Finding your color with Face Stockholm

I want to share with you two of my latest favorite discoveries from the fabulous line Face Stockholm.  This line has wonderful basic items that will work for anyone, and it also has some terrific specialty items that thrill me to no end.  My latest obsessions are some of their color products – foundation and blush.

You know how skin can be warm (with yellow undertones) or cool (with pink undertones)?  Mine has both.  I put myself in the ‘neutral’ category, because I can wear both warm and cool colors.  But sometimes my skin gets a little too yellow, and Face Stockholm has a secret weapon to tone that down and bring me back in to the neutral range.

My secret weapon is Face Stockholm Matte Foundation in Lilac ($36).  Yup, Lilac…meaning purple.  Does this look like fun or what??

It isn’t deep purple, it’s a very light purple that provides a beautiful, subtle correction for yellow tones.  You can see from the top swatch that it is a gray lilac that leans white.  The bottom picture is my hand after the swatch was smoothed in, you can see how the yellow tones are totally brought back in to balance.   

Face Stockholm Matte Foundation is an oil-free liquid, and it gives a medium to full coverage.  It’s a matte look that doesn’t look chalky.  The foundation has Vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate, which Face Stockholm says is  “a natural Vitamin A complex and antioxidant, it encourages collagen production and assists in moisture retention, for coverage that is perfectly matte without drying.”  Sometimes I will apply this color correcting foundation straight up, but most often I will mix some into a regular color foundation.  There are three other color corrective shades, including White to lighten foundation colors; Mint for overly red skin; and Yellow for blue and purple tones (like deep undereye circles).  I think it’s just a fabulous way to make all your foundations extremely versatile. 

Another winner from Face Stockholm is the powder Blush in Shamballa ($20).  I love peachy-pinks, and Shamballa is the perfect shade.  On me I find it’s just a little more pink than peach, which is exactly what I want.  There is no shimmer or sheen, it’s a matte blush that somehow manages to give that ‘glow from within’ look.   This blush is about the same level of pigmentation as Nars blushes, and it’s a powder blush that actually stays on me all day long. 

So here I am, all color corrected and blushed.  I just love these two products.  Have you checked out Face Stockholm yet?   Marcia will be reporting on the latest summer colors soon, so stay tuned!  – Lisa


  1. The foundation corrector is really neat! I can see the difference on your hands! I’d like to try the mint.

  2. I have the picture perfect foundation and it is pretty good too. Face Stockholm is so underrated yet not readily available which makes it a pain.

  3. I used to love Face Stockholm. It’s time to get reacquainted with it again.


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