Fleur and Bee Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray!

I never thought I would become such a hand sanitizer aficionado. Before the pandemic, I had a giant no name brand jug of hand sanitizer in my office…and never gave it a second thought. It hasn’t been until recently as I’ve been testing various hand sanitizers that I have fully realized that they aren’t all alike…and that jug I have in my office smells nasty and dries out my hands. Yuck. Now I have some definite favorites – like Fleur and Bee’s Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray.

The Fleur and Bee Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray ($18 for a Pack of 3, 59 mL / 2 oz. ea.) is a wonderful option in the hand sanitizing world. So many hand sanitizers are gloopy…a gross texture and a nasty, chemical smell that really lingers. Who wants to subject themselves to that when there are so many awesome options available now? I adore the Fleur and Bee Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray because it’s a SPRAY, so it isn’t all gooey and gross. You spray it on and in seconds, it’s gone…and so are all the germs and bacteria.

How about the scent? Well, if you stick your nose in it right after spraying it smells like a doctor’s office from back in the day. Then, in about a nanosecond, it smells like — nothing. No scent at all. I love it.

I keep mine right next to my laptop. Whenever I take the dog out, or shoo the cats, or get a package, or do anything else that requires a quicker clean than soap and water, the Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray is right there and just perfect. It isn’t a weird texture, and it doesn’t smell, and it also doesn’t dry out hands because the formula also includes glycerin. Just spray, rub hands together, and go.

I am obsessed with the Fleur and Bee Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray, and the price is excellent considering you get three of these fabulous misters. You can find it online at www.fleurandbee.com. You are going to love them! – Lisa

  • Active ingredient: Isopropyl alcohol 75%
  • Inactive ingredients: Glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water


  1. Lola Seicento | 26th Jun 20

    I love their products, and could really use this hand sanitizer right now!

  2. Cindy E Ingalls | 26th Jun 20

    I love Fleur and Bee and my skin does too!

  3. Natoya | 29th Jun 20

    I love Fleur and Bee And I’m pretty excited about the hand sanitizer

  4. 25 Sweetpeas | 29th Jun 20

    I’ve been enjoying the spray options!

  5. Jen Walker | 3rd Jul 20

    I don’t mind the goopiness of gels since they rub in quickly, it’s the weird film they leave when dry I’m not crazy about. Sprays are still less messy! I’m going to have to check this out!

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