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FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women

In the world of facial cleansing devices, one stands out from the crowd – the FOREO LUNA ™  for Women ($199).

The typical skin care brush is battery operated with a cleansing brush that eventually wears out and needs replacing.  I have owned my FOREO LUNA™ for four years now, and it not only doesn’t show any signs of wear, I’ve only had to charge it one time — and that’s with using it almost every single day.  This unique little pink machine is truly beyond impressive.

FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women

The FOREO LUNA™ is not just a facial cleansing brush:

  • Organic design – 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable for 450 uses at a time, and it looks beautiful as well! Transdermal sonic pulsations, rather than standard oscillation, gently stimulate blood flow beneath the skin’s surface, cleansing from the inside out and smoothing away the signs of aging in a similar way to the Botox® effect.
  • Nonabrasive brush surfaces made from soft, smooth silicone – the first of their kind – making it ultra-gentle and actually pleasant to use on the skin.
  • So effective, you notice a visible difference in skin tone after just 3 days, and your face will feel softer and invigorated after just one use.
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women

The pink version, which is the one I have, is for sensitive/normal skin. There are two other options available – the white version is for ultra-sensitive skin and the blue version is for combination skin.  There is also a LUNA™ for Men made for men’s skin, and it comes in black, a more manly color.

FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women

The LUNA™ is a silicone facial cleanser with small nubs that vibrate.  The transdermal sonic pulsations bring dirt and grime up and out of pores, which not only cleanses skin but also perfectly primes it for your skin care products.  Because skin is cleansed and exfoliated, it helps your serums and moisturizers absorb and increased their efficacy.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary, I like to pre-cleanse first with a makeup remover.  I find that with the surface dirt gone, the LUNA™ can cleanse even more deeply.  The intensity of the pulsations is controlled via the plus and minus buttons that are right next to the on/off button.

You don’t have to press hard at all for this gem to work.  Light pressure is all that’s needed, and the rounded shape makes it easy to get into awkward areas like around the nose and under the eyes.  I first get my face wet, then apply cleanser, then use the LUNA™ in a circular motion. It really only takes about two minutes to cleanse your whole face.  Once I rinse and dry my face, I use the other side of the LUNA™  for a quick anti-aging massage.

FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women
FOREO : LUNA ™ for Women

The center button activates the lower-frequency Anti-Aging Mode, which you then press on five different points for 12 seconds each – between eyebrows, right temple, right nasolabial fold, left nasolabial fold, then the left temple. This light massage relaxes those tension points and help prevent lines and wrinkles. Plus, it increases the blood circulation to those areas which increases collagen and elastin production. All that equals firmer skin with better elasticity.  Besides, it’s just a great way to relax and pamper yourself.  I use it right after cleansing, I just flip the LUNA™  around, press the center button, and enjoy the next minute. It feels great and after my skin definitely glows.  You can also use it with your favorite skin care creams or serums.

FOREO says that once charged, the LUNA™ lasts for at least 450 uses.  I say it last for many more than that, and it is perfect for travel since you don’t need the charger cord.  It also comes with a handy silky travel pouch and it’s totally waterproof so you can use it in the shower without worry.

If you aren’t sold yet, consider this – the initial purchase is the total investment.  There are no replacement brushes to buy, and the FOREO LUNA™ is very hygienic.  I can personally vouch for the longevity of the brush.  Like I said, four years of constant use and while my LUNA™ looks well loved, the little nubs haven’t worn away at all.

If you haven’t invested in a LUNA™ for Women Skincare Brush yet, this is a perfect time!  Just use the promo code BYBLOG for 10% off your purchase.  Your skin will love you for it.  – Lisa

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  1. [email protected] | 4th Nov 15

    Great post! I had been invited to attend a Foreo event in Boston, but it was originally scheduled for when I was going to be out of town. Then it was going to be rescheduled, but it seems like it never made it to Boston. I was dying to have an opportunity to try out the Foreo for sensitive skin. I like my cleansing brush but it’s too abrasive for me to use more than once a week. Curious to see if this is gentler!

  2. Alina | 5th Nov 15

    I love that it’s both fashionable and functional. And that it’s 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable for 450 uses at a time is amazing.

  3. Destany | 5th Nov 15

    I’ve heard such great things about the Foreo Luna – I’ve just not taken the plunge. I might need to now!

  4. Nidia - Lit From Within | 5th Nov 15

    I love mine. It’s so gentle and easy to use and clean.

  5. Leelo R | 5th Nov 15

    I had no idea there’s also Foreo Luna for men. I have never tried Foreo Luna, but it does sound like an amazing product!

  6. Shipra | 5th Nov 15

    I love my Foreo Luna so much! I use it nearly every single day, and it definitely keeps me from breaking out. 🙂

  7. Lola Seicento | 5th Nov 15

    I am absolutely obsessed with my FOREO LUNA! It is such an amazing cleansing and anti-aging device!

  8. Jamie | 5th Nov 15

    I’ve been so curious about this. I definitely need to try it!

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 5th Nov 15

    I love my Luna! Even my facialist uses one!

  10. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 5th Nov 15

    I actually really like this.

  11. Kath TheFabZilla | 6th Nov 15

    I like my Luna Foreo. I use it more frequently compared to Clarisonic

  12. Anastasia | 6th Nov 15

    I am obsessed with my LUNA, and will definitely bring it on my trip to NYC next week!

  13. Sandy Weinstein | 7th Nov 15

    i have seen this many times and wondered if it worked well. i have a clarisonic but i like the little numbs on this.

  14. Susan P. | 7th Nov 15

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been curious about the Foreo Luna and would love to try it out.

  15. StephanieLouise | 10th Nov 15

    I have the one for combo skin & love it!

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