Forget one size fits all with Dove UltraCare Conditioners

One size doesn’t always fit all, especially with hair care. I know guys seem to think that one product will do everything – wash and condition hair, wash your body, even wash the shower stall.

Dove UltraCare Conditioners are Dove’s first conditioner series with customized care for different types of hair: Milk-Gel for fine, damaged hair, Foam for fine, delicate hair and Crème for thick, damaged hair.

Dove UltraCare Conditioners all have patented technologies that make them different not only from one another, but also from any other conditioner available at the store. If you know what your hair needs, you can find exactly which conditioner will take care of your hair’s unique needs. They all have Dove Micro-Nourishing Complex, but delivered differently to meet the needs of different hair types.

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Dove UltraCare Milk-Gel Conditioner
Dove UltraCare Milk-Gel Conditioner

The Dove UltraCare Milk-Gel Conditioner ($4.99) is the one to reach for if you have fine, damaged hair.  The Balance + Moisture formula gives extra hydration for extremely dry hair, and the Balance + Repair focuses more on fixing damaged hair. Those of us with fine hair know that conditioners often weigh those fine strands down, and the Milk-Gel is really fabulous because it has an innovative foaming technology that uses tiny bubbles of moisture. This means the conditioner is super light and it smooths into hair instantly, moisturizing and detangling right away. It doesn’t have any of the waxes that many conditioners have so it won’t weigh down fine hair, but it does have Keratin Repair Actives which repairs hair and adds much-needed body and volume.

Dove UltraCare Milk-Gel Conditioner is heavily fragranced, which you either love or hate. If you don’t like fragranced hair products, this would not be a good choice for you. The Balance + Repair formula has a much lighter fragrance than the Balance + Moisture formula.

Dove UltraCare Foam Conditioner
Dove UltraCare Foam Conditioner
Dove UltraCare Foam Conditioner

The Dove UltraCare Foam Conditioner ($4.99) is the one to reach for if your hair is fine and delicate.  The foam is pillowy soft and light, literally melting into those super fine strands, giving them mega moisture and conditioning. The foam technology uses tiny bubbles that automatically evenly distribute themselves so no area gets overloaded with moisture. Super fine hair is detangled, moisturized, and smoothed without any extra heaviness or weight, and no  breakage of any of those delicate strands.

The Foam Conditioner is a very fun method for conditioning hair. The foam rinses out quickly and cleanly, and leaves hair feeling wonderful. There are two versions – Weightless + Volume for added body, and Weightless + Moisture for added hydration. In terms of fragrance, the Volume version is much lighter, but again if you aren’t into fragranced hair care, this isn’t for you.

Dove UltraCare Crème Conditioner
Dove UltraCare Crème Conditioner

The Dove UltraCare Crème Conditioner ($4.99) is the one to reach for if your hair is thick and damaged from coloring your hair, using heat styling tools, or from environmental factors. This is a traditional, thick creamy conditioner with the highest level of Dove Micro-Nourishing Complex in the UltraCare line. Not only does it treat the outside of the hair shaft, the Keratin Repair Actives also work at the core of each strand to strengthen and repair hair. It leaves frizzy damaged hair looking smooth and healthy. The really unique technology is something called Micro-Sheets, which eliminates tangles and reduces breakage in thick and damaged hair.

After the fun of the other two novel conditioners, the Dove UltraCare Crème Conditioner seemed a bit anti-climactic to me since it’s pretty traditional in delivery. Also, since I have fine hair, it isn’t well suited to my strands. However, I did find it to be great for my ends, which tend to be dry and damaged.  It did an excellent job on them and gave me immediate gratification. The fragrance in the Dove UltraCare Crème Conditioner is, I think, the strongest of the three types of conditioner.

No question, every head of hair is different from the next.  Why would we ever assume that one conditioner would be appropriate for every single person? I applaud Dove for their excellent range of options, particularly the variety for those of us with fine hair (four separate types?  Heaven.) If fragrance is fine with you, give these a try!  – Lisa


  1. Cindy Ingalls | 2nd May 19

    It’s great to know there are so many affordable options!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 2nd May 19

    I need to look into UltraCare. Sounds perfect for my thick hair

  3. | 3rd May 19

    I’ve never tried a foam conditioner, I wonder how that would work out for dry, damaged hair. It sounds like a lot of fun in the shower!

  4. Jen Walker | 3rd May 19

    Oh! I should try the Foam Conditioner! I have a LOT of hair, but it is pretty fine and goes flat with a lot of others. Thanks for suggesting it!

  5. monique s | 3rd May 19

    I am a huge fan of Dove products. They have always given great results with my hair. I am excited to try their new products

  6. Nancy | 3rd May 19

    New formula to me. The texture looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 3rd May 19

    LMAO that meme!! Yes I can’t stand the EVERYTHING formulas. I’m so picky with conditioner but I always trust Dove.

  8. Lola Seicento | 3rd May 19

    I received these and need to start testing them. I am so curious about them.

  9. Dana Rodriguez | 3rd May 19

    HAHAH That meme is great! I love Dove products. I am going to check these out.

  10. Lynne B | 3rd May 19

    Kudos to Dove for finally creating lines for specific purposes.

  11. Stephanie Telford | 3rd May 19

    I just got these & I’m so loving them!!!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 3rd May 19

    Oo these sound quite nice!

  13. Tara L | 3rd May 19

    I love Dove hair care products. They never disappoint me and the body wash is amazing.

  14. Stacie | 4th May 19

    I love all of the newness from Dove right now, including their social media campaigns.

  15. Debbie Yoder | 4th May 19

    Im going to check the Dove products out! These are new to me but sound very nice,Im always looking for new products!

  16. Krystal E | 4th May 19

    I never thought about it before but it makes total sense! I love Dove so I’m down to try!

  17. Bailey | 6th May 19

    The foam conditioner looks like it would be fun to use, but I love the sound of the milk gel formula.

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