 18

    The citrus scents sound wonderful to me. These are out of my price range but I notice the more expensive perfumes do last longer.

  10. Mary W | 29th Sep 18

    These are pretty pricey for just 3.3 ounces. I bet they smell good though!

  11. | 30th Sep 18

    I didn’t know they had EDTs! I’m addicted to Molton Brown Shower Gels, so I need these in my life asap!

  12. Lulle | 30th Sep 18

    Interesting that they reformulated the Orange & Bergamot scent! It’s one of my favorites from them, now I’m curious to try the new version.

  13. Bailey | 1st Oct 18

    The scents all sound so interesting, but I am most intrigued by Oudh Accord & Gold

  14. Christy Peeples DuBois | 3rd Oct 18

    All of these sound appealing. I will have to shop them in person and pick up a couple of products. It sounds like they have a lot more than I thought.

  15. Chelsea | 4th Oct 18

    I’m so picky about fragrances because so many scents give me a headache! I think I would love the Home & Linen mist though because I love soft scents like coconut and the milk sounds like a nice touch.

  16. Jen Mathews | 9th Oct 18

    These sound amazing!

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